Apple’s new MacBook Pro to boast most blazing USB yet

“Entire system backups that happen in seconds. Crazy powerful external graphics cards,” Mark Spoonauer writes for LAPTOP. “USB 3.1 Gen 2 is super fast, which could open up all sorts of possibilities when the tech comes to the totally new MacBook Pro.”

“According to 9to5Mac, the beta of macOS Sierra provides clues that upcoming Macs will support USB 3.1 Gen 2, which has a rated speed of 10 Gbps. That’s twice as fast as the current Gen 1 standard,” Spoonauer writes. “It gets a little confusing, but those blazing speeds could come through a USB-C port that supports not just USB 3.1 Gen 2 but also Thunderbolt 3, which offers even faster 40 Gbps connectivity. So a single port could output video to a 4K or 5K display while also delivering power and data.”

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“Text strings from macOS Sierra show that Apple plans to support USB 3.1 Gen 2 from a software perspective,” Jeff Benjamin reports for 9to5Mac. “Since there are no current Macs that support USB 3.1 Gen 2 hardware-wise, this indicates that new Mac hardware may likely ship with updated USB components that support faster throughput speeds.”

Benjamin reports, “f you’ve ever tried to use an external display with the current-generation MacBook, or even USB-C peripherals, then you’ll quickly appreciate how much of an improvement that such changes would make possible.”

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MacDailyNews Take: This new MacBook Pro is going to sorely tempt us into carrying portable Macs that are heavier than the lightest available. We haven’t done that since the 11-inch MacBook Air arrived.


    1. My 2006 iMac and 2005 G5 Mac Pro just died but they were being used for marginal purposes anyway. I am left with a 2014 fully loaded MBP and 2007 Mac Pro (waiting on a real Mac Pro from Apple, or *sigh* Mackintosh or PC Workstation). A new pro-approved Mac Pro for me can’t come soon enough either.

    2. Is the entire video card gone, Backlash? You might want to check your external MDP connection. For the past couple of years I have been using an iMac with an external monitor that a family member was going to toss because of a loss of video.

      1. It’s a 2011 iMac, known for the video card being shit.
        I’ve already had it replaced by Apple for free under the recall, it’s doing the same thing it did before sadly.

        My last thought is to make another appointment with the Genius Bar and hope they will replace it a 2nd time… Which will only get me by until the new MBP.
        I’ll try your thought tonight.

        Tired of having both the 13″MBP and the iMac… And forgetting something at home, and have little to no internet access to pull it to the MBP. Going to consolidate down to just the 15mbp and run an external 4K monitor at home.

      2. Wow…..
        Plugged in the adapter, no dice.
        Rebooted (tried) to go safe mode, recovery mode.. Anything. Nothing.

        Rebooted and at login screen I entered password… After a few minutes the 2nd monitor came on and I could start to see my desktop!!!
        Every time I entered password before, it would start to load and then the screen would display the famous pink stripes and the iMac would eventually reboot.

        So far no video issues, started a FULL time machine backup and now specifically backing up stuff I really need (outside of time machine just in case)

        No crashes.. Neither display is going haywire.

        Until you mentioned connecting a 2nd display, it never even crossed my mind. A *HUGE* thank you!

        I’m sure this won’t last, so I’m not getting my hopes up. At least I can get everything I really need backed up externally and ready for a new MBP.

        Again, THANK YOU! I’ve done everything else with no luck. Never would have thought to try a 2nd monitor.. It took 4-5 reboots but it’s “up and running” right now. (Crossing fingers it will last, at least until every possible thing is backed up)

  1. Apple: Just because the physical USB-C connector can technically support data transfers via USB 3.1-2 or Thunderbolt 2/3 DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU SHOULD INSTALL ONE AND ONLY ONE PORT. A MacBook Pro needs at least 3 (external drive, accessory input, and display). Preferably 5.

  2. apple… finally keeping up with the jones (every other laptop and computer manufacturer that released USB 3.1gen2 and Thunderbolt 3 months and months ago…..)

    so weird.. apple is usually the first to adopt new tech..
    this time they are dead last.

    1. Considering they ℅ created thunderbolt I don’t think they’re last about anything. Most of the companies that have included a thunderbolt 3 port include it along with standard usb 3 type a ports. I think Apple has been custom designing boards for the new systems and it’s taking longer than they anticipated to do that. I maintain that there is a massive top to bottom refresh coming this fall.

      1. nope.
        they put the first usb c port, but its still only USB 3.0.
        (which 3.1gen1 is a rebrand of 3.0)

        Dell, Google, HP, Razer etc, and multiple Motherboard manufacturers have had full spec TB3 and Gen2 for quite a while now.

        Apple is probably waiting for Kaby Lake, which includes the Alpine Ridge controller on the chip. so there won’t be a need for a second chipset. Like Skylake. But that means new macbook in 2017.

        1. You need to read my comment more closely… I specifically said they deployed the USB-C standard first. Which they did. As far as the other stuff goes, that’s kind of irrelevant. And tB 2 is fast enough for graphics cards and high speed storage, but since it uses mini display port, which apple charges a royalty for, most PC makers did not adopt it.

      1. …and TB2 is not sufficient to support high-GPU needs. And USB3.1g2 is half the speed.

        Doesn’t look like USB is likely to compete in the bandwidth market against TB anytime soon. They should stick to affordable plug-and-play, low-bandwidth peripherals — printers, keyboards, mice, tablets.


      2. NAB2016 was an all windows show. because Mac could support all the new TB3 based hardware already released in the Pro Broadcast and Film market.

        Bye Bye Pro Market.

    2. Apple Computer was ahead of the curve.

      Apple, Inc. is always late-to-market. To paraphrase Apple Computer, “Cupertino, start your copiers.”

      Also this article is silly. At 10Gbps USB3.1g2, while the fastest USB spec to date, is still slower that even TB2, let alone TB3. 1.25GB/sec does not come close to providing system backup times measured in seconds.

  3. Sorry for the cynical note, but the upcoming “super-fast” USB port will provide throughput equivalent to older Thunderbolt. If Apple was releasing this technology, people would be bashing them and declaring the end of innovation as we know it!

    Besides, it is still USB with all of its issues and limitations. USB is the VHS of external computer data connections.

    1. Agreed! And with PC Apologist’s reply above about USB should be relegated to the work of low-bandwidth peripherals. Apple should instead be pushing for faster Thunderbolt, where it really matters in the first place. (I know, they are, but why care about “keeping up with the USB-using Joneses”?)

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