Mary J. Blige’s Apple Music show interview with Hillary Clinton instantly mocked online

“A pair of clips teasing Mary J. Blige’s interview with Hillary Clinton on her upcoming Apple Music show ‘The 411’ isn’t winning over social media users,” The Associated Press reports.

“The teaser featuring the R&B singer crooning Bruce Springsteen’s ‘American Skin (41 Shots)’ before clasping hands with Clinton was instantly mocked online after it was released following the presidential debate Tuesday by Apple,” AP reports. “Another clip showcased Blige telling Clinton that ‘a lot of people in my community think Obama was blocked in congress because he was black. ‘How are you going to do what he wasn’t able to do?’ the ‘No More Drama’ and ‘Real Love’ singer asks Clinton.”

“Inae Oh of Mother Jones wrote in in a story titled ‘Someone Please Explain What the Hell Is Going on With This Mary J. Blige, Hillary Clinton Interview‘ that the clips ‘created far more confusion than the excitement Apple likely intended,'” AP reports. “Maeve McDermott of USA Today said ‘thanks to Blige’s all-in sincerity and Clinton’s miraculously straight face, the impromptu song is almost too awkward to watch.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Some of the Apple Music shows are, uh… works in progress.


  1. Hillary Clinton will do anything to get elected.

    “Hillary Clinton. She’ll say anything and change nothing. It’s time to turn the page.” — Message approved by Barack Obama, 2008

      1. Yeah I heard that too… the trouble is you and everyone takes it all too literally, (to him – the part of being a business man and not paying the taxes on things that within the legal rights set by the State) is smart. If you watch again… its the context which he is following – not the simple part of Taxes and not Paying them. He claims he is audited every year… if so he is paying his taxes. He just has smart accountants to find loop holes so his business can avoid such.

        Apple avoids the taxes too, by depositing its cash flow in other countries… example Ireland.

        Without the stockmarket bs — America would not have this artificial rebound. Obama is / was under control from the Wallstreet government. I think he would have been one of the greatest Presidents if it wasn’t that way.

        Remember, America elected Bush junior. Not the brightest man to pick… yet it is who he has in his party that really matter. One man is chosen as leader. That man does not lead but acts as leader. His party leads. Otherwise you do have a dictator. The President can be the most brilliant and most capable guy on the planet and still be controlled by his party.

        Trump does not run his companies alone… he has others helping him. Obama did not act alone… Wallstreet controlled him. For, Bush, the same can be said.

        This 2016 election is a wake up call to Americans.
        Cast a Non-Nullified vote properly by going down and stating so… that you chose neither candidate and that your vote will not be used otherwise.

        1. It seems pretty obvious to me that people who file returns showing enormous wealth but negligible tax liability are the ones who get audited year after year. Most of Trump’s wealth (apart from franchising deals) is in real estate properties of one sort or another. Those properties draw heavily on government resources for police and fire protection, roads and bridges for access, health and safety inspections, etc. Those services are expensive. You and I are paying for them with our taxes, while “smart” people just collect corporate welfare. If Mr. Trump is already taking our money, why give him our votes as well?

          All of that is quite apart from the remark in the debate that really bothered me, that the answer for “Law and Order” is to authorize the police to detain ordinary citizens without any showing of probable cause. That might bring Order of a sort, but it isn’t Law that any American patriot would recognize.

          1. Alright, so you are saying my tax dollars are going to pay for policing and fire protection and access control… hmmm i see. And let me add that those are our people actually our citizens those policemen and firemen right…. hmmm i see. So in directly its paying people for a job here in America – right. Keeping the money in the homeland – right. Which puts dinner on the table of those people in service. Okay so why is that so bad? Better that it is for improving the land here then over seas. What you fail to illustrate is that Trump is acquiring money himself for his properties by having these services work… it just is not the case. In fact is America was in better situation… there would be no need for the protection services you speak about. Still – some how you think Trump benefits for all this?

            You are bothered by Trumps call for better Law and Order. I have to side with you… that in his thinking — Law and Order could disrupt perhaps accuse even convict innocent people. I really do not get your point. If I wanted to enter a building or cross a boarder… it should be acceptable to be searched. Now, of police to detain you without any probable cause I agree should not happen – nor – should it happen based on race or colour or religion. Yet what you see as no probable cause could be simply your face looks like someone they are seeking or your information or identity is not absolutely clear – in question… so to me you are only seeing one side of the situation. A group of officers is not just detaining people for the fun of it.

