Apple’s ‘Spaceship’ Campus 2 construction schedule slips into 2017

“Apple has updated its general construction schedule for its new Campus 2 site, pushing back its estimated end date for building construction by three months and noting the start of landscaping work expected to last into the second quarter of next year,” Jordan Kahn reports for 9to5Mac.

“Apple’s previous construction schedule listed an expected end date for building construction and street utility work as the end of Q3 of this year,” Kahn reports. “The updated schedule extends that three months until the start of 2017.”

“As of earlier this year, Tim Cook informed employees during an internal meeting that the company planned to start moving in by the end of January 2017,” Kahn reports. “It’s unclear if the updated general construction schedule might mean possible delays for the project, or if Apple still plans its January move in timeframe while it continues landscaping work into March of next year.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Campus 2 has seen relatively few delays for a project of this unprecedented size.

Apple’s ‘Spaceship’ Campus 2 lights begin to glow – September 30, 2016


      1. Reminded of some years back when the two Apprentice hosts had a massive bust up on Twitter with Sugar claiming his (Trumps) fortune was mostly illusionary. Trump threatened him with all sorts of legal consequences if he didn’t withdraw the accusations, his lawyers subsequently sent threatening letters and yet, though Sugar never withdrew those accusations no legal action Ever came to pass. I see with similar various threats abounding of late that such tactics are still very much part of his armoury and probably, I guess must be very scary and stressful to anyone who isn’t an equally Bolshie bastard and calls his bluff.

        1. spyintheskyuk:
          You know all about that first hand don’t you.
          Oh, wait, no, you only read about it in the leftist media, but treat it all as verified fact.
          Get this, Clinton doesn’t threaten, you just disappear.
          Somehow you leftist bobbleheads never get around to talking about that do you?
          Gullible idiot.

          1. Well I was party to Trump reneging on a contract. He’s got people in charge at some of his locations that sign contracts, and then he has attorneys back in New York that will tear them up.

            1. Documents? What is this, the botvinnik court? Believe me or don’t. But don’t take my dislike of Trump as an endorsement of Hillary. I think the country can withstand an uncouth, loudmouth bully better than a slimey, conniving liar.

        2. Somehow, your referencing of “Sugar” as a source of alleged Trump misdeeds lacks a certain credibility.

          Further, you state “such tactics are still very scary and stressful.” On a scale of one to ten, which is scarier to you:
          A. Alleged similar various threats.
          B. Being raped, butchered and left to die by your supervisor in Benghazi.

          Take your time in your response as I know you must think this is a trick question.

    1. They should also put the Trump name on the back of all their products. Then Apple wouldn’t have to worry about paying taxes, repatriating any cash or bringing any manufacturing back to America, because that is the ‘smart’ Trump way of doing business. All gay employees, Muslims and Hispanics will be sacked and Apple will diversify into manufacturing guns to fight the Muslim terrorists. All Apple’s current problems can be solved by joining Trump.

  1. Been plainly obvious for some time from the drones that this would no be finished by year end looks like months of work yo do yet and that’s only what we can see, even when things look finished there is usually plenty of fitting out work to do thereafter.

  2. Anything worthwhile is worth waiting for. MDN is right. A multi-year project of this size, with some cutting edge elements, rarely finishes as projected. 3 months is not that big of a deal.

    1. Broad brush stroke, that.

      Truth is the Cook, supply chain “genius”, hasn’t delivered much of anything on time or fully developed since he took the reins. The rollout of buggy software, half-baked hardware, and the complete absence of timely product refreshes signals to me that he has neither vision nor competency in execution. He is too distracted by social events and playing international politics to keep up Apple’s reputation as the user-focused company that it used to be.

      Whenever the donut is finished, it is likely that the VPs will spend another few years decorating their new offices and Jony will go about designing custom furniture. All fiddling while Rome burns.

      Meanwhile, Apple is nowhere to be found in: enterprise cloud services, professional workstations, professional software, servers, small business solutions, FDA approved medical interfaces, operating systems for emerging vehicles of all types, and so on.

      Even taking into account the fundamental OS differences, the products that Apple does sell are long in tooth, overpriced, and no longer class leading by objective measurements. They are not fully featured, they are not as compatible with the rest of the word as they were 5 years ago, and they are not fundamentally more efficient than the competition. The BS numbers that MDN posted about Macs costing less in the enterprise than Windows machines is total malarky. What IBM did was cut support staff and claim that this was possible due to the Mac. Nope, they could have done the same thing with Windows machines too. The difference between the Mac and a Wintel box today is that Apple is a disposable machine, whereas you may have to pay someone to repair or upgrade your windows machine — but it is reliable and repairable. Pretending that disposability is cheaper in the long run is disingenuous short-term thinking. Apple charges too much for too little performance and when all is said and done, a dropped Mac goes to a landfill just the same as any cheap knockoff. It just costs way more to replace.

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