Cramer: Here’s why I don’t say ‘sell, sell, sell Apple’

“On Scott Wapner’s Halftime Report and in RealMoney I mentioned that Action Alerts PLUS charity portfolio holding Apple had the worst chart in the book, a real rollover pattern, but that I wouldn’t try to trade it,” Jim Cramer writes for Yahoo Finance. “A hideous chart is not enough to make me want to sell the inexpensive shares of a company that makes products I love.”

“How can I not turn on the stock of Apple if I think the chart is bad? Isn’t it stocks, not companies, that I opine on? If I think the chart is bad, why not just say sell, sell, sell?” Cramer writes. “Given that you have both a European Union tax bill — one that I think is outrageously unfair, but who cares what I think — and you have an iPhone 7 launch that does sound totally uninspiring unless you have a cracked screen, the chart is ominous… I can see a pullback after any run of this dimension. But as long as the product is the best and the service stream continues to bulk up, it is difficult to say the best days of Apple are behind it and then count the company out.”

“As big as $13 billion might be, it is not that big for a company with more than $200 billion in cash. What happens after the ho-hum 7 comes out, which is about as ho-hum as anyone has ever predicted? What if Apple, instead of endlessly buying back stock, takes me up on my idea of bolstering its service stream by buying Sirius XM? What if the iPhone has something, anything, that we haven’t seen? What if there’s other news no one has thought of?” Cramer writes. “So my take is this: if you want to trade it, be my guest. The chart says sell. But the company? Bigger than the chart. Worth owning, not trading.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If Cramer can’t time it, own it, don’t trade it.


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