Hillary Clinton first used an Apple Power Mac for private email server in basement

“As she was being confirmed as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton contacted Colin Powell to ask him about his use of a Blackberry while in the same role. According to a Federal Bureau of Investigations memorandum published today (PDF), Powell warned Clinton that if it became public that she was using a Blackberry to “do business,” her e-mails would be treated as “official” record and be subject to the law,” Sean Gallagher reports for Ars Technica. “‘Be very careful,’ Powell said according to the FBI. ‘I got around it all by not saying much and not using systems that captured the data.'”

“Clinton told the FBI that she didn’t take factor Powell’s advice into her decision to use a personal mail server—a statement that seems obvious based on the tens of thousands of e-mails now being published as the result of lawsuits, congressional and FBI investigations, and Freedom of Information Act requests,” Gallagher reports. “Just how far she deviated from that advice is evident in the detailed history gathered by the FBI. Their information on the Clintons’ e-mail infrastructure dates back to Hillary Clinton’s tenure in the US Senate, and this new release shows how that infrastructure was intertwined with the information technology used by former president Bill Clinton’s staff.”

“Perhaps Clinton’s troubles began when she switched from a Blackberry-hosted e-mail account to an account on her Clintonemail.com domain — a domain hosted on an Apple Power Mac ‘G4 or G5′ tower running in the Clintons’ Chappaqua, New York residence. The switch to the Power Mac as a server occurred the same month she exchanged messages with Powell,” Gallagher reports. “The Power Mac, originally purchased in 2007 by former President Clinton’s aide Justin Cooper, had acted as the server for presidentclinton.com and wjcoffice.com. Cooper managed most of the technology support for Bill Clinton and took charge of setting up Hillary Clinton’s new personal mail system on the Power Mac, which sat alongside a firewall and network switching hardware in the basement of the Clintons’ home. Accounts were set up for Secretary Clinton and her staff by her husband’s staff. But the Power Mac was having difficulty handling the additional load created by Blackberry usage from Secretary Clinton and her staff, so…”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: A “Power Mac G4” would have been discontinued, at the latest, in June 2004 and a “Power Mac G5” would have been discontinued, at the latest, in August 2006, so either Mac was already “old” at the time it was purchased for the original purpose of serving websites. The first gen. Mac Pro was released in August 2006, but perhaps the choice to go with an “old” Power Mac was made based on software considerations (PowerPC vs. Intel-based Macs).


        1. In my opinion donald trump has done some truly crooked things.

          So, you who will vote for trump, what do you think he is going to do with his businesses if he wins? Close them?

          If you do, fine. Hey, by the way I’ve got some really great water to sell you. It’s in the Bermuda Triangle, and I can almost guarantee it will be there when you get there. Beautiful too, hey and you can build a wall around it. Look, LOOK, I’m telling you, you can get the dolphins to pay or it.

            1. Well, it looks like I may just move into the billionaire ranks. There seems to be plenty of suckers out there. 40% you say! I may not have enough brochures.

            2. What’s your problem with that? You can’t remember her last name. Nothing personal, but a suggestion, add fish to your diet. Hang in there a cure is coming, really. I saw it on cnn.com’s site.

            3. I just looked it u0, the lates Reuters poll from August 25th is as follows (according to real clear politics)

              General election August 25th:
              Clinton: 39
              Trump: 36
              In a two way race:
              Clinton: 42
              Trump: 35

              Looks like you’re not being truthful or getting your information from a place which isn’t being truthful

            4. And then there’s the swing state polls, where he’s losing every single one of them except being tied in Iowa.

              In my home state of Pennsylvania he’s down an average of 7 with several polls having him down 11 points.

              Virginia I’d over, he’s down 12-16 depending on the poll

              Colorado is over, he’s down 14 on average

              New Hampshire is over, he’s down an average of 9 with a high of 17

              He’s down 2-6 depending on the poll in North Carolina, and since it was blue in 2008 and the voter id law was struck down by the Supreme Court, it’ll most likely go blue again, since that’s the reason Romney won it in 2012

              He’s down 4 points in Ohio, which is one point worse than Romney did

              He’s down 2 in Nevada, which is 4 points better than Romney did

              He’s down 3-9 in Wisconsin d3pending on the poll

              He’s down 2-6 in Florida depending on the poll

              They’re tied in Iowa

              He’s up 2-4 in Arizona

              He’s up 2-4 in Georgia

              He’s up 2-4 in South Carolina

              He’s only up 6 in Texas

              And he just lost half of his h8spanic advisory board after that speech on Wednesday night. He’s polling at 1% with African Americans, 22% with Latinos (for comparison, Romney got 27%, and that’s before his speech Wednesday night) , he’s down 20-27 with women, 30 with women with a college degree….. There simply aren’t enough white men to offset these numbers.

