Apple set to create 1,000 more jobs in Cork, bringing workforce in Ireland to 6,000

The Irish Independent has today reported that Apple has received planning permission for an expansion at its European Head Quarters in Cork that is to deliver 1,000 jobs,” Robert McHugh reports for Business World.

“The plan by the iPhone maker comprises a four-storey office block and a 752-space car park that is planned to accommodate the additional 1,000 employees,” McHugh reports. “The move will bring Apple’s workforce in Cork to 6,000 and in documents lodged with Cork City Council, Apple stated that the proposed new office space will enable Apple to expand its workforce at the Hollyhill site while also supporting its economic development objectives.”

“The construction period is five months,” McHugh reports. “Apple has confirmed that the construction phase will employ 200 workers.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple CEO Tim Cook said last November that Apple was in Ireland for the long haul and expected to expand significantly in the future. Apple has become an important employer in Ireland and is also partnered with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland to support research in offshore energy technology.


    1. Why would Apple hire US workers for its European operations? The offshore cash was earned offshore. To continue making those foreign profits, Apple needs to hire people who can function at peak efficiency in that environment. It is easier to find those workers in an open labor market like the Eurozone than to hire expats from the US. Hiring additional workers in Europe is a good sign for the company, not a bad one.

    2. I believe part of what Bo is pointing out is that if there is no need for Apple to continue its off shore subsidiary in Ireland, then at least some of the functionality of the subsidiary would move to the USA. Also, with Apple having their foreign made profits in-hand in the USA, they will obviously spend that money in the USA, which could in part translate into hiring new employees within the USA versus having to spend that money outside the USA for those same employee skills.

      In any case, with more money within the USA to feed into the economic system, the result is a more vibrant economic system. It would benefit the USA. I continue to contend as well that having that money in the USA will also result in higher tax income for the US government. It is potentially Win-Win if my US government wises up about encouraging foreign made profits to enter the USA, rather than their current stupid incentive to keep it OUT of the USA.

  1. Well I remember the skies of County Cork, mutton-coloured one day but clear the next, myself skipping along a cow path with an eggbasket and a huffing dog. I’m sure it’s very like that today, even with four-storey buildings at the skyline. Apple is its people wherever their shingle goes up… They are staying in Ireland, stubborn to the last even as the EU tries to loot their coffers.

    Apple is newly investing in several countries… I presume Mother India also qualifies for inclusion in the free and civilised world, but I always check with you about that, you know.

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