Apple to announce new way for viewers to discover TV shows through Apple TV app

“Apple plans to announce this week a new way for viewers to discover TV shows through an app, people with knowledge of the project told USA Today,” Dawn Chmielewski reports for USA Today. “Described to network executives as ‘the Watch List,’ the app will recommend shows based on the content viewers access through their Apple TVs. For example, a subscriber to FX Networks might be encouraged to check out the new dramatic series Atlanta.”

Chmielewski reports, “An Apple spokesperson declined to comment on the announcement slated for Thursday.”

MacDailyNews Take: Shocking.

Chmielewski reports, “For network programmers, it provides a central hub for promoting new shows — a helpful tool at a time when old programming tricks for launching a new series, such as wedging a freshman show next to a hit program, don’t work in the digital world.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Okay, great. “For You” for TV shows. Thrilling. Can’t wait.


But, how about some effing 4K support in 2016, for Jobs’ sake?!

Let’s at least get the basics in place first, shall we?

Apple’s often ass-backwards, always-unfinished, amateurish-in-spots, ever-rudderless Apple TV endeavor remains laughable in too many ways.


  1. Now, if Apple would telease an all-in-one Apple branded TV that would nice too. Steve Jobs would have wanted a TV, with. Othing else attached to it, fir his home. Make one just for him.

  2. Ditto the MDN take on this. I like my ATV but for my 4k programs I’m using a Roku and it is fantastic.!!!

    I had initially hoped the 4k specs would be buried inside the latest ATV unit but it will really be maddening to purchase ANOTHER ATV later on with 4k capabilities….

  3. I’m enjoying my atv4. I also have an Nvidia Shield, for Kodi, and you have to charge the remote every three days.
    The Apple remote is amazing. Like it better than any of my remotes , ever.

    1. I don’t use the remote that came with my ATV4. The remote for the ATV3 is much easier to use. The touch pad for the 4 is hateful. Which way is up? The only useful thing on the 4 is the volume control. Every time I try to use the 4 remote I come close to throwing it at the garbage can. Poop.

  4. Look folks, a Microsoft troll!

    Isn’t that cute….

    Like I said on your other trolling post (identical to this one – nice imagination troll)…

    Now if it just didn’t run Windows…

    1. Additionally, from the specs listed on Engadget, it’s over $1000 more than a comparably outfitted iMac. Looks to be the same i5, 8GB RAM, 1TB storage (guess There still using HDDs too). The difference in screen size over an iMac is negligible.

      The touchscreen and angles it’s capable of do look damn nice, but again, it’s Windows LOL! And it still looks like it’ll induce a mean case of gorilla arm.

      Nonetheless I gotta applaud MS for the effort. And they’re doing what Apple does, taking existing ideas and adding onto them.

      But it’s still Windows. And $1k more. No thanks.

  5. Doubtful.

    First off, it runs Windows 10, which has some good things going for it, but It’s a far cry for the OS integration Apple is developing.

    Second, it runs on Intel processors. Let’s see what Apple has up their sleeve in this regard.

    One thing this computer does make clear, and that’s what a worthless manager Steve Balmer was for Microsoft.

    1. Macs were already a niche product in a niche market (see MSN post below). It has like 6% market share.

      Now Microsoft just made a big splash in that market.

      What does Apple bring? OLED magic bar?


      Mac is dead. Thanks Tim.

      Microsoft just KILLED the Mac.

      Absolute homicidal maniacal murder.

  6. There still isn’t any significant amount of 4K out there, Yep, TV’s are getting cheaper for 4K all the time.. But there still isn’t really that much 4K available, and while what is might look really cool, its still in infancy..

    Also Many people probably don’t have internet connections that would work with 4K streams. And the players for the few 4K titles available, are over-priced..

  7. For You suggestions. Got that on my Comcast X1 and it is all push PR. Go to a couple of your friend’s houses and look at the For ayou suggestions- it is the exact same shit and tends to push Comcast owned content like USA, NBC, Universal HD, etc. In no way does it reflect the interests or viewing habits of the user.

    I do not need someone or something to tell me what to listen to (Apple’s curated Hip-Hop) or for you suggestions (marketing). How much you want to bet Apple will want $ per user that clicks on a suggestion to your app/channel.

    If Apple has lost interest in the Mac the least they could do would be to spin off the Macintosh ops as a stand alone company full of people who actually care about the Macintosh. We can call it the Steve Jobs Truck Company and might actually get something worth buying.

    The geniuses at Apple might consider that Mac sales are in decline because the shit they are selling is outdated, underpowered and overpriced.

  8. Who is responsible for: “Apple’s often ass-backwards, always-unfinished, amateurish-in-spots, ever-rudderless Apple TV endeavor remains laughable in too many ways.”

    Answer: Tim Cook

    Tim Cook is as laughable a CEO as Apple TV is.

    FIRE Tim Cook!

  9. Still waiting for AppleTV to recognize my own library of movies, instead of relentlessly trying to get me to buy them on the Apple Store.

    Plex, however, is a dream compared to the built-in Movies app in AppleTV. Don’t have to rip MKVs, and DTS is fully supported, while Suckkera OS now refuses to play video files with DTS tracks (along with AACS audio tracks) that I have had on my Mac Pro for years. They used to work, but now iTunes/AppleTV won’t play them (my older AppleTVs play them just as before). iTunes still imports new files without error messages, just won’t play them.

    Brilliant move Tim. Sorry state of iTunes / AppleTV affairs, Apple.

    1. Apple simply is not a leader when it comes to TV.

      Apple TV is an embarrassment to the once innovative company that Apple WAS before sinking under the leadership of Tim Cook.

      1. Yep, still gamesin’ with my Pippin, rockin’ out on my iPod hifi, chillin’ to my G4 Cube, sharin’ my innermost thoughts on Ping, pointin’ with my hockey puck mouse, navigatin’ the world wide web through eWorld on my very own Macintosh Performa. Those were the good old innovatin’ days……etc. etc. etc.

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