Apple’s Jimmy Iovine: Here’s what we’re building

“With Apple Music’s recent redesign and its continuing foray into exclusives, both in audio streams and now its latest push into video, Jimmy Iovine breaks down the misconceptions of his strategy at Apple, the difficulty of marrying the music world with the tech world and the evolution of the company he’s building now,” Dan Rys reports for Billboard.

MacDailyNews Take: The redesigned Apple Music is a significant, wlecome improvement on both iOS and within iTunes.

What we’re going to do, what we’re doing now that hasn’t been revealed yet, is we’re building the right hybrid. And we believe it’s the right hybrid, and the combination of these things together, we’ll build a music service that is technologically and culturally adept… We’re going to do whatever we believe is great. We are going to make a combination of tech and popular culture that is exciting and adept at both areas. So that’s what you’re starting to see. It’s going to have a voice. It’s not going to be just a utility — “Go here and get your music, good luck,” or, “We’re going to send you a list” — that’s great, but that’s not what this is. That’s not what this was, anyway… We are an adjunct to labels and artists. We are building something that can help labels and artists and undiscovered artists. Yeah, it’s a popular culture company, but it’s also a tool. And that’s what we’re building. We’re not in the record business. — Jimmy Iovine

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Straddlers of two worlds.

We’ve always tried to be at the intersection of technology and liberal arts, to be able to get the best of both, to make extremely advanced products from a technology point of view, but also have them be intuitive, easy to use, fun to use, so that they really fit the users – the users don’t have to come to them, they come to the user. — Steve Jobs


  1. This sounds like “We are going to make Apple Music great again” I have a plan, a great plan. Just believe me. Is everyone going to start talking like Trump?

    1. You don’t really want to hear the message. You just want to look like some kind of smart ass. You just want us to think you have some kind of insight.

      Why does everyone have to come out with some kind of “what they consider to be a smart comment”. It just turns out to be an asshole comment.

      I admire how Dutch people don’t like to show off. That’s why I am particularly pissed by you. Did you think you were smart or something?

      1. “Dutch people don’t like to show off”? Are you kidding me. The Dutch are super stubborn and obstinate, and simply because they are Dutch (classic elitist). When we negotiate contracts, we all collectively close our ears and eyes as they angrily berate people and reasonable positions / requests. We call it the Dutch being Dutch and wait for someone with reason to emerge to make progress.

      2. For years many Mac users have been asking for Apple to simplify and separate music rental from music collection management. Apple has refused and instead claims that it’s going to somehow marry the needs of iOS mobile users who don’t care about quality, and are willing to be tethered to the internet 24/7, versus those users who have already purchased tons of music from Apple and elsewhere, who know what they like, and are willing to take the time to organize their own playlists from their own collections.

        You, Paul, seem to think that DutchMacUser is being critical just because he correctly points out that Apple doesn’t have a plan. They are just forging ahead with a kludged system, refusing to make iTunes and Apple Music the pleasurable separate systems they could be. Iovine’s “I have a plan, just trust me” is the oldest schtick in the book. He knows once he has people on subscription, then they generally just begrudgingly accept the mediocrity. Just look to cable TV for your inspiration of how great subscription services are. Now Apple wants to be part of that club.

        @ chazz15: whatever. trotting out nationality stereotypes only reveals your narrow-mindedness. The Dutch have a looooong tradition in international trade, so flexibility and negotiation isn’t exactly a new concept for most of them. In fact, they are amongst the most accommodating nation when it comes to personal freedoms — just look at Dutch law. Congratulations for finding the rare exception, a Dutchman who finally got tired of negotiation stonewalling and finally told you that the so-called reasonable requests for special treatment are BS. Because that’s what usually happens – the weaker negotiator throws up all kinds of roadblocks to progress and proclaims them to be reasonable when really they are just stalling.

        1. Millions of us do not want to rent music, would rather stored content of higer quality over streamed on our mobile devices and think that iTunes is a kludge. Apple keeps pushing that rebranded Beats Bullshit music service and it just pisses us off.

          Of course if one thinks Rap is music you might want to rent it as it isn’t worth buying. Not too much demand for L.L. Cool J in 2016 but plenty still enjoy Marvin Gaye. A hundred years from now people will be playing Bob Dylan but not too many Eminem or Kanye West.

        2. Fake Paul,

          I DONT want anything designed by you or anyone else who thinks Apple don’t know what they are doing.

          I WANT things designed by “”””Apple””””” because I know Apple knows what is better…better than you think you know what is better.

  2. Bring the users into the community. Music is more than just musicians and listeners. It’s about friends sharing discoveries, reading album or song comments, seeing events, experiencing culture and getting notifications when favorite artists release new material. It seems like the anonymous purveyors of Apple Music demand to be the gatekeepers of style, instead of opening it up to the wings of society.

  3. Agreed, breeze. Apple Music needs a History menu. I use my YouTube history menu a lot.

    Apple Music is fantastic. It’s a joy to use now. It just needs a small amount of fine tuning. For example:

    the bar for what is currently playing needs to stand out more. (If you change the screen to white on black it’s hard to see it stand out at all.);

    The lyrics should be below the shuffle controls, not above.

  4. Everything in the cloud = the flaw of AM. There ought to be more control on the user end about what stays on a device and what remains in the cloud. Frustrating at times to learn music is not available due to no internet connection.

    And IMO iTunes requires a significant overhaul…trying to do too many things. I find IOS 10 Music a step backwards, especially in the playlist area.

    1. yes, it feels like it was designed by an absentminded billionaire.. there are so many details missing and/or dropped. someone selected a playlist the other day on my phone and I wondered which one it was. there is zero indication. I’m finding itunes makes me want to scream..

  5. “…And we believe it’s the right hybrid…”

    Forget about what any one really wants, we’re building what will make s the MOST $$$, and it’ll be the ONLY option. How many versions of Music Services have we been thru with Apple? The list goes on and on. Seriously. Just. Stop.

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