            5. Oh, and I almost forgot: he’s only getting 74% of republicans… He has to get 90-94% to be competitive, and get 90% turnout if the democrats have their average 68% turnout. Now, if the democrats turnout 70+% which is normal for a presidential year for them, he needs 93% turnout of republicans and 60% of the independents to win by 1 point nationally. If doesn’t do any of that? He’s going to lose, and lose badly. And by extension take the senate and a lot of the house down with him.

            6. Ignoring reality isn’t conducive to any discussion. If the polling data changes, my opinion will change. But if it holds through September 15th, historically, it’s over. Not to mention trump complete lack of a ground game or gotv operation in every swing state, like in pa where he has 2 offices statewide to clintons 38, his one in Florida to clintons 40, 1 in nc to her 36, etc… You can have all the people you want show up at a rally, but that does not correlate in any way to electoral victory. You have to target your voters, make sure they vote, and have a broad base of support across all demographics. None of which he’s doing. The gop isn’t even doing the leg work they need to on his behalf since he hasn’t invested in operations at all.

            7. For all of the ‘disadvantages’ you’ve listed against Trump, isn’t it amazing that the race is still this close? So one of a few things is going on here:

              1. You’re wrong
              2. The polls are wrong
              3. Trump’s game is fooling everyone

              The GOP just picked up its game (news as of today- look it up). New Reuters poll has them in a dead heat- I believe the headline read something like ‘Trump erases the gap…’. And it seems like more and more ‘evidence’ comes out on a daily basis which, in some way, proves Clintons dishonesty, corruption or incompetence. Maybe this is the ‘Voice of reason’ you’re searching for?

            8. I addressed the Reuters poll above. I just looked it u0, the lates Reuters poll from August 25th is as follows (according to real clear politics)

              General election August 25th:
              Clinton: 39
              Trump: 36
              In a two way race:
              Clinton: 42
              Trump: 35

              Looks like you’re not being truthful or getting your information from a place which isn’t being truthful.

              Second, since the country is divided as it is, no national election will be larger than 7-8 points at any given time. Clinton is out performing Obama at this same point now as him meaning all they have to do is hold for another couple of weeks. I specifically mentioned the swing state polls were the importnant ones, and have them listed above. The national race can be 5 points, and it’s still not really close because of the swing states. And no, the gop is not investing in his ground game until they start spending money.

              In 2012, the Romney campaign and his support3rs were making all of the same arguments, i.e. The polls are wrong, there’s a hiding vote, etc.. They were all wrong. You had people like Karl rove and Hannity go on television and say it would be a Romney landslide when he was clearly going to lose. The data says what I indicated, and as I said, if that data changes then my opinion will change. But as it stands right now, there isn’t a path for him to win with the way he’s performing, and all of his paths to victory need him to win Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, Virginia, Colorado, and New Hampshire. Whereas Clinton only has to win one of those states. And Virginia and Colorado are over, and Pennsylvania is also not close. So, he can win every other swing state and still lose the election. State by state polls are what to pay attention to and national polling average is the best indicator, not individual polls. Go to real clear politics and look at the averages and then come back and discuss this with me.

            9. further…
              A brief history of the Democrat party:
              • The Civil War – Jefferson Davis, democrat.
              • Founding of the Ku Klux Klan – democrats.
              • The Federal Reserve/The Federal Income Tax – Woodrow Wilson, democrat.
              • World War I – Woodrow Wilson, democrat.
              • The Great Depression – Franklin Roosevelt, democrat.
              • World War II – Franklin Roosevelt, democrat.
              • The CIA – Harry Truman, democrat.
              • The Korean War – Harry Truman, democrat.
              • The Vietnam War – Lyndon Johnson, democrat
              • La Raza – Founded by democrats.
              ª BLM – Founded by democrats.