      2. Is there any point to discussing anything of a remotely political nature with First Then? He’s a paid political hack for the RNC.

        With amazing intellectual dishonesty, First and the other policial action committee on MDN accuses Hillary of everything under the sun, because she has a 30+ year record of public service with plenty of fodder to blow out of proportion. Like a good lackey, First avoids any equal analysis of Trump, the most unqualified and unknowledgeable candidate for president the USA has ever seen. If Hillary is crooked (like all politicos), Trump is twisted beyond recognition.

        John Oliver lays out the relative corruption between the two candidates beautifully:

        Given the choice between bad and worse, Trump is by far the worst. If the repubs establishment thinks they can control this guy, they are wrong. His abysmal debate performance shows he will say and do anything to get elected — except give a straight answer to any question. Just call Sean Hannity, he’ll tell you.

        While busy beavers like First keep pushing the RNC partisan rhetoric fast and loose, it’s abundantly clear that Trump doesn’t share any of those republican principles. He’s a carnival barker who tells each crowd what they want to hear. Plans for the future, he has none of his own and he can’t even follow the script that the RNC prepares for him.

        Why doesn’t someone at friendly Fox News just ask him straight what specifically “great” means, and how we measure it. Without allowing Trump to defer to the RNC website, can he put into words what specific domestic, trade, or foreign policy will improve the key metrics of his greatness campaign? Because his stump speeches are completely vapid of any plan. Repeating nice phrases like “law and order” isn’t a plan. For a nation that has the healthiest economy in the world, decent labor rates and wages, historically low rates of immigration, and crime rates that are lower than 20 years ago — what specifically does Donald see as falling apart? A true conservative would be repulsed at giving a government official the rights to stop and frisk you without warrant. But with Trump, that overreach of government power is A-okay. He seems to have no way to balance the budget, since the RNC-prepared one on his website doesn’t add up any better than his checkbook. If Clinton is so untrustworthy, why is it Trump who can’t release his tax returns? Clinton did and the usual muckrackers haven’t found anything there to criticize, much less prosecute. The USA doesn’t have a large enough military to cover all the spots in he world Donald plans to give a lesson. Specifics? The blowhard has nothing but sound bites which don’t even match up with the past 40 years of republican policies.

        And still the republican base is too chicken shit to call him out on his lack of qualifications and endless record of flip-flopping and blatant lies.

        If you are conservative, then at least retain some principles and vote for Johnson. Putting Trump into the WH would be to cut off your own nose to spite your face.

        Your move, First. You’re gonna get dizzy spinning so hard. You really need to ask yourself if Trump really personifies the qualities of a leader you actually want. Because if you want 4 years of fact checking showing what a slimy lying snake Trump is, then how is that going to improve the USA? Be honest with yourself.

    1. Sad that American’s have only two choices, Trump or Clinton.

      But wait… they do… the third choice is not to vote.
      BUT CAST your NON-vote properly… which means going down to the registry office AS IF to vote – have them scratch your name off and make it sure your vote goes to no one – neither candidate.

      America would have to find another candidate until the people were happy with whom they want to lead the country.

      It seems to me, Trump won the date, either people pick him or he clears the smoke on how politicians like Clinton who are already in office working / perhaps too long — who lie and have done nothing other than complicate the mess globally costing for America more. At least Trump represents fixing the homeland issues and building America strong again. Like an OS or an Application… bloatware bottlenecks… build again; starting over from the ground up is the better option.
      So if you do not like either candidate for President… vote with a NULL-VOTE.

      1. It’s legal in the USA to write-in a vote. Mickey Mouse and Yeshua (Jesus) are historically the most popular.

        Meanwhile, there are further candidates for President in the USA:

        • Gary Johnson, Libertarian Party
        • Jill Stein, Green Party

        – – Johnson and Stein are, I believe, on ballots in all 50 states. Then there are a few more ‘declared’ candidates. I have no idea what state’s ballots they’re on, if any:

        • Darrell Castle, Constitution Party
        • Chris Keniston, Veterans Party of America
        • Ed Baker, Independent
        • David Boarman, Independent
        • Brian Briggs, Independent
        • Paul Chehade, Independent
        • James “JD” Criveau, Constitutionist Party
        • Ken Cross, Reform Party
        • Robert Dionisio, Independent
        • Art Drew, Independent
        • David Holcomb, Independent
        • Zoltan Istvan, Transhumanist Party
        • John Fitzgerald Johnson, Independent
        • Lynn Sandra Kahn, Independent
        • Bishop Julian Lewis, Jr., Independent
        • Evan McMullin, Independent
        • James C. Mitchell, Jr., Independent
        • Perry Morcom, Independent
        • Mark Pendleton, Independent

