Apple Music complicating Spotify’s attempt to contract with all three major music labels

“Spotify is out of contract with all three major music companies, MBW has learned, with a dispute over revenue splits bringing disharmony to negotiations. The Swedish streaming company has been out of a long-term deal with Universal Music Group for more than a year, say our sources,” Music Business World wide reports. “Its contract with Warner Music Group expired in early 2016, while its licensing agreement with Sony Music Entertainment ran out of juice a few months ago.”

“Spotify continues to be licensed by all three majors on a rolling month-by-month basis, and the possibility of UMG, Sony or Warner catalogues being pulled is widely regarded as out of the question. The majors, have, however, gnashed their teeth a little over Spotify’s recent promotional deals – not least its new family plan, which matches Apple Music’s equivalent by offering up to six people premium access for just $14.99 per month,” MBW reports. “Some parties within Universal, Sony and Warner are believed to be uneasy about Spotify’s decision to announce such promotions without any long-term licensing agreements in place.”

“One powerful rights-holder, who works outside the major label world, recently told us: ‘If Spotify just windowed every new album for two weeks on premium, one rule for everybody, 90% of their problems would go away,'” MBW reports. “However, a senior major label figure told us today that the majors weren’t necessarily all dead-set on Spotify making hard-and-fast rules on windowing. ‘Spotify’s free tier is one of its only real effective advantages over tech giants with masses of resources,’ they told us. ‘We all understand that – and the last place most of us want streaming to end up is a straight fight between Apple and Google.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Why does Spotify get favorable advantages (lower rates, free ad-supported tiers) because the labels don’t want Apple or Google to win in streaming? Sounds like collusion to us.

Musicians and the music industry undermine themselves by allowing their music to be streamed by “free,” ad-supported outfits.MacDailyNews, December 17, 2015

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  1. I’m sorry, but Apple Music was a Microsoftian attempt to co-opt another company’s general idea, implement it poorly, and then muscle their way into marketshare relevance.

    And they succeeded apparently.

    1. Or you could say that Spotify shouldn’t be able to stream other people’s music for a pittance and Apple is trying to pay the artists a fair wage for streaming.

      (BTW, your key word is “general idea.” It has been around for a decade, and no one has figured out how to make a viable business out of it yet. Spotify and Pandora are being completely subsidized by the record labels, allowing them to offer their cheap or no-cost levels of service.)

      But I’m still baffled why the record companies still allow third parties to sell their music in the internet age. Since they removed DRM, why don’t they set up their own Web-Music-Shops and sell their own music and maximize their profits. They really don’t need Apple or anyone else.

      Ditto for the streaming.

  2. Looking forward to seeing what amazon brings to the table this fall with their anticipated music streaming service. Apple Music lacks a good design. It’s increasingly obvious Steve Jobs or someone like him isn’t overseeing things anymore.

  3. Apple Music is an absolute abysmal music service. The interface and functionality is so god damn awful even Microsoft would be embarrassed to have laid this turd.

    I hold Tim Cook personally responsible for how awful Apple Music is. He should be (but isn’t) ashamed of himself.

  4. Sounds like collusion to us. No, mdn, no,,,
    No its trying to keep the greedy monsters at the top from controlling everything and calling all the shots. Apple is getting too intrusive in my life it used to be a good tool for me to do business and be crative. Now i feel Apple wants to control everything extracting as much cash as possible while forcing social ideas down my throat. Industry should never control thought or force social adgenda or be political. The world could be better serced if it was less so.
    Collusion no, we need more competittion less Apple big brother.

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