IDC survey: 50% of beleaguered Samsung’s exploding phone users upgrading to Apple iPhone

International Data Corporation (IDC) has published results from a recent survey, U.S. Smartphone Owners’ Reaction to Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall.

IDC surveyed 1,082 U.S. consumers through an online survey on October 17th and 18th, four days after Samsung decided to halt production on the Note 7. The survey focused on three groups of consumers: current Samsung smartphone owners (507), past Samsung smartphone owners (347), and smartphone owners who have never owned the Samsung brand (228).

The survey found that half of the 24 Note 7 owners polled said they have or will choose an Apple iPhone to replace their recalled phone, while just 17% said they would choose another Samsung.

An exploded, post-fire Samsung Galaxy Note 7
An exploded, post-fire Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Most said they will return their phone through a carrier’s physical store. IDC notes that “due to the limited installed base, just 24 Note 7 users were captured in the survey; as such, data in those questions should be viewed as directional only.”

Source: International Data Corporation

MacDailyNews Take: Despite the limited sample size, more bad news for beleaguered Samsung is excellent news for the company that created the modern smartphone, only to have it poorly imitated by the rest of the world.

Moral of the story: Those who buy knockoff iPhones from a South Korean dishwasher maker get burned. And only half of them are capable of wising up (the right side of the bell curve). These painfully obtuse 17% who line right back up for even more abuse and inferior, insecure Samsung products are obviously wading in the low end of the gene pool.

Hello? Samsung has no clue why their phones explode, yet they shipped replacements anyway, assuring their customers they were safe. Anyone who goes back for more of that is dumber than a cinder block.

Anyhow, it’s more than close enough to 5 o’clock somewhere for us! Interns, TTK and have it ready to go the second we get back from our first run with our brand spanking new Apple Watch Nike+ units! Helllloooo, GPS and goodbye to runs with iPhone 7 Plus units strapped to our arms!

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  1. I can only imagine the continued suffering going on at the SamSplode Mobile Munitions Division. How could any company treat a product so lightly in PQ and testing before release when a mistake (or premature detonation) could be as devastating as this one is to profits and reputation? These guys ever hear of Murphy’s Law? Or 잘못될 수 있는 아무거나는, 잘못될 것이다.

    1. @cockblood71

      You would think those $1000 plus iPhone 6SSes would be flying off the shelves and that AAPL would be soaring, while Tim Cook is taking a victory lap around the nearly completed spaceship campus.

      Yet iPhone sales are slowing. Turns out most people don’t need a $1200 phone where the CEO was so greedy he removed a regularly used part that costs less than a penny, just so he could gouge Apple consumers for hundreds more.

      And no, the stock is falling not soaring. And Tim Cook is no hero; he’s still the lazy, greedy, incompetent bean counter he’s always been since he sucked in his first breath and sucked his first…

      1. I remember this troll from a while back…always starts his post with a juvenile twist on user name…although he’s a douche bag, he does make me chuckle! Always comically doom and gloom about Apple but alot of venom. Definitely some anti gay issues too. Hey troll…open mouth, insert galaxy note 7!

      2. I don’t suppose you understand how deplorable your statements are. Let me tell you, personal attacks are despicable. The internet is no place to air out your dirty underwear. Your anonymity will not absolve you from moral condemnation.

  2. MDN…. “….a company that created the modern smartphone!……”. no doubt ! and then it went on to forget all else… specialy high end Pro users and Hardcore Kid gamers.

    1. @yobimbo006

      Poor, illiterate jimbo, a little disappointed in Apple, are we?

      I guess you ignored the thousands of memos you received here on MDN notifying you that Tim Cook is a lazy, greedy, worthless POS.

      1. Brainstorming: I supposed Samsung could provide a case containing a non-flamable, non-electricity conducting fluid. The touch screen would be accessible, but I don’t know about the side buttons and charging port. They’d be tough to manage. Anyway, the idea is that if/when the Note 7 decides to blow, the heat would melt the thin barrier between the device and the liquid filled case. The fire would be immediately extinguished. Of course you’d then be FORCED to turn in the POS to SlagSlab for a refund or iPhone, etc. But at least your car or home wouldn’t be burned down. 😆

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