Verizon offers up to $200 off Apple’s 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus

“It’s almost September 2016, which means new iPhones are about to be unleashed on the world. It also means the iPhone 6 Plus is two years old, and probably preparing for retirement,” Chris Smith reports for BGR. “But even so, Verizon thinks now’s the time to buy the first Apple phablet, and it’s throwing massive discounts at shoppers in an effort to clear store shelves.”

“From Friday through Sunday you can get $200 off the retail price of the 64GB or 128GB iPhone 6 Plus and $150 off the 16GB iPhone 6 Plus when purchased on a device payment plan,” Smith reports. “Verizon is also waiving activation and upgrade fees.”

“If you don’t mind using a former flagship device and you want to purchase a brand-new phone rather than a used model, then Verizon’s iPhone 6 Plus bargain is certainly one to consider,” Smith reports. “In Apple stores, the 16GB iPhone 6 Plus is priced at $649, while the 64GB version costs $749. Apple stopped selling a 128GB iPhone 6 Plus last year when it introduced the iPhone 6s Plus.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If you’re looking an awesome smartphone at a cheap price — Fragmandroiders, we’re talkin’ to you – this might be the deal for you! You know you want a real iPhone, with real Apple Pay, real FaceTime, real Messages and everything else a real iPhone offers over the knockoff brigade.

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