As Donald Trump tours Louisiana, Apple encourages donations for flood relief

“Republican nominee Donald Trump today landed in Louisiana to witness first-hand the devastation wrought by flooding not seen there since Hurricane Katrina pummeled the Gulf Coast in 2005,” Keith Koffler reports for Lifezette.

“Trump’s arrival on the scene helps him on a number of levels. Most importantly, it provides a dramatic contrast to Hillary Clinton and President Obama, both of whom have neglected to visit a region where more than a dozen have died and tens of thousands have been forced out of their homes,” Koffler reports. “Obama, the actual president, has responded absurdly, refusing to budge from the Martha’s Vineyard golf courses where he is playing nearly daily with celebrities and wealthy friends — even to issue a public statement, let alone visit the unfolding tragedy.”

Donald Trump and Mike Pence help move supplies at a Baptist church in a heavily damaged portion of East Baton Rouge Parish in Louisiana.
Donald Trump and Mike Pence help move supplies at a Baptist church in a heavily damaged portion of East Baton Rouge Parish in Louisiana.
“Though the press has barely noticed, Obama’s performance is demonstrably worse than that of George W. Bush during the 2005 Hurricane Katrina catastrophe,” Koffler reports. “But he was nevertheless pilloried by the very same mainstream media that seem to think it is okay that Obama is dining out on overpriced seafood and tooling around in a golf cart while Louisiana residents are using rowboats to try to get to their homes and salvage their belongings.”

Obama golfs with Larry David during Martha’s Vineyard vacation
Obama golfs with Larry David during Martha’s Vineyard vacation
“Apple has added banners to its U.S. website, iTunes Store, and App Store encouraging customers to donate to the American Red Cross to help support people who have been affected by the widespread flooding in southern Louisiana,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors.

“Donation tiers available include $5, $10, $25, $50, $100 and $200, with all proceeds from donations sent to the American Red Cross,” Clover reports. “All transactions are processed as iTunes or App Store purchases.”

“Flooding in Louisiana, which started last week after torrential rainfall, have damaged more than 40,000 houses and left many thousands of people without homes,” Clover reports. “More than 20 parishes have been affected, and in many of the areas, flood insurance was not common because they weren’t known flood zones. The Red Cross has called the Louisiana flooding the worst natural disaster in the United States since Hurricane Sandy.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: To donate via Apple’s iTunes Store to help people affected by the Louisiana floods by giving to the American Red Cross, please click here.

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  1. Why don’t you stick to articles on Apple products and keep out of politics.. Your site often publishes things thin on facts and fat on bombast. Know the facts before you get all Fox News.

    A simple article about Apple’s effort would suffice.

    And FYI the Governor said in interview that Obama is waiting so first responders can do their job and not tie up resources or highways with a huge presidential visit. I am sure he’s doing stuff behind the scenes anyway and not looking for a PR stunt like Trump.

    1. 308 rounds of golf and counting, hopey changey pawns.

      And FYI, Bush waited so first responders could do their jobs and not tie up resources or highways with a huge presidential visit. I am sure he did many things behind the scenes anyway and was not looking for a PR stunt like Obama demanded and Daily Show simpleton’s like you lapped up like sugar water, you fscktard.

      Don’t hold your breath waiting for the mainstream media to lambast Obama like they did to Bush (who actually bothered to flyover the area and visit soon after that). Actually, do hold your breath.


      And where’s Hillary? Napping on her fat ass, trying to gather her strength to not to fall down from obvious brain damage. Of course, the media was all over McCain’s age and health records, but not Hillary’s. Nothing to see here. Typical biased bullshit.

        1. “I’ll have those n*****s voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” – Lyndon Johnson (D)

          The black vote has been largely in the pocket of its new plantation owners fpr the last 50 years.

          The “Great Society” did not abolish poverty. That was never the intention. It was to institutionalize poverty.

