Tim Cook’s email to Apple employees about fifth anniversary of Steve Jobs’s death

Wednesday makred the fifth annoiversary of Steve Jobs’ death at the age of 56.

Jobs’ official cause of death is respiratory arrest arising from complications related to a rare type of pancreatic cancer, with which he was diagnosed eight years earlier. He officially stepped down from his role as Apple’s CEO in August 2011.

Apple CEO Tim Cook, Jobs’ handpicked replacement, wrote an email to Apple employees on October 5th. Here it is, verbatim:


I know many of you are thinking of Steve today, as we mark five years since his passing. His presence remains strong here at Apple, and his influence is still felt profoundly all around the world.

Personally, I think of Steve every day. His memory is an inspiration and source of strength for me, both in my job and in my personal life. I think of the bold risks he took as an innovator and a leader, and I think of the ordinary conversations we would have almost every day about our company, our customers, our families and friends. They are memories I will cherish forever.

More than ever, our daily lives are shaped by the products and ideas Steve brought to life. I wish he could see how popular and powerful iPhone photography has become. And I know he would love the magic and emotion of our new Memories feature in Photos on iOS 10.

Apple, the company he built and later rescued, is in many ways Steve’s most enduring legacy. He believed deeply that Apple should inspire us to do the best work of our lives, creating products that enrich the lives of others.

Steve made Apple’s values very clear. He showed us how to focus on doing a few things extremely well, and to set the bar incredibly high for ourselves. He demanded that we always strive for simplicity, in our products and our approach. And he knew that by being collaborative within Apple, we could achieve things no other company could do. We owe all of Apple’s success over the past two decades to those basic principles.

Steve also taught me that life’s great joy is in the journey, not in any particular occasion or event. It’s not about shipping or selling or winning an award. The real joy is in getting there.

Steve was a special, unforgettable person. Thank you for being a part of his legacy, and for joining me on this journey as we carry it into the future.


MacDailyNews Take: We certainly do think of Steve every day, too. What an incalculable loss and obviously way too soon.

The journey is the reward. — Steve Jobs

Today is the fifth anniversary of Steve Jobs’ death – October 5, 2016


  1. As Steve’s hubris assisted him in life and gave him supreme confidence and boldness to push technology along it also assisted him in death in not getting the right care for his health issues early enough. Of course even if he had we will never know how much longer we could have had him around. I guess we simply have to be grateful he was around at all. A gift from the heavens.

  2. You are just so stupid! TC doesn’t like to be Steve, nobody in his right mind would like to, thats just a silly notion. Be happy with who you are and let thy neighbor be whoever he is. Steve was one of a very special kind, one would be a fool to strive for that, dont be childish.

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