        💤💤 ~ ~ ~ *Taking*A*Caffeine*Break* ~ ~ ~

        • Jeremiah Pent, Independent
        • Clifton Roberts, Humane Party
        • Scott Smith, Independent
        • Samm Tittle, Independent
        • Benjamin Weigel, Independent
        • Terry W. Wheelock, Independent

          1. Pride nor satisfaction nor star rating will save you from the results of this coming election. Also, fleeing to Mexico or Canada is no easy task or solution. Best to ignore and focus on action then to respond to comments.

      1. MDN, why is this political rubbish not removed from your tech site?

        If you allow partisan shysters to post their propaganda and hate speech for one side, are you going to allow the other sides in too? Can your servers handle the thousands of hours of incoherent Trump flip-flopping and rambling on about how great his hotels are? Oh, and for cyber security, he’s very proud of this 10 year old son, who is very good with computers. How reassuring.

        Trump also said this: “We’re going to get Apple to build their damn computers and things in this country instead of in other countries.”
        while manufacturing his Trump paraphernalia in China.

        1. Yes indeed.

          Trump supporters too busy attempting to crucify Clinton to face the facts about their own candidate. This so-called businessman has trotted out insane ideas that would kill American business, destroy trade, and do nothing to help workers affected by globalization. He’s not pro-business at all, Apple would be directly harmed by his ridiculous proposals for a 35% import tariff on foreign-made goods like Apple makes.

          And who supports the guy? It’s obvious most online polls are gamed. CNN showed 62% of people think Clinton won the debate, but dozens of online anti-Hillary sites posted Trump as a winner even before he extracted his shoe from his mouth. All BS biased polls, which Trump cites proudly on Fox tuesday. One small problem –even Fox News, which has always sided with whatever the GOP has done no matter what, admits that Trump trolls online have been skewing unscientific online polls dramatically.

          You have to wonder how pathetic a person has to be to not see the dishonesty of Trump. There are clearly some delusional and yes, deplorable, Trump supporters. Dishonesty is not an American value.

          Can we have an intelligent candidate talk about the future please?

      2. I don’t think the world unelectable means what you think it means.

        Isn’t it disingenuous to criticize Clinton for things that Trump has been guilty of many times over? For every impropriety the Clintons committed, Trump has committed dozens. He has all the lawsuits, bankruptcies, and fines to prove what an untrustworthy charlatan he is.

        While I don’t like Clinton’s approach and off-camera demeanor, at least she has a public record that indicates she at least tries to do a good job for her constituents. Living in NY, I’ve followed her, and she was actually a pretty good senator. If Clinton changes her mind on an issue, it’s usually after being confronted with facts of a changing situation. Trump on the other hand takes every side of a position at random, then claims he never said that. Hannity will tell ya.

    2. So is Apple going to allow for Black Conservatives and Black Libertarians to interview their candidates? Or is Apple as mired in old political thinking as it is in old technologies?

      Apple needs to realize that this is alienating more people than they realize. After all of their previous leftist absurdity and hypocrisy, now Cook and Company are becoming megaphones for the Old Black Narrative, and next to Hillary Clinton, that is the last thing that black people need.

      The contemporary narrative put forth by many black activists and their white liberal counterparts is almost 100% negative with blacks serving as nothing more than perpetual sufferers of never-ending injustice. The old narrative is mythology. It is a narrative constructed of lies, and it could not possibly be more racist.

      Unfortunately, because it is repeated so often by unscrupulous opportunists, politicians, and the media, it has risen to the status of self-fulfilling prophecy.

      And all we need is Apple directly or indirectly rubber stamping this garbage. This is a struggle for the minds of black youth. We must escape the endless circle of failure and blame that is forced upon us by those who profit from it.

      If necessary, it must be shown that Apple is the ANTI-BLACK-RACIST technology company, pushing candidates who do nothing to support blacks, and everything they can to make sure blacks remain mental victims. Apple is assuming the position of one of the masters in the great Democratic slave plantation of the 21st century. The difference is that they are helping to maintain chains around minds, as opposed to wrists and ankles.

