Why is Apple Music gaining subscribers so quickly?

“Apple’s Services revenue rose 24% YoY (year-over-year) in fiscal 4Q16 to $6.3 billion,” Adam Rogers writes for Market Realist. “App Store revenue was driven by Apple Music, which grew 22% YoY.”

“Recently, a J.D. Power Streaming Music Satisfaction Study named Apple Music as the top-rated music streaming service,” Rogers writes. “According to the study, 35% of respondents were “strongly committed” to Apple Music. In comparison, 30% of respondents were strongly committed to Spotify and Google Music.”

“Apple Music now has over 17 million subscribers, up from 15 million in August 2016 and 11 million in March 2016,” Rogers writes. “Spotify has only 30 million paid subscribers, and the company has taken almost ten years to reach this figure.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Why is Apple Music gaining subscribers so quickly? Because Mac, iPhone, and iPad customers are the cream of the crop and have disposable income and the proven will to spend it (see their Macs, iPhones, and iPads) – especially on services such as Apple Music which has shown great improvement in a very short period of time while delivering access to content that simply cannot be found anywhere else. Exclusives work, but not nearly as well as the possession of unmatched demographics about which rivals can only dream.

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  1. Because getting access to like every song and album in the entire world for $10/month is great. Once you go for the trial, you realize you can’t go back to buying individual tracks. When you’re paying a flat monthly subscription, you consume much more music. You don’t have to mentally justify every download. You can download that Selena Gomez track that you’ll only listen to for one week without feeling like you wasted your money.

  2. Why own music when you can subscribe to a music service for the rest of your life?

    Never signed up for Apple Music or anybody else.

    Most of what’s out there they should pay me to listen to.

    But it’s still a very attractive alternative to ownership.

  3. It just might be because Spotify has never made a decent app. I have never gone beyond the free version because of Spotify’s terrible app. I have subscribed to Apple Music because even the old app was better than Spotify’s.

  4. It’s incumbent on blockbuster lines of phones and tablets, it’s (finally) easy to use, it has a large library, and its reasonably priced. What’s not to love? Well, the price could be cheaper.

  5. Sorry but Apple Music is one piece of garbage. I own just about every Apple products, (iMac, MacBokk Air, iPhone, iPod, Ppale TV) and you can’t accuse me of being a hater. But since I decided to adopt Apple Music, I am very disapointed. It makes iTunes even slower than it ever was, I found myself invaded by double and triple playlists in my library, and many more problems. Apple support has been no help at all. it ‘s a complete mess. I am even tinking about transferring all my music to anotehr software solution and cancelling the subscription to Apple Music.

  6. It probably would replace the function of broadcast radio. However, the “Cloud” and streaming are not available everywhere and therefore until that deficiency is rectified, it won’t replace broadcast radio. Cell phone carriers like to brag about their coverage, but it simply is not true in un-heavily populated areas.

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