Apple’s Jet Black iPhone 7/Plus is ridiculously difficult to make

“Anybody who has tried to buy one of Apple’s new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus smartphones has probably noticed that it’s tough to get ahold of these phones in Apple’s new Jet Black finish,” Ashraf Eassa reports for The Motley Fool. “It’s clear that demand for phones, particularly the larger iPhone 7 Plus, is quite robust.”

“However, the apparently unexpected level of demand for this finish isn’t the only major driver of the huge supply/demand balance that currently exists,” Eassa reports. “Per respected KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, this Jet Black finish is also exceedingly difficult to manufacture right now.”

iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 7 Plus in Jet Black

“Kuo says (via MacRumors) that the manufacturing yields for the Jet Black iPhone 7/7 Plus are currently in the 60%-70% range. What this means is that for every 100 Jet Black casings that Apple and its manufacturing partners attempt to produce, 30%-40% are unusable,” Eassa reports. “Potential buyers looking to get their hands on the Jet Black iPhone will just need to wait for demand to die down and/or for Apple to improve its manufacturing yields on those models. This is a bummer, but investors should at least rest assured that the iDevice maker is doing its best to maximize long-term shareholder value.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Somehow* we got our multiple orders for Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus (256GB) units filled on Day One. They may be very difficult to manufacture, but when they are, they certainly are head-turners. We’ve already had several people come up to us and ask us, “is that the new iPhone?” when they see our iPhone 7 Plus out of our pocket. We haven’t had that question since we first got our iPhone 6 Plus units, two years ago.

*Ordered within the first 30-seconds of availability via the iOS Apple Store app prepped with full information and with target items favorited.


        1. I have had all the iPhones since they were allowed to be sold in Canada. I have never used a case and always allowed the beauty of the phone to show as it was intended to. I have never broken a screen but have slightly bumped the corners on the pavement on rare occasions and the iPhones worked and looked wonderful. When the new ones come in, the old one is handed down and still appreciated. They are meant to be used.

          1. Oh I use the heck out of mine. And when they are dropped the thin rubber case protects my investment leaving an iPhone in great physical condition to later sell. Putting a case on it doesn’t mean it won’t get used, just peace of mind so that if you accidentally drop them they won’t be damaged and you won’t be inconvenienced taking it in for repair. Obviously your mileage varies.

  1. Mine shipped today — finally.

    I had the opportunity to cancel this order and buy one day one in an Apple store and after seeing the jet black one in person I just couldn’t do it and waited.

    It’s like some weird combination of immaturity rewarded by maturity.

  2. The display model looked horrendous at the Apple Store. I didn’t even want to touch it! 🙂 This store only has ONE Jet Black iPhone on display, so they need to have a staff member stationed nearby, with a soft polishing cloth, to give it a wipe-down after a customer tries it.

    1. November for me too.

      Unfortunately I was on a cruise, in Sitka AK, on ordering day. No service from Verizon, had to wait until I could get off ship and to the public library to place my order.

      I’m hoping Apple moves my ship date closer to now.

  3. I love how they do this every year – limited supply to boost the hype. AT&T stores didn’t even get any + models. Walked into an Apple store the other day, to which they generally get a daily shipment. Unfortunately the only model they had avail at the time that I arrived was a Rose gold in the +.

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