              Democrats: The party of tyranny, war, hate and poverty.

          1. You can’t say someone has done something wrong based on your opinion (the problem with most people’s arguments today), only empirical fact. I could say it’s my “opinion” BOB is a serial killer. Maybe it’s true and maybe it isn’t. But it isn’t fact having not been established as such so it’s mere conjecture or a specious conclusion.

            1. I stand by my statement – either it’s fact or it isn’t. Opinion doesn’t really count and too many hubristic people think their opinions = facts. You are just postulating and guessing. Too much of that in politics already. You can load up on either side on that basis. BTW this is a political-free post and I’m not endorsing any candidates. Except to the extent I do think they all stink, I mean, have their faults, and there’s precious little to be proud of in this election to be sure.

            2. I offered my opinion. I presented you with one of the many sites I used to form my opinion. That you want to call my labeled opinion fact is a problem for you, and I hope not many others. See, you need to see what is before your eyes, not what you want to be before your eyes. ( ever seen movies where the wife catches the husband cheating, and the husband says are you going to believe your lying eyes or me. i think i saw that in a movie. could have been a song too. )

              Listen, don’t be mad at me for having a different opinion of donald trump then you. But, don’t be lazy, don’t just back vote for him cause you think you are on the same team, nor because fox told you and rush told you and … It’s completed ok not to like the solution someone proposes. You don’t have to hate the person. Know that all of anything bad about a group is a lie. Realize, unless you are going to get work on working on the wall, trump doesn’t seem interested in you or your concerns. But, hey, elect him president and watch how quickly he continues to blame President Obama for the problems he, trump, can’t solve and creates.

              Take a look at the man in total, he’s an old dog, it’s really hard to teach him any new tricks. Ask yourself, has his life been in service to others or to him. Ask yourself about his opponent, what about her life. You can’t hate the women because Bill cheated on her. That’s silly. Ah CRAZY! Ask which one of these two people, with whatever faults you think they have, will be about making your life better. Hey be selfish in this one act.

              You have heard the stories of how donald cheats small businesses, and how they end up going out of business. Fine. At least look for yourself. You have heard how during the Nixon administration his real estate company was caught breaking the law. Then 3 years later broke the same law doing the same thing. ( that old dog thing ) You have heard about the trump modeling agency bringing models in from other countries on non work visas and having them work. And, under paying them. You know he was an abusive husband, according to his first wife. But listen, you look for yourself. Birds of a feather flock together. So I do understand.

            3. Life is NOT a dress rehearsal, you only get one chance at it.

              Everyone can Kiss everything they ever knew or had goodbye, if Trump becomes the next Great Dictator.

            4. If with Trump, what you see is what you get, then the national defence apparatus is going to be extremely nervous. They will expect him to sweep aside their analyses, and say “bomb them,” as Richard Nixon once did. (Staff ignored Nixon in that case.) Trump clearly sees himself as a man of action, and everyone else as namby-pambies. Therefore, the military joint chiefs of staff will fear he’ll tell them “you’re fired!” They may withhold information from such an inflammatory person, not because they cling to their jobs, but for fear that he will install compliant stooges and yes-men in their places. Military take their professionalism seriously. They might “accidentally” assign him the wrong nuclear codes, just to be on the safe side. Where’s Peter Sellers when you need him?

            5. To Herself:

              Haha srange love indeed, or wishful thinking…the military may indeed knock him down or chain him in a true coup (aka revolution) is someone else from the tens thousands who speculate on it, doesn’t do it first…

          2. It’s amazing that many voters focus on media reports which nearly always focus on “scandalous” behavior because that’s what sells. There’s no excuse for anyone having access to the Internet to take the initiative to research what a candidate’s proposals will be should they win. Trump says he will fix everything all by his lonesome. An extremely egotistical promise with no real examples of how his policies will fix our economy. Having filed for bankruptcy SIX times is not at all someone our country needs to have at the helm of our government. The same goes for researching what Hillary is proposing for our country should she win the election. If you haven’t listened to any speeches by either candidate, you haven’t done due diligence. I’m not sure how the current election cycle has much to do with Apple products beyond the use of a PowerMac G5 as an email server. I’ve administered PowerMac G5 and more recent iterations of Apple computer technology. If they weren’t using Apple’s Server OS, that would be a big no-no. If they were using Apple’s Server OS, I’m surprised that it was hacked into by anyone. I’ve never had anyone hack into those I’ve supported because the university for which I work proactively check for anything that may possibly be insecure. As an administrator dealing with the reports is a pain but worth it in the long run.

