Apple’s 2017 iPhone will feature the radical redesign we’ve been waiting for

“Apple’s 2017 iPhone is shaping up to be an incredibly intriguing device,” Yoni Heisler writes for BGR. “Echoing previous speculation from the rumor mill, a new report from Bloomberg relays that the iPhone 8 (Apple may skip the iPhone 7s nomenclature) will not ship with a mechanical home button.”

“Previous sources have indicated that the home button on the iPhone 8 will be integrated into the display itself, will sit flush with the display, and will rest atop of a series of touch-sensitive sensors that will vibrate when pressed,” Heisler writes. “In turn, the vibration will give users the illusion and sensation that the button can be depressed when it is, in fact, completely stationary… (Apple has already implemented a similar scheme on the trackpads used on its line of MacBooks).”

“Apple of course isn’t getting rid of the iPhone’s tried and true home button for no good reason. Reports of an embedded home button dovetail nicely with previous claims that the iPhone 8 will feature an edge to edge display,” Heisler writes. “What’s more, there are also rumblings that Apple with the iPhone 8 will introduce a third iPhone model with a curved OLED display. At this point, though, it remains unclear if every iPhone 8 model will be graced with an edgeless display or if it will be a feature reserved solely for what will presumably be a Pro model.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The design goal at Apple has always been to shed as many mechanical buttons as possible and, for iPhone and iPad, to make the device all about the display. A thin, light, and very strong (ultimate tensile strength) device that’s “all display” with integrated Home/Touch ID button and FaceTime camera is the Holy Grail of iPhones.


    1. Yes, of course, since 2007, iPhone look like Samsung, right ? And iOS look like Android, right ? Unfortunately, Samsung didn’t develop nor create Android. Sad… In fact, in the smartphone business, what did really Samsung invent beside “being the first to copy” business model ?

  1. The challenge in getting rid of the home button is to prevent false triggering while still allowing some operation with light gloves or very dry fingertips. I butt-dial enough as it is.

    1. Hmm, I didn’t know this is what I’ve been waiting for. I thought I really wanted a liquid metal phone with a screen that time works well in direct sunlight?

      1. Gimmick yes. Of course. For those like you who blindly believe in rumours. Apple was supposed to produce a TV. An iPhone with a physical keyboard. A cheap iPhone. A netbook. And god only knows how many other things, according to rumours. Yours is just FUD.

  2. … No home button…
    So how is the fingerprint reader supposed to work? New tech? Or will it be separate from the home button? And what would be the point of that?

    …a curved OLED display…
    The benefit of which is what exactly? Gee Whiz factor?

    Concept: More battery space = more battery life. Imagine that innovation. (o_0)

  3. – I am NOT waiting for a radical redesign.
    I like the models since 6 best, 3 was super cool for what it was and for that time, I used the 4- 5ers I had but didn’t like the bread box design at all except for the glass back.
    Ever since 6 it’s looking just right and like a phone, kinda like the original iPhones.
    I am just fine, thank you.

  4. BGR is a total and complete dump tech site that wouldn’t know the truth if it dropped a load in its mouth. Anyone who takes anything they say seriously is insane. They just repeat rumors they heard in the stall next to one of them while they were dropping a load.

  5. Kinda sad how it has to look different externally to be a “real” upgrade. His Steveness once said the MacBook Pro design was the best they could do, “we don’t know how to get it any better”.

  6. Interesting…out of over 1000 votes on the Tim Cook poll, only 151 are for “poor” or “failing”. That gives the lie to the very vocal “Fire Tim Cook” idiots on this forum. Chew on than, arseholes.

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