          1. Fisty? What a vile, disgusting, poor excuse for a human being you are. I THINK I’M IN LOVE!
            I know you can’t have a baby, but at least we can try.
            You bring the lube, I’ll bring the cattle prod. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

        2. Trump brought his own semi-truck full of supplies he bought personally for the flood victims.

          The extent to which the Clintons’ sprawling global charity has come to rely on financial support from industries and overseas interests is appalling.

          A new Washington Post analysis of foundation donations, which examined donor lists posted on the foundation’s website, found that 53 percent of the donors who have given $1 million or more to the charity are corporations or foreign citizens, groups or governments. The list includes the governments of Saudi Arabia and Australia, the British bank Barclay’s, and major U.S. companies such as Coca-Cola and ExxonMobil.

          The Clintons’ continued acceptance of those dollars during the presidential campaign is a massive, ongoing conflict of interest.

          Crooked Hillary is bought and paid for. If you support that, you are a fool.

          The Clinton Foundation accepted millions of dollars while Clinton was in office from seven foreign governments that had already been giving, including nations with which the United States has had complicated relations, such as Qatar and Oman. Foundation officials also later acknowledged that it had accepted a $500,000 donation from Algeria without receiving permission from the State Department, as required by the agreement.

          Crooked Hillary is a criminal and a traitor. Crooked Hillary sold out her country for personal gain.

      1. Okay, I’ll take the bait.

        No president in recent history really ever takes a complete vacation. It’s pretty much a 24/7 job with daily briefings and decision-making meetings.

        If your measuring stick of effectiveness is counted in rounds of golf, then you clearly have no clue how relationships are made and business is often done. You could try to level the same claim against CEOs, who are famous for raking in millions of dollars while playing golf multiple times per week — all on the company dime.

        One of America’s greatest presidents, (Republican) Dwight Eisenhower, was renowned for playing tons of golf, approximately 800 rounds during his 2 terms, and had a cabin at Augusta. He putted every morning while dictating letters to his secretary.

        President Wilson played even more, about 1000 rounds.

        Kennedy was reported to be the best golfer, having played at Harvard and having a single-digit handicap.

        Taft wasn’t too shabby either, for such a big guy.

        Reagan played plenty too, actually practiced putting on Air Force One.

        Bottom line: where the President presides is not important, especially in this day of modern mobile technology that this site used to cover before it became a watered down Drudge imitator.

        Let’s compare vacation days, shall we?

        G.W Bush: 879 days, including 77 trips to his TX ranch
        Ronnie Reagan: 335 days at his CA ranch
        Barry Obama: 189 days
        Jimmy Carter: 79 days

        Souces: CNN and Washington Post

        How about instead of scrutinizing what others do to relax, let’s instead compare achievements. I think we can all agree that Trump was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and has basically bounced from bankruptcy to bankruptcy through his career. I’d rather have a level-headed leader who played golf.

        1. “If your measuring stick of effectiveness is counted in rounds of golf, then you clearly have no clue how relationships are made and business is often done.”

          Oh yeah, Larry Effing David is conducting “important business” with the feckless Obama, our first affirmative action, wannabe golf pro (but he sucks way too much for that), White House occupier.

      2. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Trump’s stomach doesn’t have an excess of muscle on it, nor does the area under his chin.
        I agree the president should go there. But, it’s not like he’s disconnected. People follow the president all day long, no matter what party the president belongs to, telling the president what’s happening.

  2. Hilariously naive. FEMA and the Governor of Louisiana both requested that the wigs stay away so they can focus on the needs of the situation rather than some showboating politcal side show. The ones that should be praised are Clinton and Obama for staying out of the way while doing in each case what they can to support the operations that are time critical for those in need. Trump’s visit is just one more ego trip with a media-manipulation topping, as usual.

    1. On Friday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Wolf,” former Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA), who is supporting Crooked Hillary, praised Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for coming to Louisiana during the floods there and stated: “I hope Secretary Clinton will make her way down, I hope President Obama will make a visit.”

