Apple Watch drops below $200 in the US as Apple Watch 2 looms

“Apple Watch prices have been in a relative freefall in recent months with the oft-rumored upgrade expected in the coming weeks,” Seth Weintraub reports for 9to5Mac.

“A launch alongside the iPhone 7 next month seems obvious,” Weintraub reports. “Apple, therefore, is likely in a hurry to clear current inventory (indeed shortages are already being seen) ahead of the launch and that takes the form of a $199 price tag on the base model Apple Watch Sport 38mm Space Gray Aluminum Case.”

“A new Apple Watch hit the $199.oo price point last night at Best Buy, marking a new milestone in the pricing,” Weintraub reports. “Apple and other retailers almost always price match (but it is easiest to get at online at Best Buy’s ebay storefront)… so effectively the price of the Apple Watch now starts at $199 at retail in the US.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Get ’em while you can!


  1. The premium price should have been 200 dollars. The premium wrist ban price should have been 20 dollars.

    A reasonable price for the watch would be $129.99 and 5 to 10 dollars for those 4 cents to make wrist bans.

    Even though Steve didn’t hit a home run with every product released, while he was CEO, he did learn when to move on. Until the watch looks something like
    or/and better Apple should just keep it in-house.

        1. I’m one of those people that bought my Apple Watch on Day 1 and has worn it everyday since. I wouldn’t strap that Nike Fuelband wannabe concept on my wrist EVER!

          I don’t want something that looks like a toy, I want something that looks like a nice watch and does stuff like my iPhone/iPad … oh that’s right, I already have that, it’s called an Apple Watch.

  2. Owning the latest iPhone that I absolutely love, can do everything better than blowing another $200 on an Apple Watch forcing me to carry TWO Apple devices everywhere.

    And I don’t have to charge my iPhone everyday.

    That said, whatever floats your boat, folks. 😊

      1. Apple owner since 1982. Apple Watch does not interest me and I’ve been to the local Apple Store to check it out. Be careful with your instant insults, young Skywalker. 🌎🌞⭐️

        1. If you’re going to have an honest opinion you’ll at least buy one and return it within two weeks. Playing with it at the store is absolutely meaningless to judge its value.

          1. I’ve read tons of reviews and everything I could find on Apple’s website regarding watch features, etc.

            The IT head of my employer and others in the office have AWs and had many detailed conversations.

            My point is I am informed and simply don’t want one.

            To each his own, young Skywalker. 🌎

  3. Be had my Apple Watch for roughly 9 months and have been quite happy with it. I’ve also been walking around with watch OS 3 on for about 2 months and see some really nice improvements headed our way. My phone almost never comes out of my pocket while my watch is used regularly throughout the day is almost never lower than 55% battery at bed time even with the beta running on it. Before the Apple Watch, I was using a Fitbit HR, and was fairly happy with it but wished it could do many of the things the AW does. For me, a great upgrade and money well spent, but your mileage may vary.

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