      1. At least he tells it like it is and doesn’t give a hoot. Every world out of her mouth is a lie and bull to get a vote, a typical politician. Either way we are screwed because the system in place is terrible, congress and senate control everything and too many people with their hand in the cookie jar and nothing will ever get done. Also to much money being moved around for elections and businesses have buy people and its not right and needs to go away. But in the end, Clinton is a career politician and they all need to go away!

    1. Here’s the thing… the hardware doesn’t make a difference. It’s all in what software she was using. An old 2007 PowerMac may have been using extremely dated software. I’ve gone into more than a few shops and found an old PowerMac running the old AppleShare server or old versions of OS X Server and the mail badly compromised.

      Not only was the mail compromised in most cases the servers were being used as spam engines, just cranking out thousands and thousands of pieces of SPAM per day.

    1. It is hard to take people like you seriously. Are you a doctor? Are you qualified to make such a diagnosis (pathological liar)? You probably use the word “literal” to describe things that are not.

      Do you ever stop to consider that the GOP has focused on Hillary as a target for many years and has a vested interest in inflating any and all perceived misdoings and creating additional ones?

      I am not saying that she is a saint. I am not saying that she has not lied. What I am saying is that the GOP line is necessarily exaggerated to stir up its constituency, spur fundraising, and sow doubt and fear in potential swing voters.

      Do not turn over your brain to the control of the political machine, which preaches the binary viewpoint of “worship this and revile that.” Government and politics are not religion and our problems cannot be solved with soundbites. A wall will not solve our immigration issues, but he makes it sound like it will.

      I will get down voted. I will get flamed. I don’t give a crap. You extremists out there are nuts. You are all far too eager to reinforce the belief structure that you have developed (or allowed to be constructed for you), and you cannot afford to entertain the idea that you might be wrong in any tiny way.

      Those who are unequivocally convinced of their rightness are undoubtedly wrong.

        1. botvinnik, really!—you’d put reasonable people outside the wall along with rapists and drug dealers?! We need more reasonable people on our side of the wall, not fewer. Or were you joking, just because it’s Melvin? In any case, I mentioned you to my friend Miranda. She runs a tequila distillery in Guadalajara, and is willing to give you a private tour and a discount, if only you’d speak to Mr. Trump (I exaggerated your connexion with the man) about relaxing import restrictions and customs duties. No quid pro quo, just people in the know acting friendly-like. She respects Trump as a man with business sense, even if he is a trainwreck on social issues.

          1. “She respects Trump as a man with business sense”

            That’s omly becuase she’s not a New Yorker…New Yorkers have been vomiting Trump Bombast, arrogance and shenanigans for the last 30 years or so and know that he is a Con. He’s trying to peddle his bogus credentials to a guliubile nation that has no time to check the facts, becuase everyone’s too busy trying to stay afloat in the machine…

            Trump never made an honest buck from an honest day work in his life ( let alone pay any taxes) it’s all smoke and mirrors.

            1. Yep. And now that he’s hired David Bosse (who was too much of a con man for Karl Rove to use) has been hired as deputy campaign manager… the bullshit is going to be thick and crazy.

              As breeze said, and I said below: Those of us who have lived in new york know this con man for who he is.

      1. How is it possible if she had a Mac mail server, they where deleted PSTs? PST is a mail archive of Microsoft Exchange mail servers. Last I heard you could only run that on Windows, not a Mac and not a Power PC.

        Lots of confusion.

  1. Please notice the people who initiate political posts on this forum and post photo after photo and link after link to their affiliated organizations. It reeks of desperation. It reeks of groupthink. And it reeks of propaganda.

    Sure, you see some posts mentioning Trump, but they are mostly in response to far right extremist posts. This repeated deluge of predominantly anonymous far right posts tells you something…

    This forum has degraded to near total crap. MDN, you might as well cancel the forums.

