Analyst: Apple prepping three new iPad Pro models for spring release

“A KGI report in August said that Apple was planning to launch three new iPads in 2017, and suggested that the 9.7-inch model would grow in size slightly to 10.5-inches,” Ben Lovejoy reports for 9to5Mac. “A Macotakara piece today also suggests three new iPad Pro models are coming up in the spring of next year, with some details overlapping the KGI report and others differing.”

Makotakara supports the idea of a slightly larger standard-sized iPad Pro, though it suggests the diagonal screen size will be 10.1 rather than 10.5 inches,” Lovejoy reports.

iPad mini 4 will renew as iPad Pro (7.9-inch), get Smart Connector, and change into the specification of 4 speakers audio. Also, the iSight camera of 12 million pixels, True Tone flash, and True Tone display correspondence to Display P3 [DCI-P3 wider color gamut aka True Tone display] seem to be adopted. — Makotakara

Every iPad model ever made
Every iPad model ever made

Lovejoy reports, “Finally, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro will be upgraded to the 12MP camera and True Tone flash from the current 9.7-inch model, along with the True Tone display.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Going into Christmas with the current iPad lineup is an interesting decision, but the lineup is very strong currently and, if the reports are true that the new iPads won’t appear until spring, Apple seems to be betting will likely do okay this holiday season.

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    1. Meanwhile, worldwide Mac shares declined another 6.1% from 7.37% to 6.92%. That folks is a WHOPPING 27.7% decline in FIVE (5) MONTHS. Apple is leaving Macs in the dust, and a rumored fancy OLED touch bar is not going to cut it. Millions of college kids just bought winblows machines and will further be indoctrinated to desire winblows for the enterprise. They all might have iPhones and iPads but they will own PCs, not Macs.

      WTF Apple!!!!

      1. Absolutely, you are right.

        Lets wait and see, this month Apple should announce new Macs but honestly I lost part of my faith Apple will significantly update the top of the Mac line to what the market already has for PCs.

        And I don’t know if Apple really has this Mac situation under control, or even worst, if they think they do.

      2. There are alot of folks waiting for upgraded macs…lates wait and see what market share (and profit share) looks like in a quarter. Most of the windows machines are underpowered bottom feeders. Let them fight over 10 dollars profit per machine and i will be enjoying my top of the line MBPro.

  1. Apple over the last several years have been aligning new product releases with the holiday / Christmas shopping season and has done a great job of capturing sales. That said having new iPad releases in the spring gives Apple a new product in the news during the period when tax returns checks are coming in.

  2. I do hope that this is not true. If it is then I wonder what has happened to Apple. It is not just a business to make money – as Tim Cook keeps telling us. Its express aim is to delight customers and to bring joy to the everyone.

    To go into Christmas selling devices that are replaced shortly after does a disservice to its customers – in the same way that it sells out-of-date Macs to unsuspecting suckers who buy Apple thinking the brand means quality, cutting edge and modern hardware.

    To do this would be to milk its customers beyond the promise of the Apple brand.

  3. I’m in need of an iPad upgrade but not with the current lineup but will wait until the next cycle not having a super-pressing need. My iPad 3 is dog slow but adequate until then. I only hope everyone else doesn’t feel the same way!

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