Apple Watch has transformed the way I fly

“I’ve been flying with Apple Watch since it was first introduced over a year and a half ago,” Rene Ritchie writes for iMore. “It’s become so integrated into my travel routine that it’s tough to remember back to when iPhone was my only companion, let alone before that, when I flew with papers and analog time pieces — yes, like an animal.”

“With Apple Watch, all the information I need is right on my wrist, and I can check it with just a turn of my wrist,” Ritchie writes. “They scan boarding passes when you enter the security area, at the security area, and at customs, which used to mean fumbling with my Plus-sized phone each time. It’s only a hassle because you can’t walk through security with an iPhone. But you can with an Apple Watch. So, scan, walk, scan, walk, scan, done.”

“Gate agents will typically ask to see my seat number when boarding, but it’s just a quick scroll to show them that as well. Best of all, it keeps your hands free the whole time,” Ritchie writes. “That way there’s no need to juggle luggage… or beverages!”

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MacDailyNews Take: As Day One Apple Watch owners, we can’t imagine flying without Apple Watch. Or running without it. Or driving/walking via turn-by-turn without it. Or, basically, living without it.

Only two days to go until our Apple Watch Nike+ units finally arrive!

Tim Cook on Apple Watch: ‘I’m using it every day and love it and can’t live without it’ – January 28, 2015


  1. Too funny the time (early on) i used my watch to board and the scanner was too narrow to fit my wrist .. Had an awkward few moments with folks staring at me and had to resign to using my iPhone 🙁

  2. I don’t fly. I work on art and music after midnight. I need a new iMac. Won’t need a new phone for a year. Don’t care about watches, and there is no substitute for a truck. And I won’t do Windows. Or Linux. Frustrated and underwhelmed. Meanwhile, many fellow AV pros are salivating over Surfaces and Windows. Ugh.

    1. I’m waiting for the juvenile MDN take on the new Surface machines. Apple is conceding the professional artist market to Microsoft. Sad. Pro artists’ influence goes beyond the revenue of a single sale.

      1. Apple is conceding nothing. The new Microsoft product, which is basically a large Surface on an articulating base with far too many springs, is not even shipping yet and will reportedly start at $3000 with a core i5 processor. Apple would get reamed for that!

        I am so tired of the whining. I agree that Apple should do better in supporting professionals. But your current hardware did not suddenly become stone knives and bearskins. The Mac Pro guys have a lot more to beef about than the professionals who use iMacs.

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