“You’ve heard the bad news: Apple removed the headphone jack from the new iPhone. Here’s the good news: They filled that space with precious, life-sustaining battery and other practical stuff,” Geoffrey A. Fowler writes for The Wall Street Journal. “Apple’s $650 iPhone 7 and $770 iPhone 7 Plus aren’t the holographic teleporting hoverphones of my dreams. But they fix much of what has long ailed the iPhone — and that’s reason enough to get over the headphone thing and upgrade.”

“The iPhone 7 still comes with corded earbuds, but they plug into the Lightning port now instead of the old round plug, and the box comes with an adapter so you can use your old headphones. There’s one big downside: You can’t plug in headphones and the charger at the same time unless you buy another strange adapter — for $40!” Fowler writes. “While all that is annoying, it’s actually a good time to consider wireless headphones, whose tech has leapt forward recently. ”

“So why is it worth losing the jack? Apple’s explanation, that it had the “courage” to move audio tech forward, has gone over like a lead balloon. Instead of patting themselves on the back, Apple’s brass should have stuck to the main message: It freed up a ton of space inside a phone that’s already more packed than a subway car to do more practical things we really want,” Fowler writes. “Is it worth upgrading your two-year-old (or older) iPhone? Yes. ”

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MacDailyNews Take: A few short months from now, the kerfuffle over the 3.5mm anachronism will be forgotten. When people think of the iMac, absolutely nobody laments its lack of a floppy drive.

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