Apple expects iPhone prices to surge

“Over the past few quarters, Apple has seen a dramatic drop in iPhone average selling prices (ASPs). This isn’t entirely a bad thing, nor unexpected. The main reason for the recent decline was the launch of the iPhone SE, which starts at $400,” Evan Niu writes for The Motley Fool. “That’s the lowest price point that Apple has ever sold an iPhone for directly, even after taking into account its strategy of cascading older iPhone models down to successively lower prices. The iPhone SE caters to consumers that prefer smaller phones, as well as entry-level first-time smartphone adopters in emerging markets.”

“Given the launch, a drop in ASPs makes perfect sense,” Niu writes. “The good news is that Apple expects iPhone ASPs to surge again in the fourth quarter.”

“For the record, Apple just reported iPhone ASPs of $619, which was a sequential improvement of $24,” Niu writes. “This trend is expected to continue into the holiday shopping season, according to CFO Luca Maestri… In the December quarter of 2015, iPhone ASP was $691; Apple is setting expectations that investors could enjoy a hefty jump in ASPs of around $70.”

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  1. Look at the prices in Canada and tell me they’re lower, they’ve never once gone done, EVER, just a steady Increase, at least once a year, someone’s multiple times a year. What a bunch of bs, and insane prices, the 6 is the last iPhone I bought and will be buying, also include the removal of key features like the headphone jack, and the nothing but buggy ios10. What a joke.

  2. Apple is not even recognizable from the iconic company it was just 5-years ago. Tim Cook has ruined it. Who needs a thousand dollar phone that refuses to include a part that costs less than a penny; that’s just how greedy and incompetent Apple management has become.

  3. Apple cannot continue on its current path without repercussions, mark my words. Markey domination is bad for everybody but stockholders. Once a comapny has acheived that status its only a time before a decline that no one has ever yet rebounded from. To not have the strong androids, google phones out there to push apple to be better, cook is a leader who obviously lets up when the market allows him to, bland new features and luke warm innovation is what you get when you are not trying to reach the top… Apple does not strive to be the best anymore, because it arrived when steve was running it. Now Apple is a slave to the stickholders and not concerned as much about the ane user.

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