    2. Landrieu’s full quote:

      “I think it is. And I want to thank Mr. Trump for coming to Louisiana. I think the governor’s admonition about not using it as a press op is a good one, but he brought attention to our state, and we need that now, because, this disaster, Brianna, is far larger than people can appreciate on television. And if you could see it from a drone’s prospective, and look down all of south Louisiana, this is not just a Baton Rouge area event. Livingston Parish, Ascension Parish, to the south central part of our state, and southwest, all the way over to Calcasieu. This was a horrible rain event, and as you know, Louisiana drains about 40% of the entire United States. So, even when the rain doesn’t sit over us like this did, even when it rains in Minnesota or Arkansas, we get the water. That’s one thing I want people to understand, it’s both a blessing and a burden to have too much water, and we have too much of it now, and it is really a serious disaster, and I hope Secretary Clinton will make her way down, I hope President Obama will make a visit. And we need all the attention and help we can get.”

    3. Democrat Louisiana Governor Edwards: Trump helped ‘shine a spotlight’ on flood recovery

      Edwards said Trump’s visit to the state was positive for Louisiana.

      “Because it helped to shine a spotlight on Louisiana and on the dire situation that we have here, that it was helpful,” he said.

      “I also appreciated the good phone call, the conversation that I had with Gov. [Mike] Pence [R-Ind.], who was sincere and genuine when he called, and we spoke for a long time on Friday morning about their desire to be helpful,” he said about Trump’s running mate.

      Former Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) on Friday thanked Trump for visiting Louisiana following the floods.

  3. Apple wants donations to help Louisiana flood victims.

    Trump is out helping Louisiana flood victims. Crooked Hillary is “resting” for the weekend. Obama is – of course (what else?) – golfing.

    Apple wants simplified, lower corporate taxes. Trump proposes simplification and lowering of corporate taxes. Crooked Hillary most certainly does not. Obama is – of course (what else?) – golfing.

    Tim Cook backs Crooked Hillary.

    What’s wrong with this picture?

    Oh yeah, Tim Cook wants cheap labor. Trump wants to raise the prevailing wage paid to H-1Bs will force companies like Apple to give these coveted entry-level jobs to the existing domestic pool of unemployed native and immigrant workers in the U.S., instead of flying in cheaper workers from overseas.

    Tim Cook is not the progressive angel he makes himself out to be and that many of you seem to think he is.

    1. Trump is autographing baseball caps.
      A photo-op, and nothing else.

      Fisty? You, Botty and FoxDailyNews are going to lose sooooo badly come election.
      I can’t wait for you to change your handle again.

      1. Barry Soweto [Soetoro] is another name for Barack Obama, genius.

        As a child in Indonesia, Obama was called “Barry Soetoro,” reflecting his step-father’s surname.

    1. Oh, yeah, MDN just loves Trump. That’s why MDN wrote this in February:

      Sounds like pretty much everything just occurred to him.

      A little thought before opening your yap wouldn’t be such a bad thing, Donny.

      BTW, Donny the genius tweeted his boycott epiphany from his Apple iPhone.

      Boycott Donald Trump until such time as he proves he’s read, understands, and will adhere to the U.S. Constitution.

      Hey, are Oompa Loompas eligible to hold the office of President of the United States of America?

    1. I am looking forward to hearing Trump’s concession speech. That will certainly be the most interesting political speech of this century.

      And then I’m curious to see what happens next. Will Hillary Clinton live to see her inauguration day? If yes, will she live to see her first State of the Union address? Or will those “2nd amentment people” heed their idol and do something about it? I know he was joking, and I know everyone knows he was joking, but yours is a country of 330 million people, half of whom own guns at home, and all it takes is one to be crazy enough, clever enough, resourceful enough and determined enough to make it happen.

        1. No, I don’t vote, and I’m not an American. I am still very curious about Trump’s concession speech.

          I think you are confused. I haven’t stated any facts in my post above, so that you could call me on them. It looks like your knee-jerk reaction to my posts is to immediately type “Liar!”, no matter what, since that is the only way you can react to anything you don’t like.

          I simply expressed some private sentiments and asked a few questions. The part about Trump’s concession speech is simply based on what I currently read in the news, where polls apparently give Trump very low chances of winning. Obviously, thinks can change (things can always change), in which case we’ll hear Hillary’s concession speech, which won’t be nearly as interesting.

