Intuit just made Apple the best choice for small business

“Apple continues to become the best solution for enterprise users, and a new integration between Intuit QuickBooks Online and Apple Pay means it is becoming tool of choice for small business too,” Jonny Evans writes for Apple Must.

“What’s happening is that small businesses customers can view and pay invoices with a single touch using Apple Pay,” Evans writes. “They can also have Apple Pay-enabled automatically on their invoices, which then enables their clients to pay them for the products and services provide.”

“These transactions are highly secure, as they require Touch ID authorization, in addition to which no actual credit or debit card details are exchanged during the transaction,” Evans writes. “It’s also handy because all transactions are automatically entered and categorized in QuickBooks Online, saving some boring bookkeeping time.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Seamless and quick!


    1. Intuit screwed Mac users many years ago – sometime around the mid to late 1990s, as I recall, by dropping Mac support. They returned to the Mac after a few years, but with a product that was roundly panned by critics and users alike (and clearly inferior to its Windows offering). I found an alternative for my small business and never regretted it.

      Apple need to continue supporting Mac software developers and ensuring that best-of-class software is available to its customers because a computer without good software is nearly useless.

  1. Lipstick on a pig.

    When QuickBooks is QuickBooks, no matter what platform you’re running it on (as well as Quicken being Quicken in the same way), then I’ll believe that Intuit is serious about wanting Mac customers again.

    Until then, for me and my customers they don’t exist.

  2. The problem with QuickBooks for any small business that can be audited by agencies that require absolute, secure accounting records, e.g., dealing with the U.S. DoD, is that QuickBooks allows you to go back in time and change transactions. Any accounting system that allows you to do that allows the audit trail to be altered. This should never be allowed for anything but mom & pop shops. If you’re doing anything that may now, or sometime in the future, require an absolute, immutable audit trail on your accounting then QuickBooks is not for you at all.

    And don’t get me started on the whole, software-as-a-service thing with all your corporate finances out there. Our finance machine is even firewalled from our internal LAN — as it should be. And, if I have my way, it forever will be.

  3. Even quickbooks on windows is a shambles. Updates to the software have caused great problems for some people I know. Yes, QB can work so long as you don’t update the damn thing.

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