Apple’s iOS 10.1 release, it’s an essential upgrade

“Wasting no time, Apple has released the first iOS 10.1 beta and it sees the company quickly fulfil a major promise,” Gordon Kelly writes for Forbes.

“Rolled out for developers today (with a public beta coming Thursday), iOS 10.1 includes the much hyped new ‘Portrait’ mode. Apple discussed this extensively at the iPhone 7 launch last week as its ability to intelligently use bokeh (background blur) in portrait shots produces some truly stunning results reminiscent of premium SLR cameras,” Kelly writes. “This effect is best seen on the iPhone 7 Plus thanks to its dual lens camera (which uses dual shots to create a greater depth of field) and it is a timely pickup given this supposedly revolutionary camera has so far not proved a game changer in my tests.”

MacDailyNews Take: We’d hazard a guess that your tests probably suck since you don’t even know that Portrait mode isn’t “best seen on the iPhone 7 Plus,” it’s only seen on iPhone 7 Plus.

The top rear of Apple's new iPhone 7 Plus in Jet Black
The top rear of Apple’s new iPhone 7 Plus in Jet Black shows the dual-cameras and Quad-LED True Tone flash

“But the new Portrait mode isn’t exclusive to the iPhone 7 Plus and all iOS 10 capable smartphones (iPhone 5 and newer) will benefit,” Kelly writes. “This is going to make iOS 10.1 an essential download, just so long as Apple steers clear of introducing any showstopping bugs.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The new Portrait mode most certainly is exclusive to the iPhone 7 Plus which is the only iPhone that has the dual-camera hardware that the feature requires.


  1. Something isn’t quite clear to me now. The reviewer claims that he is using the ‘portrait’ feature on his iPhone 7 (no plus).

    Is the portrait feature going to be exclusive on iPhone 7, or will it be available to other iPhone models? If it is available on others, how does the software know the distance of objects in the photo without the benefit of stereoscopic vision (i.e. where the parallax from the second camera allows for precise calculation of distance of various objects in the image).

    Or is it possible that in Beta, they failed to remove the feature for non-7+ devices, so it shows up for everyone, even though it is useless for others. Or is it?

    Any developers here with other phones want to chime in and clarify?

  2. ummm. im not sure is needs to be exclusive to the plus with 2 cameras.
    though results from a dusl camera will be much better imo.

    If the software can detect and isolate the subject from the bacground.. the background bluring and dof simulation can be done to any pic algorithmically.

  3. “just so long as Apple steers clear of introducing any showstopping bugs’

    Wow, showstopping wisdom from a pro! /s
    Has he heard ANYTHING about a showstopping bug, or is he just pulling something out of his a**!

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