            1. And any person who advocates killing all non-white people is not a man, not even human.

              See, you say nonsense, I can also say nonsense. And now, could you please find and show me a post of mine where I advocated robbing a private citizen of his ability to defend his family and home?

              Once again: regulate your guns the way you regulate cars and you’ll be a much, much safer nation. The slope ain’t slipery; regulating cars didn’t end with complete ban on cars; regulating various chemicals didn’t end with complete bans. There is no reason you can’t regulate guns without completely banning them. This is not same as the privacy debate (it’s either on or off); you can regulate it effectively and still have as many guns as you wish. Most of you want it anyway.

            2. You sound like a very, very angry man and I feel sorry for you.

              Yes, I’m not an American, I can’t vote, but I may or may not be of consequence. As for credibility, that is not really for you to declare; that is for those on this forum who read to discern from my arguments. Unlike you, who is driven by your political affiliation, I have no horse in your American political race and only write fact-driven posts.

              I have noticed a curious thing on this site. Whenever America has elections, and republican candidate(s) are losing, the tone of the discussion becomes exceptionally angry and rude. This wasn’t the case when the other guys were losing. I’m not really sure why; perhaps the republican supporters are more passionate, and consequently more angry when they lose. It is certainly interesting to observe.

            3. No, you’re not cranky because of that. You’re angry because you have to support a candidate who goes against some of the most sacred values of your political party, and you’re having a hard time reconciling with it:

              Pro Choice for the most of his life (until he chose to run for office as a Republican. Are you sure he’s now pro life?)
              Favours health care mandate (i.e. Obamacare-type system)
              Against trade agreements
              Supports gay marriage

              There are others, but I don’t have the time to look for them now. So, even if it is just these few, I can totally understand how you are twisting yourself into knots for having to support someone who is on the wrong side of so many important GOP issues.

            1. I think your chart is three weeks old (from his post-convention bump). Apparently, today’s charts give Clinton 10-15 percentage point advantage. From my understanding, it is well beyond any statistical margin of error.

            2. And, today, Trump passed Crooked Hillary to take the lead:


              The Lib/Dem/Progs are going to be shocked this November. Especially as their corrupt media keeps telling them Crooked Hillary is “winning.”

              You confused Lib/Dem/Progs need to look up “movement politics” in order to prepare yourselves as best as possible for what’s going to happen a couple months from now.

            3. And today, that lead evaporates again.

              La Times gives you the most favourable of all polls, so if that’s the one you’re sticking to, that is fine.

              You do need to keep in mind, though, that NBC News / SurveyMonkey gives Clinton a 9-point lead. Most other polls are leaning towards NBC, rather than LA Times. And in general, recent elections tend to show slight to significant Republican bias of these polls.

              All this means little when you’re still almost three months out.

    2. You mean the “traitor” who took what the republican secretary of defense at the time (Robert Gates) said was the most courageous decision he’d ever seen in ordering the operation to kill bin Laden? Or the “traitor” who engineered the US’s economic recovery faster than any other nation hit by the Bush fathered recession? Or the ‘traitor” whose policies have led to unemployment being lower than the historical average for the last 100 years (there have been 78 consecutive months of private sector job growth)? Or the “traitor” who pushed through the auto industry rescue plan that saved 1 million jobs? Or the “traitor” whose policies resulted in 40+million Americans having affordable health care, eliminating the risk of bankruptcy because of a catastrophic illness or accident? Or the “traitor” whose policy reduced the cost of prescription drugs for seniors by over 50%?? Or the “traitor” whose policy dramatically slowed the runaway increase of health costs so much that the CBO slashed its projection of government health spending by $175 Billion by 2020 – enough to fund the entire US Navy for a year. Or the “traitor” who reduced the federal budget deficit from 9.8% of GDP in FY 09 (under Bush) to 2.9% of GDP in FY 14? Or the “traitor” under who the stock market is at near record levels – at nearly three times the low under Bush? Or the “traitor” whose policies have shrunk the deficit by $1 trillion, and who has increased Medicare’s long term solvency by 13 years? Or the “traitor” who negotiated a law to replace the despised “no child left behind act” which had done far more harm than good?? Or the “traitor” who did away with the reprehensible for-profit diploma mills Or the “traitor” who implemented the terrible “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy?

