Apple shares rise on positive iPhone 7/Plus reviews, early preorder strength

“Shares of Apple Inc. rose as much as 3.2% Tuesday following generally positive reviews of its latest iPhone and indications of consumer interest from the wireless carriers,” Austen Hufford reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“Last week, Apple unveiled the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which offer a longer battery life, more storage and brighter screens than their predecessors, but eliminate the traditional headphone jack,” Hufford reports. “On Tuesday, many media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, released their reviews for the new iPhones. The Wall Street Journal, in its review, said the new smartphones were worth the upgrade and showed that Apple was “improving features that actually matter.””

“Also on Tuesday, T-Mobile US Inc. and Sprint Corp. each issued news releases suggesting strong consumer interest in the new phones,” Hufford reports. “T-Mobile said the new iPhones broke the carrier’s previous iPhone preorder record and set a single-day sales record at the carrier on Friday. Sprint said preorders for the new iPhones rose more than 375% in the first three days from a year ago.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Strong reviews, however distracted some of them seem by the dropping of an antiquated jack, which will proven to be inconsequential before long, coupled with strong pre-orders is doubly-good news!

Also, we believe (and hope and pray that we’ve finally seen Apple deal “Death to the ‘S'” – as we’ve advocated for years – and the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will be the last models ever saddled with Apple’s stupid “Wait ‘Till Next Year” naming convention.

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  1. Amazing, AAPL uses the same body style three years running and the phone is declared DOA (as almost every other iPhone release for the last years and low and behold, the analysts are the DOA ones. Their Samsung has iPhone out innovated BS manifests as several models that explode and catch fire, presenting a real threat to life, limb, home and car. Apple sets the record straight and releases incredible tech between the chip, the home button, the cameras, the lack of 100 year old technology and a phone that doesn’t catch fire. They lose 5% of their value in two days. Now its Samsung’s turn and AAPL gains back the stupid selloff of 5% in another two days. Perhaps it’s time for MDN and Apple Insider and MacSurfer to post a list of the analysts who sang the praises of the Galaxy S7 ad the doom and gloom of the iPhone in each article to remind readers who not to listen to next September.

  2. I wonder how the European sales numbers have been in light of the recent bad press about taxes? Then again, exploding Samsung phones and some airlines banning the use of ALL Samsung devices could convince many to make the switch to iPhones.

  3. Love these short sighted and lack of real info reviews./s

    He lists a longer battery life, more storage and brighter screens as his three go to improvements.

    How about a 40% faster processor, 50% faster graphics, water resistance up to 1 meter and multiple great camera & photo improvements?

    If you are going to review a tech item, at least get the main bullet points listed.

  4. A lot of Apple bear bullshitter analcysts are squirting puss this week (metaphorically speaking). What a shame that Apple continues to be the most successful company on the planet and that their customers love their devices.

  5. AAPL also just had a Golden Cross so that is huge buy signal, plus the fact that it is discounted 25% versus the S&P 500, Samsung Phones are exploding, iPhone 7 presales are huge – what other signals do you need to get in for the next leg up?

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