Wired reviews Apple’s iPhone 7/Plus: ‘Fantastic’

“The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are out this Friday, starting at $650 and $770 respectively. They’re the best, fastest, strongest iPhones yet,” David Pierce writes for Wired. “They also indicate, nine years into the iPhone experiment, that we’re nearing some platonic ideal of a smartphone, the device in its final minimalist form”

“The iPhone 7 may look like the iPhone has for years, but it works better. Differently, too. It’s more seamless, more open to third parties, and more connected to the rest of the Apple ecosystem,” Pierce writes. “More than anything, this phone is Apple’s acknowledgement that how an iPhone looks is increasingly beside the point. What matters is what an iPhone can do.”

“As always, the new iPhone is a better iPhone. Its new A10 Fusion processor is ludicrously, outrageously fast, somehow even more so than last year’s (already crazy fast) A9,” Pierce writes. “The 7’s screen is brighter than the 6S, but for the life of me I can’t imagine why you’d ever use your phone at full brightness.”

MacDailyNews Take: Not a beachgoer, huh, David?

“I’m happy to trade both headphone jack and [mechanical] home button to get a water-resistant phone,” Pierce writes. “Being able to use my phone in the shower, or at least inside the Toothbrushing Splash Radius, is wonderful. Even more than that, knowing my IP67-rated iPhone 7 can handle a light rainstorm or splash of tequila brings a wonderful peace of mind. The iPhone 6S was already sort-of mostly waterproof, but the iPhone 7 is the real deal.”

“The iPhone 7 camera is the easy one to review. It’s terrific,” Pierce writes. “The iPhone 7 won’t blow your mind with its design or features. It’s still a fantastic phone. And philosophically, it feels like Apple is throwing open a door. The iPhone 7 might not be a revolution, but it might be the catalyst for lots of them. Your phone will be better in a few months, and even better a few months after that. And wouldn’t that be exciting?”

Much more in the full review here.

MacDailyNews Take: The iPhone 7, and especially the iPhone 7 Plus, will blow your mind with one feature for sure: Photography. Even Joe Blow will be able to take stunning photographs* and that’s an amazing accomplishment right there (as you well know if you’ve ever seen Joe Blow’s previous work).

*They may not be framed correctly, but some of them will contain a stunning photographs.

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  1. Looks like Apple made more phones available today in their upgrade program. Most makes/models we unavailable until I checked this morning and now many are available including the elusive T-Mobile. Was able to reserve my upgrade for iPhone 7 Plus 256g T-Mobile.

  2. MDN, I’d love to read an article about the new RAW photo format. I don’t fully understand it —

    – Is it an iOS 10 feature or an iPhone 7 feature?

    – Will all photos be raw and a JPG generated when you share?

    – Will raw be default, or will it need to be turned on?

    That sort of thing. I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled, but haven’t seen any articles about this feature yet.


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