      Or do you mean the “traitor” who did all this, and much, much more, despite the very best efforts of a congress who tried to block him at every move? Or the “traitor” who did all this despite the republican leader of the senate’s treasonous statement in 2010 that his only goal was to ensure Obama was a one term president, utterly abandoning his sworn duty to serve the people of the US??
      Or the “traitor” who in 2012 became only the 11th president to win the popular vote more than once (causing First ad nauseum to change his name once again)?

      In his time in the white house, this “traitor” has changed the way the country produces and consumes energy, slashing oil imports; the way doctors and hospitals treat us and bill us; improved the academic standards of the country’s schools; reversed the economic free-fall of the nation left by Bush. Health insurers can no longer deny coverage because of pre-existing conditions; credit card companies can no longer impose hidden fees; institutionalized discrimination against gays is outlawed at the federal level; carbon emissions have dropped despite a growing economy.

      And no, Obama wasn’t, and isn’t perfect. He made mistakes, took risks some of which failed, and didn’t come through on all his promises. And Clinton won’t be perfect either.

      But people like you, botvinnik, are so closed minded, so biased, so blind, so sure of yourselves and so stuck in your ways that nothing anyone says will ever cause you to actually stop and think for yourself. You align with Trump – a man who if he became president would be the 6th biggest risk to the world economy, and an even bigger risk to world safety. A man laughed at by the rest of the world. A man who simply doesn’t know when he’s lying or when he’s making stuff up, and who simply enjoys being a bully. A man who insults whoever he wants, who is racist, misogynistic, narcissistic, ignorant and spoiled. A man who pretends to be his own doctor and his own publicity agent. A man who is doing so much harm to the GOP he is actually threatening democracy by critically damaging the only opposition to the democrats.

      You hate people who don’t think like you, and tell them to fuck off, or to leave, or whatever. You are utterly objectionable with no apparent redeeming qualities whatsoever.

      But unlike you, I won’t tell you to fuck off, or to leave. This is America, and even idiots are allowed the freedom of speech. But I am starting to wonder whether republicans have one thing right with their voter restriction laws. Some of you shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

            1. You’re an ignorant asshat.

              Vote for Trump… he has ZERo chance of winning… he doesn’t even want to win. He just wants to prove what a bunch of morons republicans are.

        1. How much does FoxDailyNews pay you?
          Since they haven’t banned your sorry åss, you and Fisty must be on the payroll.
          Two of the most disgusting traitors I’ve ever witnessed.

          Have a nice day! See you in Héll !

      1. “…courageous decision…to kill bin Laden?”

        Bwa-ha-ha-ha! There was no courage involved. Any pantywaist could make that simple decision.

        Obama made the decision to surrender Iraq to ISIS.
        Obama is a traitor.

        1. Republican Robert Gates said it, not me. Look it up.
          And you need to watch something other than Fox News. Cheney and Rumsfeld made the decision to remove all Bathists from their government posts in Iraq, no matter what their job had been. They also forgot to find out where the Iraqi army’s weapons were. That left a lot of very religious, very pissed off Iraqis with a lot of weapons who hated the US. Do any basic research and you’ll find out that’s how ISIS started.
          And if you meant Obama caused ISIS by withdrawing from Iraq? Wrong again. Bush signed the agreement as to the date that all US military personnel must be out of the country. Obama tried to renegotiate, but the Iraqi government would only allow it providing those soldiers would be subject to Sharia law. Obama wasn’t going to subject Americans to that so had no choice but to withdraw the troops, as per the original Bush agreement. Again, try doing some independent research. Don’t be an “ordinary Joe,” Joe.