    1. Dear Melvin,

      So sad to read your are unhappy.

      If you would like to reverse the degradation of this forum, why not vacate it?

      Your departure will certainly reverse the “reek” you can’t stop sniffing.


    2. MDN, by allowing political trolls to run rampant, is merely taking a laissez-faire approach to internet politics. Allowing them this outlet is a nod to unregulated democracy, not a bad thing in itself. Remember that insults are one of humanity’s finest non-lethal weapons. Allow dissidents an outlet and they are less liable to erupt in revolution—a lesson dictators never seem to learn.

        1. There can be little doubt, the republic is shaking in its boots, just as it seemed to be with Andrew Jackson, another “populist” revolt. Yet the republic survived that insult, partly because of its well-crafted Constitution but also because Jackson was not a nimrod but a hard-bitten soldier and a charismatic, accomplished leader, hardly a complete fool. Trump’s power lies entirely in his huckster’s magical ability to harness the limitless resentments of citizens who feel neglected or cheated. There are plenty of those. If Trump wins, it will only be because the formerly responsible political establishment collapsed in a frenzy of back-biting. American pundits who used to mock European political contests, accusing them of absurdity, need to recuse themselves.

  2. I am not excusing anything related to the email issue, but absent from the discussions of this is that virtually everyone in Washington uses their own email servers – the Dems and Republicans alike, and they have been for years. I have no doubt that they routinely discuss official government business in their avoid-the-FOIA-request discussions, as well as classified material (mostly because our government classifies too much material in general) but we will never know about any of it except in a rare circumstance such as this.

    This trend greatly accelerated after the Cheney energy policy meetings came under scrutiny and the SCOTUS ruled in his favor (with his personal buddy Scalia not recusing himself from the ruling). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cheney_v._United_States_District_Court

    This skirting of FOIA intent will only worsen in the next few years as everyone starts encrypting their private emails. Yes, that may help avoid inadvertent spying/hacking, but showing that anyone is avoiding their obligations will be virtually impossible.

        1. What Colin Powell denied was that he sent an email detailing his advice. He did in fact advise secretary Clinton to use a private email, as he did. And as every Secretary of State did until secretary Kerry. In an hour, I will write another post detailing how I know this, and why this entire thing is ridiculous, and also why anyone who has ever had security clearance doesn’t give two shits about it.

            1. And you think a 2000 mile border wall is actually possible, and that it would actually cause people to stop coming into this country even though immigration is net zero for the last decade.

            2. I’m more than certain I have at least 50 points on you if you think that a wall on the southern border is a feasible thing to accomplish, will cost less than 25 billion dollars, or that your candidate will somehow get rid of 2,000,000 “bad guys” in his “first hour” as president, which is something he said wednesday night.

              Answer me this: how many “special ice officers” would it take to get rid of that many people? How will they “be able to tell just by looking” that we’re not american? When will this hiring take place? How will he make his suits (which are made in mexico) without access to that labor market? How will he prevent people from making a 50 foot ladder to get over a 49 foot wall? or for that matter, is a wall is built, why wouldn’t they just get on a boat and enter thorough louisiana, mississippi, alabama, or florida? Why won’t he built a wall with canada, when there are thousands of illegal canadians coming in every year?

              you’re supporting a silly person who is a fraud, has bankrupted every company he has been in charge of by himself, was born 3 inches from home plate and thinks he hit a home run, and is honestly the only person I know of who went bankrupt running a goddamned casino.

            3. Actually, for those of us who have lived in manhattan and dealt with his companies, he has gone bankrupt 17 times that we know of. And his dad is the one who built the Trump organization which funds everything else he does, and has done. Kind of interesting how you’re ignoring the questions i asked you… I would like answers to those….

            4. Those of us who have lived in Manhattan and have dealt with his businesses know that he has gone bankrupt at least 17 times with businesses that lasted longer than a year, and 400 of those 500 businesses are shell companies.

              Lets run down the list of things that didn’t last a year:
              Trump Steaks
              Trump Vodka
              Trump Ice (now trump water sold internally at his golf courses)
              Trump Magazine
              Trump Mortgage
              Trump Financial
              Trump Airlines
              Trump the game
              Trump University (which he’s still being sued for)
              GoTrump (a travel website)
              The apprentice board game
              Trump Tower Chicago….
              and the list goes on and on….

              all he’s capable of doing is licensing his name and lying to people.

