Apple’s iPhone set for first annual sales decline ahead of Christmas rebound

“Apple is expected to report the iPhone’s first annual decline in sales volumes this week, but in turn fuelling Wall Street’s hopes of a rebound in the run-up to Christmas,” Tim Bradshaw reports for The Financial Times.

“Apple is forecast to report iPhone sales of about 45m units on Tuesday when it releases earnings for its fiscal fourth quarter, according to analysts, marking the third successive quarter of decline for its flagship product,” Bradshaw reports. “That would take total iPhone sales to 211m for Apple’s 2016 financial year, which is about 9 per cent lower than the previous year.”

“The result is a stark turnround after Apple’s blockbuster 2015, which saw iPhone sales surge 37 per cent to 231m, thanks to huge demand for the iPhone 6,” Bradshaw reports. “While the iPhone 6S was unable to sustain that level of growth, many on Wall Street have become more optimistic about the prospects for Apple’s latest model after executives said last quarter that sales had passed the “low point”.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The 6s had no hope of competing with iPhone 6 levels as Apple was years late to delivering iPhones with properly-sized displays. The 6s, even if it hadn’t been stupidly named, had no chance at coming close to the sales generated by all of the pent-up demand upon which the 6 cashed in. That was an impossible compare. To be done only 9% is actually a miracle.

The iPhone 7 cycle will return Apple to YOY iPhone unit sales growth.


  1. This is already priced in and due to already counted “weak” ( NOT REALLY) past quarters, so basically more SCARE tactics for ignorant know nothings, that means nothing we already didn’t know.

    Ignore or believe the FUD just like TRUMPed up bulshit which will have you believe that the world too is flat.

            1. So finally you admit to being ALL hot air with absolutely nothing of substance to legitimize your ‘trumped’ up presence and trolling here on MDN (or anywhere else).

              Deplorables like you can NEVER put their money where their mouths are.


  2. We might as well get ready for Apple’s share price to tank yet again. Microsoft up 5% since earnings. Netflix up 25% since earnings. I’m sure Amazon, Facebook and Alphabet’s share prices will continue their dizzying climb. The lone exception will be Apple thanks to Tim Cook’s completely passive running of Apple. Sorry, but it just seems weird how other tech companies can keep or accelerate their growth momentum yet Apple can’t manage to do anything. Is Apple’s main excuse an untouchable overseas cash hoard or something else? Poor business direction? Maybe Apple is intentionally slowing its progress until the new headquarters is completed.

    It’s sure hard to pinpoint why a company which should be on fire has completely cooled down. It’s just frustrating how any middling tech company is seeing far greater share gains than Apple over the last year or so and the doom and gloom meme about Apple is as strong as ever.

    Apple simply allows other companies to eat their lunch. When is Apple going to start eating other companies’ lunch? When a company like Google introduces a smartphone and it’s immediately declared equal to or better than the iPhone, I think it’s time for Apple to start going after Google’s ad/search business. However, with Tim Cook around, it’s unlikely to happen. Apple seems to be happy simply coasting along with no revenue growth in sight. Yet, with so many people using ad blockers, Google’s ad revenue continues to grow unchecked. That’s just amazing. Proper company management is definitely important and Apple seems to lack that ability.

    1. Perhaps Wall Street is looking at a picture larger than just device and service sales to consumers. Each competitor has a strength, Amazon – physical infrastructure and lead in logistics (The Prime services also help); Google – Search (info, maps, image) and integration of practically everything around it; Microsoft – HMI interface and VR tech beyond touchscreens. All three are far more visible than Apple as long as you don’t blinder yourself to looking at just their offerings to compete vs. iDevices and Macs.

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