Internet outage: A massive DDOS attack against Dyn DNS is causing havoc online

“A distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack against DynDNS is causing havoc online, with many major websites reportedly unavailable,” Matthew Hughes reports for TNW. “According to Dyn DNS, the attack started at 11:10 UTC, and it targeted its managed DNS service.”

“Many sites and services use DynDNS as their upstream DNS provider, including Github, Twitter, SaneBox, Reddit, AirBnB, and Heroku,” Hughes reports. “All of these are reportedly experiencing outages and downtime, either partially or totally.”

“This outage is mostly affecting users in the east coast of the US,” Hughes reports. “It’s not immediately obvious who is behind this DDoS attack. However, the fact that the attackers were able to disrupt the DNS provider used by some of the most popular websites tells a lot about their abilities.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Have you had any issues? If so, are you located east coast of the U.S.?


  1. Fortunately not down here in my area The Banana Republic of South Florida. What a nightmare this must be. It makes me shudder thinking about these bad guys and what they’re capable of doing.

    1. And some goob tried to convince me today that Clinton just requested Russians “monitor” the U.S. polling booths.

      It seems like the Trumplicans have conveniently forgotten that America and Russia were at war for 50 years, that Russia recently invaded the sovereign nation known as Ukraine, and Russia just harmed our partners in Syria. Oh, what did I see today? Russia just sent some war ships into the Mediterranean. With friends like these who needs enemies?

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