  4. From another news source, it appears that Trump ignored the plea of Louisiana governor to not come until next week, when the first responders had a chance to do the initial salvage and cleanup. The request went out to all three main potential VIP visitors: Trump campaign, Clinton campaign, and Obama. Apparently, Clinton and Obama heeded the request, and Trump went ahead and took his photo-op.

    There is always more than one way to spin a story. It is interesting that the story quoted here (an article form an obscure Washington news site) managed to omit the bit about the Louisiana governor’s plea.

      1. I’m not defending anyone. All I’m saying is that Trump’s campaign ignored pleas of the Louisiana governor and still went into Louisiana. Apparently, they didn’t even bother calling him to tell him that.

        1. 1. Bush was pilloried and castigated for YEARS for doing FAR MORE than Obama is doing now.

          2. The mainstream media utters nary a peep about Obama. If this were President Romney, not only would the economy be far better right now, the media would be ripping him apart for being a “cold-hearted Republican who golfs while the brown people drown.”

          3. Many people are fed the fuck up with the two-faced, lying, corrupt mainstream media.

          4. Trump in a landslide.

      2. I defended (and continue to defend) Bush in regards to Katrina, but on different grounds.

        The fact remains in this situation that politicos were asked to stand by until initial rescue can occur.

        Trump, the assclown that he is, ignored this and went for a photo-op, in a state that already leans heavily in his favor. IOW, it’s a lousy photo-op that’s also hindering help to the people in the affected area.

        I feel bad that MDN decided to include the politics of this and lead with it in the title and summary.

        The real thing people should be aware of is that you can donate through the Red Cross directly to the affected people in Louisiana via iTunes

  5. “it provides a dramatic contrast to Hillary Clinton and President Obama, both of whom have neglected to visit a region where more than a dozen have died and tens of thousands have been forced out of their homes”

    None of the three really belong there. That just takes away badly needed resources to babysit the politicians.
    Is the public really so stupid that they need a photo opp to believe a candidate cares?

      1. That is simply incorrect. Exactly WHAT is that president expected to do in that place? I understand that there is an element of that reassurance that your president is on top of the situation, but in practical terms, he has nothing to do there. Surely, nobody expects him to help unloading a truck of relief supplies or something similar. That would be absurd, having 300 secret service agents, ten-block radius cordoned off, traffic completely halted, only so that the president could be seen helping out.

        I think the same reaction was for Bush during Katrina. Makes no sense.

            1. It is rather difficult to keep track, you keep posting the same thing on various articles; he may have not seen the other one.

              And I think it is quite many more than three times.

            2. Absolutely correct. You should keep that in mind before posting.

              Look, I’m really sorry for you that your candidate is losing. I honestly think that Clinton will be a one-term president, as long as the GOP actually tries to implement the recommendations from their post-election analyses. Most likely ANY other GOP candidate would have had much stronger chance against her, but the people somehow picked the worst one. I know the consequences of this one will be hard to bear (Scalia replacement being probably the most painful, and god forbid Clarence Thomas retires or passes away while Clinton is in the White House!), but it is still only four years.

              I hope you feel better soon.

            3. No one here lies and insults more than you, botty. Can’t remember when you actually won a debate — you just crumble into a pile of inelegant attempts insults when anyone confronts you with verifiable facts.

              But since that’s your only tactic, by all means, proceed to make a bigger jackass of yourself.

            4. You offer opinion followed by condescension. That’s how you think you win a debate? Advice: you’re clinically delusional, but too stupid to get yourself to a clinic.

            5. His posts remind me of a line from an American TV show from the mid-2000s, “Boston Legal”. In a court room, a character, played by William Shattner, says “If you are losing, do what our president does — pretend you’re winning!” The episode aired not long after the “Mission Accomplished!” banner on the aircraft carrier made commotion in American political discourse.

              Botvinnik (who has interestingly usurped the name of. Russian / Soviet grandmaster of last century) uses the same strategy — whenever he loses an argument (which is quite often, if it is on political themes), he simply acts as if he won. It worked for Bush (he got reelected after that “Mission accomplished!” thing), but it doesn’t seem to work so well for Botvinnik here.