            5. Still ignoring what I asked I see….

              lets continue the list of Trump Failures:

              The New Jersey Generals (and by extension the USFL because he couldn’t be patient, and sued the NFL winning $1 and destroying the entire league)

              Tour De Trump
              Trump on the Ocean
              The Trump Network (another thing he’s still being sued for)
              Trumped! (radio network)
              Trump New Media

            6. Like “breeze” also said above:

              That’s only becuase she’s not a New Yorker…New Yorkers have been vomiting Trump Bombast, arrogance and shenanigans for the last 30 years or so and know that he is a Con. He’s trying to peddle his bogus credentials to a guliubile nation that has no time to check the facts, becuase everyone’s too busy trying to stay afloat in the machine…

              Trump is a crook.

            7. it’s kind of amazing how you have to resort to articles on a right wing website that parses a ny times article to distribute their message(even though you think the ny times is the devil… funny how you like it when it kind of agrees with you….). Secretary powell DID use a private email, as did secretary Rice and Albright. He did not use a private server, and thats the sticking point. however, there were no guidelines in the state department regarding this, and the federal records act didn’t address this until 2012, AFTER she was out of office.

              Now, as to how i know about security clearance… After I left fox news, and before i started my business, I did network installations for the government. Most places I worked for have letters as their names, and most people who worked for them at the time did not understand how to archive email properly, and did not understand how to read the headers and footers. I have myself, on at least 18 occasions accidentally forwarded classified information to people who weren’t cleared to have it. But, I had not intention of doing so. There are, at minimum, 80 CURRENT members of congress who have done the same thing… and 9 members of the “benghazi” committee who have done so as well.

              You can believe whatever you want, and if you want to believe a cartoon villain version of a 68 year old woman who has worked for 40 years to try to help people? you can do that. But, you’re incorrect. Secretary Clinton has an exceedingly good professional reputation, even amongst republican law makers. She is not the devil, she is not a criminal, she is not the anti christ, and fundamentally she is a good person. This “merkel” thing i don’t understand, because she has done a good job running Germany… If we end up with as much clean energy as they have we’ll be in good shape.

              I understand that having a woman be in charge frightens you and your ilk, and that brown people scare you, and you feel that no brown person or woman should ever run this country… and if you are really that insecure then maybe you should go somewhere that is more homogeneous like Norway, except that they have queens from time to time.

            8. Oh good for you! You can change the subject! Yay you passed 4th grade.

              Amazing how polls aren’t valid when you’re losing but valid when you’re winning… do you understand what hypocrisy is?

            9. I just looked it u0, the lates Reuters poll from August 25th is as follows (according to real clear politics)

              General election August 25th:
              Clinton: 39
              Trump: 36
              In a two way race:
              Clinton: 42
              Trump: 35

              Looks like you’re not being truthful or getting your information from a place which isn’t being truthful

            10. Reuters, their story says Trump by one, but on Real Clear Politics it says Reuters at Merkel by one…so hell, I dunno.

              “(Reuters) – Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has pulled into an effective tie with Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, erasing a substantial deficit as he consolidated support among his party’s likely voters in recent weeks, according to the latest Reuters/Ipsos national tracking poll released Friday.

              The poll showed 40 percent of likely voters supporting Trump and 39 percent backing Clinton for the week of Aug. 26 to Sept. 1. Clinton’s support has dropped steadily in the weekly tracking poll since Aug. 25, eliminating what had been a eight-point lead for her.”


            11. This post crosses so many lines…. Are you for real?

              Ok, I’ll bite: “cartoon villain version of a 68 year old woman who has worked for 40 years to try to help people?”

              Seriously? What has she done?

              She completely bungled the offering of Hillarycare, and in the process gave the entire healthcare industry up for adoption by the HMO’s- which very nearly sank the system. Of course, her and Bill made loads of cash off of the deal, all while making incredibly naive (maybe intentional) statements like, ‘doctors make too much money- that’s why we’re doing this’.

              Was a complete failure as senator AND Sec. of State- handed over Egypt to the Muslim Brotherhood; do we need to talk about Benghazi???? Lied to a mother of a dead son about the reasons for his death, on the day of his funeral??????

