T-Mobile kills data plans and goes all in on unlimited data

“T-Mobile on Thursday announced that all of its data plans moving forward will be unlimited plans,” Zach Epstein reports for BGR. “T-Mobile will no longer offer service plans with tiered data, instead T-Mobile will offer a ‘T-Mobile One’ plan that offers unlimited talk, text and 4G LTE data.”

“In terms of pricing, the first line on a T-Mobile One plan will cost $70 per month, the second line is $50, and then additional lines are $20 each up to eight lines,” Epstein reports. “Those prices apply to customers who use autopay — accounts without autopay will cost an additional $5 per line. For a family of four people, that works out to $40 per line for unlimited calling, messaging and data.”

Epstein reports, “Tablets can also be added to T-Mobile One plans for $20 per device.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Ah, sweet competition!


  1. Just as competition is extremely important with the carriers our phones are on, so is for our actual phones themselves.

    Take away: Quit constant fanboy bashing of non-apple competitors and applaud cool things that they are doing. It will only make all products/experiences better and cooler in the future.

    1. Except, of course, that Deutsche Telekom (which owns T-Mobile) is a largely government-owned private enterprise (it’s the leftover from the old Bundespost). So. Socialist enterprise at work, fixing the f***up that private companies have made of cellular service in the US.

    2. As always, bot boy finds a way to expose his tenuous grasp of reality.

      Since you didn’t bother to follow the news, bot twit, you should know that AT&T’s acquisition of T-Mobile was blocked in order to provide consumers more competition. The result has been great for everyone, especially T-Mo customers.

      Left to its own ends without oversight, unfettered “free trade” capitalism results in duopolies, monopolies, and cartels that harm everyone. That’s one of a billion good reasons why we have governments. Deal with it, you selfish trump water boy.

        1. Botvinnik, you inadvertently praise Hillary by associating her with a leader of a country that is today amongst the most productive in the world, with an extremely high quality of life shared amongst the vast majority of its citizens. Something that can no longer be said of the USA, where corporate cronyism, casual corruption, and congressional obstructionism are the new norm. The USA could stand to learn a lot from Germany’s educational, political, and economic systems.

          I still can’t believe that you are willing to support a fool like Trump for any public office. Perhaps you should spend more time reading what more educated people have to say on the matter:

          Let’s stop pretending that The Donald plans to follow anything of prior Republican platforms. He is not a Republican at all, he’s a carnival barker gifted in the art of self-promotion, backed not by a cohort of wise advisors but by some of the the slimiest and least American people one can find. Milania’s silicone enhancements are not adequate compensation for lack of cohesive strategy to solve ANY problem the USA currently faces.

          What’s pathetic is that the GOP couldn’t field anyone better. Hell, they can’t do anything at all. Republicans have had over 5 years of a majority in congress to accomplish the reforms they claim they stand for. But instead of the tax and immigration reforms, or the fiscal responsibility, or the improved trade deals, or the wind down of military excesses, what has the Republican-led congress accomplished? NOTHING.

          Meanwhile like it (or not, since you appear to hate the USA), Obama has presided over a slow but steady recovery from the worst financial shocks the world has seen since WW2. He has reduced the cost of healthcare for all (yes, it’s true, read the CBO report) and has done all kinds of things like force US automakers to up their game and reinvest in innovations in addition to paying back the money that they all borrowed. Turns out that has been a shrewd move that benefits everyone.

          I know you think that America is the wild west and no government is needed at all, but Trump doesn’t represent that view at all. Trump is a Putin wannabe. If you have a shred of conservative principle in you, you would vote for Johnson before that loose cannon RINO Trump.

          1. The people are Louisiana are in desperate straits from ravaging floods. Trump is there.

            While Hillary Merkel sleeps and The Magic Negro® plays golf at Martha’s Vineyard.

            I don’t need your bloviating drivel to tell me who the right person is to vote for…it is self-evident.

      1. @sparkles Yes that app is great. @thetheloni Also they may let you do a “test drive.” That’s a promo they did 2 years ago and I switched to T-mo because of it. Maybe they’ll do it if you ask and let them know you might switch if it works out.

    1. Maybe on the site but else where no one wanted to see AT&T acquire T-Mobile. Good for them glad they’re kicking ass getting customers I wish the service were better in my area

  2. Hopefully the harbinger of things to come. I remember the dial-up modem days when ISPs tried to sell access by the minute. That didn’t last long. Charging per text is gone. Most cellular calling plans are unlimited. Maybe the days of metered cellular data are finally coming to an end.

  3. AT&T has the DIRECTV combo plan where for unlimited data, and 4 family lines, the costs are comparable, $180

    It looks like T-Moble is trying to under cut AT&T. However they have a long way to go, to compete on coverage alone.

    I am still sticking with AT&T, but I would like to see the price come down further. Frankly if I pay $160 for 4 lines of unlimited data, that would cover the cost of losing the subsidy, at least for one phone line. At $144, that covers two subsidies over a 2 year period. This is in comparison to my monthly costs for services under our old unlimited data plans, which did not have nationwide unlimited talk/text. I am not complaining about the service or features. I am simply looking at monthly expenses and how marketing finds ways to increase revenue, dispite my resistance.

  4. Oh no! Me and the Mrs. Are currently on the T-Mobile Data Only Plan. That’s the one that we read about here 4 months ago targeted to deaf people but not exclusive to them. We are only spending about $22 a month per line. I certainly hope that this plan isn’t axed.

    1. There is no bucket anymore; it is an open spigot (more of a fire hose, actually, at 4G/LTE).

      And no, if you don’t need that fire hose, you have no cheaper options, other than individual prepaid offerings.

  5. That’s all fine and great, but it leaves many people without the previously available cheap options.

    Currently, for quite a lot less, you can get a single line of unlimited everything (with 2.5GB 4G data cap, throttling down to 2G if exceeded) for $50, or $100 for four lines. This was the cheapest offering, and for many it was more than enough (I punched through that 2.5GB 4G limit perhaps twice in 3 years, and even that was usually less than a week before the end of the month, when the limit resets). And now, the cheapest option is suddenly 40% higher.

    Most likely, existing customers will be grandfathered, so I can keep my plan as is.

    T-Mobile has aggressively built up their customer base, as well as their network coverage in USA. Apparently, they figured that the time has come to start making some serious money from those customers. Let us see how this ends up working out for them.

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