What to expect at Apple’s September 7th special event

“If you’re itching for a new iPhone, or curious whether Apple will finally do away for the headphone jack, the company will reveal everything you need to know about its next-generation smartphone this week,” Heather Kelly reports for CNNMoney. “On Wednesday, September 7, the company is holding its annual fall media event in San Francisco, where it typically unveils the new iPhone. But the device, likely called the iPhone 7, is just the main attraction. There’s a lot more expected, including a new version of the Apple Watch and software updates for all Apple products.”

“Apple is expected to drop the industry standard headphone jack from the iPhone 7 Plus. Instead, headphones will need to work wirelessly or plug into the existing Lightning port. Apple might try and ease the transition by making an adapter. On the plus side, this could mean a thinner iPhone body with better speakers,” Kelly reports. “The Plus is expected to get dual cameras for higher quality low-light images. In addition, this could finally be the year Apple kills the baffling 16GB version of the iPhone for a 32GB entry-level device, bumping up the entire line’s storage capacity. Most exciting for klutzes and swimmers, the iPhone might finally be waterproof, or at least water-resistant.”

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    1. Can’t help thinking…… “What a snooze fest” it’ll be. Lol!! I am hoping they release the ATV with 4K. They made a big mistake with that foolishness. Don’t think I need the 7 or AW so ATV would give me something to buy at least.

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