      I am disgusted with Apple right now, and I don’t see that changing.

    3. Bitchzilla will say whatever serves her interest at the moment, but that also applies to Drumpf.

      The TPP, which both are supposed to be against, will be signed off by either if it has not been rammed through in the Lame Duck session. That is already set- the fix is in. Note that it was Republicans in Congress that gave Obama Fast Track for the TPP.

    4. FirstThenWhatever, in another couple months, you’ll be whining like Trump about how the system is rigged and the microphone doesn’t work.

      RCP predicts a Clinton/Kaine victory in the electoral college by 292 to 246. We all know that gap is going to widen in the next debates where Trump will continue to ramble on about how impressive his son is on computers and how nice his hotel is.

      Relevancy to Apple: Trump is on record multiple times criticizing Apple and proposing them to strongarm Apple into moving its production. Does that sound anything like democracy to you? The guy is a complete flake and has no business anywhere near any public office.

      If you care about Apple, you might as well join all Apple employees who are unanimously voting for Clinton.

      Well, not unanimous. Some are writing in Bernie Sanders.

    1. Agree… yet he is not a politician yet a businessman.
      He represents that Joe-public can become President as America states… yet instead you seem to love the norm… the type of politician that has walked the life of lies and deals that are wasteful.

      Though I would not chose either person for President… I will say Trump seems to be at least exposing a passionate drive that the Clintons have been in office far too long and done nothing but spend Americans money poorly.

      If you are happy how things are… if you feel safer now that the Military has been withdrawn from Iran. If truly feel Clinton has done well for your family and your country then by all means vote for what you want. That is your right.

      He is a dirty business man, yet playing like all your glorious proper politicians — playing within the law.

      Clinton said Trump cheated the middle-class guy out of pay for work rendered. Yet, Clintons plan to build the middle class up — burdening them with heavy taxes in hopes that the middle class will recover America — how different is that? Using the middle class people? Its not any different. Its dirty politics and Clinton is a dirty sneaky two faced lying politician. You have a choice… think it out… its called a NULL VOTE… something both parties don’t wish you to know or do. Imagine the entire country — declining both of these clowns and waiting to find the right person. They are forcing you to feel this way… do you buy a television for it brand only or the model… you have choices. This or that is not an easy choice to make… but deciding not to pick either is still an option America has.

      In my opinion Trump won the debate. Seems he is on a vengeance to clear the smoke for average people on just how big a liar politicians can be. Hilary… yeah wow a first President… so what. Why her?

        1. To be fair to you… I do not drink any sort alcohol nor do I consume any type of medication; yes that includes aspirin – which I am allergic to anyways. If you do not like my remarks or words that is fine.

          The Clintons and the Bushs’ have sat in office far too long. America needs real change… and Obama was neglected a honest chance to govern how he hoped – thanks to Wallstreet.

          If there is anything to learn here… its Trump who has the message. I really do not think he even cares if he is elected honestly… it seems he is incapable anyways… yet he wants to expose the dirty liars… lol as if businessmen are not any different.

        2. Backslash In, what”In” your, “face”;
          Sounds like a Clinton solution… change to what? And what are those meds suppose to do for me? BTW, where exactly, did you get your doctors degree? A half baked reply you send twice.

            1. The only sense I could possibly make would be by saying something that you could only agree with. Not knowing who you are or what you prefer to hear then is impossible.

              Still, maybe this would help… Both Trump and Clinton should be the ones to be medicated – and I think Doctor\In has the prescription they need.

              As for being on something… perhaps just on the topic of voting — sad that these are the candidates to vote for… sad to see Trump not make any sense when asked a question so clearly. Sad to see a Clinton gain any more support after being in office for so long. Sad that America continues to be dammed when it is full of fantastic people whom I think see right through all this crap yet still have toilet someone for President.
              Its all surreal – and sorry if my comments here seem random and off mark for you.

              Now for the sense part you been waiting for…
              Hilary was instantly mocked online after this interview. Hurray. Glad she was… thats freedom of speech and in election time comments matter.

  2. I am just confused about all of this, The article and the interview. Weird on all levels.

    However, the question is legitimate. Given how bad congress has treated Obama, Clinton isn’t miraculously going to have a better time with them. And neither would Trump. They don’t like club members.

