3 features Apple may bring to the next-gen iPhone SE

“According to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, by way of MacRumors, Apple isn’t planning to release an updated version of the iPhone SE during the first half of its fiscal year 2017,” Ashraf Eassa writes for The Motley Fool. “The success of the iPhone SE line, though, practically guarantees that the company will release an improved version of the phone at some point.”

Eassa writes, “Let’s go over three features that I expect to be present in a future iteration of the iPhone SE.”

• 3D Touch
• Wide-color display
• iPhone 7-quality cameras

“If Kuo is correct that an updated iPhone SE won’t arrive anytime soon, it might make sense for Apple to simply hold off until March 2018 to release such a product,” Eassa writes. “The current iPhone SE is still a credible smartphone that offers strong performance and features for the price, and it’s likely to remain so over the next year.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple could also release a new 4-inch iPhone in September 2017 along with their other new 2017 iPhone models.


  1. I think Apple has it in them to deliver at least one more update to the iPhone SE with at least the following updates:

    1. A10 Fusion SoC
    2. 12MP camera w / OIS
    3. 2nd generation Touch ID sensor

  2. The SE may just be the off-season phone upgrade that takes place in the spring and slightly disrupts the main annual refresh cycle, providing a small additional boost during the spring-summer slump near the end of that refresh cycle.

    Rumors don’t seem to support a SE refresh this spring, but we just may well be surprised.

  3. Love my SE it’s my go-to phone. I also love my 7 plus. There is room for more than one phone in people’s lives depending in what they do and how they use it. It certainly didn’t catabolize sales in my case as I bought the SE AND and new higher capacity Plus.

  4. If 3D Touch is going to have a future, it needs to be on all new devices. I was disappointed when 3D Touch did not feature on the SE.

    I would certainly appreciate an even better camera on my SE, but I’d be surprised if Apple did actually offer a camera that was the equal of the ones in it’s flagship iPhones.

    I’m delighted with my SE, the size is perfect for me and would be happy to pay extra for a higher specification model, but I don’t seriously expect Apple to produce one.

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