Irish residents opposed to EU’s tax demand of Apple

“Across Cork, [Ireland] — where Apple has its European headquarters — residents appear strongly in favor of letting the company off its massive 13 billion euro ($14.5 billion) tax demand from the EU,” Hazel Pfeifer reports for CNN. “The Irish government will decide Friday whether to appeal a ruling from the European Commission that requires it to collect back taxes from Apple.”

“The technology giant employs almost 5,000 locals in a city with a population of about 125,000. And its presence since 1980 has attracted other large multinationals like Pfizer and EMC,” Pfeifer reports. “There is a strong sense that the city owes its success to the company. People feel they’ve benefited directly from foreign investment, and are worried about anything that puts it at risk.”

“Pat O’Connell, a Cork fishmonger who has been in business in the area since 1963, said Apple has been crucial to the development of the city over the past 35 years. ‘From an Irishman’s point of view and from a Cork man’s point of view, Apple are very much part of Cork,'” Pfeifer reports. “Claire Nash, a restaurant owner, said she didn’t like the EU meddling. ‘Why should anyone dictate our tax affairs? I think it’s preposterous the EU would do it.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Listen to the citizens of Ireland, EU!

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  1. Our own IRS often does this sort of retroactive rule changes when they decide they made a mistake years ago. It’s no different than a company selling you an ounce of gold for $270 in the year 2000, and then deciding in 2015 that, HEY! gold is really worth $1070 per ounce. We sold it to you too cheaply, and you now owe $800 for every ounce we sold you in 2000.

    EU and IRS: Want to change the tax rules? Go ahead and move forward. Stop pulling these retroactive changes that amount to nothing more that a cash grab.

    1. You have some specific back up for your claim the IRS changed a law or went back beyond the statue of limitations to get someone? Do you know the difference between criminal tax fraud and a rule interpretation? I am no fan of government or the IRS but you don’t know too much about this andvare dead wrong.

      1. Several years back (under Clinton), there was a retroactive tax increase to the beginning of the current tax year. I don’t remember the exact year, but I DO remember that it really messed up my tax planning for that year, and I just barely avoided having to pay some underpayment penalties on my quartely taxes because of it.

        Everyone else thought I was crazy when I mentioned that the Constitution forbids ex post facto laws, but it’s an opinion I still hold.

      2. Uh, no. I saw them take 2 million from my mother. They decided in the early 90s that an investment that was IRS approved in the 1970s was no longer approved. And in fact, all the investors had to pay back taxes plus years of penalties and interest. My mother was a Oklahoma dust bowl refugee during the Great Depression. She was extremely conservative with her savings and had this investment vetted by multiple CPAs and tax advisors. It was rock solid for a good 15 years, until the IRS decided that it wasn’t–retroactively. Losing that money almost killed my mother who worked so hard for it. So, why do you ask me if I have some specific back up (which I do) and yet go on to tell me I don’t know much and that I am dead wrong? You think that an institution that has the power to take your money and take your liberty will not sometimes overstep its authority? It happens every day.

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