            6. When I wrote that post, you had used that exact phrase twice. In the meantime, you posted another similar one, but not exactly the same.

              And you still didn’t say what lies Predrag is supposed to have told. You’re embarrassing yourself, botvinnick.

      2. you have to be kidding. who told you that calling 911 connected you to the WH switchboard?

        The president is a first responder like Lincoln personally fought hand to hand combat. Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure.

    1. Apparently so.

      I defended George W. Bush when he delayed visiting during Katrina for exactly the same reason that Obama and Clinton are giving now. So did most of the knee-jerks who are condemning them now and praising Trump.

      I condemned the FBI director when he called on Apple to compromise its security. So did most of the knee-jerks who give Trump a pass for demanding exactly the same thing.

      I condemned Clinton for being evasive to the courts and non-responsive to the press. So did most of the knee-jerks here who give Trump a pass for flat out lying.

      I was eligible for the draft during the Vietnam War and condemned those who evaded it. So did most of the knee-jerks here who give Trump a pass for his phony medical exemption.

      I am for America and its values. So are most of the knee-jerks here who give Trump a pass for lauding almost any dictator you can name, for hiring a campaign manager who was an unregistered lobbyist for a Russia’s puppet government in Ukraine, for taking an “adviser” who had lunch with Putin while visiting Moscow to give a paid speech to Russian propagandists into a classified briefing, and for having a daughter who is vacationing in Croatia with Putin’s girlfriend.

      There is some value to consistency, guys.

  6. For those of the free and civilized world, please do what you can to support those who are currently suffering through this horrible disaster. Your donation will not only help those in need but it might prevent your country from being invaded in the future.

  7. The headline should read: While soon to be defeated GOP Nominee Donald Trump does a photo op in Louisiana , Apple encourages donations.

    Sadly, Louisiana was alrady a disaster area after “Bobby” Jindall wrecked the state’s finances just like Sam Brownback is wrecking the finances in Kansas by chasing the fictional supply side economics that Republicans believe in like a 6 year old does Santa Claus.

    The only difference is the 6 year olds eventually grow up and figure out Santa is fiction, while Republicans cling to tax cuts as the cure for everything from drought to cancer. Tax cuts, guns everywhere, deregulation and Jesus. That is the GOP in a nutshell.

    1. Plans for the Obama Presidential Liberry are under way and The Big O needs YOUR help! Only four books so far have been donated:

      • Rules For Radicals
      • The Koran
      • The Audacity Of Hype
      • Dreams Of I Don’t Know Who My Father Is.

      Please give generously and make this here the bestest liberry ever!

      (A public service announcement of The Fahrenheit 451 Foundation.)

    1. Here’s what Obama said and did about the flood 5 DAYS AGO:

      The PROPER officials, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and Federal Emergency Management Administrator Craig Fugate have visited Louisiana already and are in full contact with the president about the situation. While Trump does desperate photo ops, Obama immediately sent federal disaster assistance. He is scheduled to visit Louisiana on Tuesday after initial relief work has started and his presence doesn’t cause undue distraction … pretty much standard procedure for any president facing any large natural disaster.

      I am continually amazed at how vitriolic and petty you partisan extremists can be. A leader could walk on water and heal the sick with his touch and still the Faux News afflicted paid political trolls from the opposite party would complain that he doesn’t swim and he’s spending too much on healing Americans who would rather go without healthcare. You partisan hate mongers are absolutely pathetic excuses for human beings.

      1. He is scheduled to visit Louisiana because Trump forced him to. The sitting U.S. President is now FOLLOWING Trump. Oblahblah’s visit was added AFTER the heat from Trump’s visit became too much for the lazy, golfing liar to handle. Bring a teleprompter, Barry, you’re an inept stuttering fool without one, you empty suit.

        Obama: Worried that the establishment gravy train might actually be derailed.

        Anyone who votes for Hillary hates America outright or at least unconsciously. She is OWNED by Google and Wall Street. Nothing will change with Crooked Hillary. The malaise and the unending scandals will continue for another four WASTED years.

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