iPhone 7 delays on UK launch day spark fury as some told their iPhones won’t be delivered until October

“Furious Apple fans have been complaining on Twitter about delays to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus,” Tara Evans reports for The Sun. “Some people have been told that they will have to wait until October, despite the pre-ordering the gadget ahead of its official UK launch today.”

“Most UK major networks and mobile retailers are affected by stock problems including, EE, O2, Vodafone, Three Mobile, BT and Carphone Warehouse,” Evans reports. “One user on Twitter said: ‘@BTCare went to bed expecting my iPhone today, woke up to tracker saying ‘sorry for delay’. What the hell is going on?’ While another said: ‘@VodafoneUK Absolute joke, why wait till this morning to tell me there is a delay on the iPhone 7 which I was told would be delivered today.'”

“Others have seen the humorous side to the situation: “The irony of listening to Stevie Wonders ‘signed, sealed, delivered’ whilst on hold waiting to speak to @O2 about my iPhone order delay,'” Evans reports. “Yesterday, Apple said that it had run out of stock of the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 in jet black and that customers would not be able to buy them in store today. Apple confirmed that customers would still be able to place orders online.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Not to rub it in, but our orders 256GB Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus currently are marked “Out for Delivery.” 🙂 (Our orders were placed during the first 30 seconds of the pre-order window via the iOS Apple Store app.)

Fortunately, good things also come to those who wait (a bit longer). Meanwhile, queues for and anguished Tweets over iPhones is good for business. News articles detailing the extreme lust for iPhone 7/Plus are free marketing.

iPhone 7/Plus buyers lined up at Apple locations around the world greeted with scant supplies – September 16, 2016


    1. botty, another position on which we agree. Hell must be frozen over…

      Anyone who is “furious” about having to wait a month for a cell phone is messed up in the head. Maybe they sold their iPhone 6s/6s+ early to get a better price? Who knows…and who cares?

      When I was young we ordered stuff from catalogs by mailing order forms or via telephone. Then you waited weeks to get your stuff. It is called “anticipation.” This “instant gratification rage” is a mental illness.

      1. That’s wonderful, Melvin. You will one day discover that as you agree with me more and more, enlightenment occurs, an epiphany of reason. This is called maturing intellectually…it is my dream, that one day, you will be able to send your unicorn out to pasture permanently…and become one of us: The Irredeemable Deplorables.

    1. Better to have exploding demand that you can meet and take advantage of. When people want to upgrade, they do. If you don’t have stock, most likely buy something else in stock. And by fiscal year end that exploding demand dwindles to earnings warnings instead of what should have been iPhone converts.

  1. I ordered my Apple Watch this morning. Slightly disappointed that you can’t order it with all of the straps, but in the end decided on a Nike+ version. Interestingly the Nike+ says available from 5-7 weeks, whilst a standard watch was showing as dispatched in 5-7 weeks – so the end of October. Who knows when the Nike will actually ship.

  2. At least they are getting something good. Don’t these people ever think about those in ISIS controlled territory, the ones that will be affected by Trump’s impossible wall, or even those in Flint who risk lead poisoning from the water they drink? These first world problems are nothing compared to the actual suffering many people face on a daily basis.

  3. A story of people with an over-developed sense of entitlement who probably should have heard the word ‘No!’ several more times in their childhood.

    Roof over your head, food in your fridge, lights turn on when you flick the swtich, tap dispenses clean drinkable H2O when you turn the tap?

    So shut the fuck up.

  4. I would show my “shock” face, but I am not. You have to be short circuiting to think Apple has the iPhone stock necessary to leave everybody a happy camper. I got my disappointing experience twice during the iPhone 6 / 6+ launch. First, with a Microsoft-esque Apple website that was frozen. Then, in person, at a 4 am visit to the Apple store (cell carrier, color of model N/A).

    It was the same way with the iPhone 4, 3… and, as it is with the 7th, it will be next year for the 8th. Seems Apple can’t manage a launch with sufficient quantity. If Apple can’t get enough supply on hand for launch, delay the frickin launch. I love my iPhone 6+ but I’ll never buy the Apple BS Hype ever again. I’m just not into Apple iPhone launches any more. It’s not hard Apple. You are not impressing anyone with your incapability to meet demand on initial launch by having a very limited supply. It is getting very, very, old.

    Get the Purell mind set out of your thinking, Apple, the Herbal Essences smart phone maker. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Stupid is as stupid does.

    One star this if you must but you can’t argue against historical truth.

    1. And your solution is… ?

      Apple has amassed gigabucks because Steve Jobs hired Tim Cook to design the world’s best “just in time” supply chain. One consequence of that system and annual releases is a demand peak and product shortage each year. The alternatives are (1) to set up a whole lot of additional production lines that would sit idle for most of the year, or (2) to go into production months earlier and rent a lot of warehouse space that would sit idle for most of the year.

      The latter would risk the late discovery of a hardware or software bug that got past the shorter development cycle, with the necessity to retrofit or scrap all the devices sitting in storage. Both approaches would eliminate the ability to tailor the mix of devices produced to the actual demand for each variation, which is a major benefit of a JIT operation.

    2. “If Apple can’t get enough supply on hand for launch, delay the frickin launch.”

      So everyone should suffer just because some people are impatient? No thanks. Stay the course, Apple. I, for one, don’t mind waiting and appreciate the chance to get my hands on an early unit if the stars line up correctly for me. 🙂

      “I’ll never buy the Apple BS Hype ever again. I’m just not into Apple iPhone launches any more.”

      Quick! Someone call a whambulance for this guy before he keels over!

      1. “If Apple can’t get enough supply on hand for launch, delay the frickin launch.”

        In effect, they did. They guesstimate demand, and if they guesstimate well, they are basically taking pre-orders and have a good enough supply at the ‘launch’ to say they started deliveries on time.

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