    1. The only thing cringe-worthy was Bliges saying “a lot of my people think Obama was blocked in Congress because he was black”. Wait, doesn’t that make her people racist? I never heard Obama, when as US Senator, being accused of blocking George W. Bush because he’s white, when he opposed by voting no. I never heard Obama being accused of “hating white people” right Kanye? It must be so good to have that racist card you can pull out at the drop of the hat to play so it can excuse failures, flaws and imperfections!

      Oh, and that song, if only “your people” (as YOU like to say) actually do those things, however, we all know that most have a hearing problem and the cop has to repeat the command, not suggestion, over and over and over again. How hard is it to “let me see your hands”, “get on the ground”, “drop your weapon”, “put your hands behind your back”? Maybe Mary Bliges, you and Obama can go into your people’s communities and address that. And when done there, go into the rest of the nation’s communities to address, because being hard headed, can’t hear for shit, don’t understand simple English commands and being downright stupid isn’t a color!

    2. I thought that way once, but there was a recent op-ed that pointed out the many times she was able to get Republicans to work with her (or vice versa) when she was on the Senate. A lot more than I would have guessed, considering how she is demonized in public. As someone pointed out, she gets a lot of negative publicity when she is trying to get power (like running for office), but her popularity tends to grow when she actually can use it.

  3. These Apple Music shows have their primary target audience, and for them, this may not be as cringe-worthy. Also, half of population clearly does not like Clinton, so there’s that.

    In an election year, candidates do whatever they believe would swing the undecided voters their way. Then half of the decided voters cringe at those things.

    Clearly, kids need new shoes… MDN should rake in nicely with this one. Articles with “Obama” or “Clinton” in the headline bring plenty of eyeballs, as people keep coming back to them multiple times (to post/read other comments). Have at it, folks!

  4. Enough with the political garbage. Can’t we please focus on Apple without dealing with the Trump/Hillary madness? Is it so hard to wait until October 31, 11:59:59 PM to discuss this? At least by then it will be relevant.

    1. James, by Oct its too late – one of these folks will be elected.
      By then it will be irrelevant.

      Why is Apple having this interview, what is it for – is it just to hear Mary J sing? Though I have not heard the entire song or watched the interview – the song snippet somehow comes across as being disrespectful, inappropriate and somewhat provoking.

      Mary J sings about getting killed in your American skin (as if to be politically right by covering all races – yet of course the topic is about Police shooting innocent Black youths. A focus of attention regarding an uprise in Racism.)

      She sings about being polite to a police officer (well yeah, the law and its enforcers deserve all citizens respect – that is common sense – yet she seemingly gives it a degrading side).

      Its a horrible song. And just what is this part — its is not a knife, it is not a gun, its is not a wallet… Come on the police are not all crazy and are not out to kill those who express bad attitudes. But yeah, if you think you are tough and you want to resist and you act as if you have something to hide… just continue and you create suspicion.)

      What is to become of all this… America Politicians have far greater issues than buckling down on the police force and racism. There are people off their Meds out shoots innocent people. The system is falling from within. And America needs to focus on the homeland not over seas. America go home… fix your own issues before you tell the world how to do theirs.

  5. The NeoLiberals/1%ers are really whipping Bitchzilla (Hillary Rodham Clinton) very hard, threatening the apocalypse if moron Drumpf gets selected/elected. My personal hope is that there is no clear winner and the election goes to the House of Representatives, not that I have any confidence in their wisdom.

    If either Bitchzilla or Drumpf gets selected or elected we will officially become a banana republic. Not sure how being a bad Senator, a failed Secretary of State and First Lady qualifies one to be President. Same for a mobbed up builder/scam artist/wrestling promoter/reality show host.

    I have not decided if I will vote for Gary Johnson or Beauregard the Wonder Dog. I do not buy the Libertarian bullshit regarding economics, but figure at least Johnson will not be looking for another war to fatten the bottom line of the Military-Industrial -Security State Complex or push the ever encroaching police state.

    Sadly, Bitchzilla and Drumpf are punking their supposed constituencies. Hillary Clinton is a Progressive like my Scottish Terrier can fly and Trump is an outsider like a Tesla burns hydrogen. Different suit behind the podium, but the same old hands are running the show. Both tell you to pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. Obama ran on getting us out of Iraq and Afghanistan and we are back in Iraq and never left Afghanistan. He promised change, yet not one Bankster was sent up the river by Eric Holder. He promised a clean government an then larded it with people with numerous conflicts of interest.

    The blue pill red pill nonsense is a ruse to distract the rabble.

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