Depth Effect: Hands-on with Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus’ new Portrait mode beta

“Today Apple released several new betas, but the most interesting new release among the flood of new software is the iOS 10.1 beta for the iPhone 7 Plus,” Jeff Benjamin reports for 9to5Mac. “That’s because the iOS 10.1 beta includes a preview of the new Portrait Mode in the iPhone 7 Plus Camera app, and we’ve taken the new feature for a brief test drive.”

“Unfortunately, the feature wasn’t ready in time for the iPhone 7 Plus launch, so the hardware launched without the feature,” Benjamin reports. “Apple promised that Portrait mode would be made available later via a free software update.”

“Not even a week after the iPhone 7’s release, Apple has shipped Portrait Mode to developers with public beta testers scheduled to get their first hands-on shortly thereafter,” Benjamin reports. “As iPhone 7 Plus owners, we were more than happy to jump on the beta to check out the new Portrait mode.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The bokeh effect get a little wonky in spots, depending on the composition, subject, etc. (works best for portraits of people, hence the name), but, for a beta, it’s an impressive and unmatched, iPhone-only, capability!

Bokeh! Hands on with Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus’ crazy new Portrait mode – September 21, 2016


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