Speed Shootout: Apple’s year-old iPhone 6s destroys Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7

“It was inevitable that Samsung’s latest 2016-released Galaxy Note 7 was going to be compared with Apple’s 2015 iPhone 6s range,” Paul Morris reports for Redmond Pie.

“Has Samsung made enough changes in the underlying hardware and software to allow the Note 7 to compete on-par with other devices on the market?” Morris reports. “We find out in this video which pits the Note 7 against the iPhone 6s in a head-to-head real-world speed test.”

“We would have much preferred to see the Galaxy Note 7 compared against Apple’s iPhone 6s Plus, as that is the Apple device that would most likely compete with Samsung’s latest flagship,” Morris reports, “but even with the 4.7-inch iPhone 6s, we can get a good understanding of how Samsung’s latest hardware and software combination compares to a device that’s pushing close to its twelve month anniversary, and in all honesty, the results don’t speak overly highly of the product that Samsung has built.”

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MacDailyNews Take: (smirk)

If it’s not an iPhone, it’s a slow piece of crap.

The facts are that Samsung cannot compete with Apple’s A-series processor designs and they’re saddled with an inefficient third-party operating system. No matter how many cores and extra RAM Samsung throws at the problem, they simply cannot compete. It’s a lose-lose proposition for Samsung as it costs them more, they make less, and even old iPhones still blow away their newest crap!

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  1. Interesting, because the prior generation Geekbench 3 benchmark results show:

    Galaxy S6 edge: 4490
    iPhone 6S Plus:4341
    Galaxy Note 5: 4261


    I suspect that objective comparison by rational people (as opposed to fanboys on each side) would yield no significant difference in productivity in the real world.

    Meanwhile, Apple has lost complete bragging rights for the Mac. WHEN ARE NEW MACS COMING????????????????

    1. I wouldn’t trust Samsung’s telephone benchmarks even if they paid me to do so. How many times has it happened that specific instructions were hidden in the firmware so that the cpu would perform better under “benchmark conditions”..?

  2. I feel sorry for all the suckers purchasing this turd. First, the screen scratches if you sneeze on it, and second, it’s slower than a Wisconsin driver lollygagging in the left lane. The reviewers saying this thing is the greatest device since Jesus have egg on their faces.

    1. Also, if you have friends who have an android phone, specially samsungs ones, have you noted that what ever place they go, they are always looking for an outlet to charge their phones?

  3. I wanted to see the video on youtube just to laugh of the poor (of soul and money) android settlers hateful comments, but now I feel very sorry for them 🙁
    Must be very hard to be that $tupid for spending the so little money they have on a piece of crap.
    unfortunately, there are a lot of companies in the world that their main business is to fool people (ejem.. samsung), and we must fell sorry of them and not laugh because companies are taking advantage of their disabilities 🙁

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