              Syria- what about that line in the sand? Who are we supporting?

              Iran deal. ‘nuf said

              Dealing with Russia lately? yeah, no.

              And a page out of the Obama ‘Blame Bush’ book: ‘Colin Powell told me to do it’. Nice…

              The list goes on and on and on. One failure after the next. And you’ll harp about Trump’s supposed failure as a busniess man, while according to your own stats, has a ‘failure rate’ of around 1%. I suspect any businessperson would take that failure rate, including yourself???

            12. How could I forget, the Clinton family business: The Clinton Foundation.

              Should we go into Hillary’s ‘successes’ as a business woman? Sure, she helped a lot of people through the foundation, especially if they were willing to pay a bunch of money.

            13. Ok, you need to stop getting your news from people who have spent 25 years trying to demonize the clintons. Let’s go down your list:

              1. ‘Hillary care’ was an attempt at universal coverage, it was defeated in congress by the republicans, the newt Gingrich led republicans. Richard Nixon created the hmo industry when he tried to reform healthcare, and the current aca is the Heritage foundation plan that was endorsed by Bob dole in 1993, and was the counter argument to Hillary care.

              2. The Iran deal is a good thing, because they no longer can get a nuclear weapon and we will be able to sell our products there going forward, like Apple now does with iPhones. If you really want to talk about bad Iran dealings, then maybe look at what Reagan did there that people went to prison for?

              3. Hillary Clinton spent her early 20’s as attorney for the children’s defense fund undercover in Alabama, to expose illegal segregation. She sued the Nixon administration, and forced them to out Alabama under watch. If you want to know why roger ailes hates her, this is why. He was nixons communications director the time, and she made him look stupid. While she was First Lady of Arkansas she created the pre k program, and children’s health coverage that the state still enjoys today. While First Lady of the United States she created s-chip which covers millions of children nation wide. While senator of New York she was able to bring high tech manufacturing to the state i.e. Intels current fab facility in the state. She was also elected twice by very wide margins, and if people really hate her in that state why is that? Yes 200,000 jobs did leave New York during her time as senator, but New York also gained 790,000 in same period, so a net positive of 500,000… That’s a good number considering the massive recession and near depression we went through from the end of 2007-2009.

              4. Neither president Clinton, nor secretary clinton has ever drawn any salary from the Clinton foundation at all. Also, the foundation has helped 11 million children receive AIDS medication and shouldn’t be a,I’ve today without their help. All former presidents have foundations, and they all operate the same way, yet this one is different?

              5. Benghazi. How many of our embassies were attacked while W was president? 31. How many people died in those attacks? Hundreds. Did congress blame Colin Powell? Did they investigate him 10 times even though every single investigation turned up nothing? The “lying to a mother” you’re referring to, is the woman who has been speaking only to right wing media for the last 5 years, her loss is tragic and horrible, but every time someone questions her to see the “yellow legal pad” she and her husband had with them on the day that they say they wrote everything down on, they cannot produce it, and t]change the subject. There is no proof that secretary Clinton lied to them. None. For the first 6 days after that attack there wasn’t a clear cause and the situation was fluid, it wasn’t until months later that the full story was able to be constructed…. Just like every tragic situation ever. There are still people that think 9/11 was inside job for god sakes, and that’s ridiculous, and yet those beliefs remain.

              5. If you actually read my list of trump failures, 1% is completely incorrect. First 400 of those 500 companies are shell companies, meaning they have no employees and exist only on paper. I listed 18 businesses that failed, and there are 11 more. Then, his only public companies have gone bankrupt, 4 times in those cases. With one company going bankrupt twice after reorganization. So, 18+11+4= 33. 33 out of 100 actual businesses is 33% failure rate, not 1%. Secondly let’s talk about dealings with Russia… Mr trump refuses to release his taxes, which everyone does, and according to the New York Times, Washington post, and two new investigative books, he owes at least 650-950 million dollars to Goldman Sachs and the bank of China, with somewhere in the same amount owed to Russian interests. His resigned campaign manager, Paul mana fort, worked for victor yanakovich for almost a decade and was paid 12.5 million dollars that the Ukraine could find off the books. He also neglected to report that income to the irs and the FEC, and is in serious trouble. Trumps people also got pro Russia language into the gop platform. Now, if he actually released his returns, we’d be able to know all of this, but it’s highly likely that he pays no income tax, and reports an income of less than 500,000.00 annually since he receives the star exemption in New York State. And if he has a sub chapter s corporation (which the trump organization is) the valuation and debt of the company would be revealed on those forms…

              My list of information here isn’t complete, but has the added benefit of actually being true, not that it seems to matter to people who listen to media sources like Alex jones and the like.

