How to shoot RAW photos on your iPhone or iPad

“You can get great images straight from the iPhone and iPad’s stock Camera app and share them with your friends and family,” Serenity Caldwell writes for iMore. “But if you’re interested in using your iPhone for more pro-level photography experiments, there’s a new tool for you in iOS 10: shooting RAW.”

“When you shoot RAW, you essentially relieve your iPhone’s ISP (image signal processor) from processing and adjusting your photo, which gives you greater control over editing the photo’s light, color, and imagery in post-production,” Caldwell writes. “As with Apple’s manual camera controls, you can only shoot RAW in third-party apps that support the feature. Some of our favorites include Obscura, Manual, and ProCamera, but you can check out all our recommended manual camera apps for more options.”

“To shoot RAW, choose the camera app of your choice and look for its RAW controls,” Caldwell writes. “Here’s how to do it in Manual.”

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