            14. Oh, and blaming bush? That’s legitimate. It’s going to take 2 decades to reverse the damage that administration did economically, and globally by starting a war with a country that had nothing to do with attacking us. And before you say “trumps been against it from the beginning” that’s false. In the earliest. Interview with Howard Stern in 2002 he was for it. Full stop. The esquire article he references is from 2004, after everyone realized it was a mistake. Yes then senator Clinton voted for it, as did almost everyone in congress who wasn’t in a safe seat, or the senator from the state that was attacked and at the time (if you remember) over 50% of the public believed that Iraq attacked us on 9/11… There was a lot of conflation back then done by saber rattling media sources and administration officials when that vote took place in 2002. And the vote was NOT to invade the country…. It was to authorize force as a last resort, but the bush administration didn’t use it that way. You can’t hold senators and congress people responsible for the actions of an administration with regards to unilateral decisions like running a war. I didn’t blame anyone then, and don’t blame anyone now. The intelligence was bad, and was manipulated to get a desired result. People were afraid. It will take decades to repair our image after this whole mess. And in that regard, the rest of the world has a 77% favorable opinion of both president Obama, secretary Clinton, and president Clinton. Seriously, go tot any other nation and they love these people. This country is the only place where 40% of our public has been conditioned to hate them.

            15. Nobody voted to go to war with Iraq since there was no vote to go to war with Iraq. The vote authorized the President to attack Iraq IF Iraq obstructed the UN team from going where they wanted to go in hunting for WMD. Since Iraq did not obstruct the team, Bush violated the law in attacking Iraq and killing 4300 soldiers. That is why his admimistration had to make up lies by an Iraqi conman to fool Colin Powell. The Germans warned the Administration that this conman was not credible. But of course there was too much money for Cheney’s Haliburton, $billions.

  3. The most laughable thing is that the Clinton apologists say she did not do this to avoid public record laws. This is a woman who copyrighted her speeches on Wall Street so she could keep them off the front pages.
    I an no Trimp supporter, but Crooked Hillary fits like a glove.

      1. I have never voted for a Clinton and have no intention of voting for Hillary.
        However, I will not vote for Trump by default.
        The blood will not be on my hands whomever is elected.
        BTW- you won’t be getting your wall.

    1. @DavGreg

      What ‘public record laws’ are you talking about’?

      And while you are trying to find them, you should learn more about ‘paid speeches/copyright laws’

      Perhaps this will give you a head start:

      “…standard confidentiality agreements for corporate speeches.”*

      CONFIDENTIALITY: The parties agree to hold in confidence and not possess, use or disclose any Proprietary Information as it relates to Speaker’s honorarium fee and/or specific deal points, of this agreement.

      CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY INFORMATION: Speaker and Speaker’s employees, agents, or representatives shall not, at any time or in any manner, either directly or indirectly, use for personal benefit, divulge, disclose, or communicate in any manner any information that is proprietary to or that should reasonably be considered to be confidential by producer of event and its employees, members or agents. Speaker and Speaker’s representatives will protect such information and treat it as strictly confidential. This provision shall survive any termination or expiration of this Agreement. Any intellectual property owned by Speaker belongs exclusively to Speaker.”

      * http://lawnewz.com/uncategorized/why-we-will-likely-never-know-much-about-hillary-clintons-paid-wall-street-speeches/

  4. Let us never forget that social control is the goal. Thought control, as articulated in Orwell’s 1984, would be ideal for the overlord fuckers that want to control us, but they have learnt many subtle variants of newspeak that bypass our desire for privacy, independence, and individual agency. We are increasingly subject to psychological control through cascades of planted stories in the media. Beware of what you read, even though it seems agreeable! It will come to define you whether you like it or not.

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