Parallels Desktop 12 brings Windows and Xbox to macOS

“If you are a Mac user who must for some reason use Windows on your Mac then please don’t worry about upgrading to macOS Sierra when it ships — Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac has you covered,” Jonny Evans reports for Computerworld.

Evans reports, “The latest version of Parallels Desktop for Mac brings a host of additional improvements along with macOS Sierra support, including support for the Windows 10 Xbox app and a handy collection of tools.”

“Parallels has also taken some big steps for Mac gamers who might want to run Windows and Xbox titles on their Apple computer,” Evans reports. “Parallels engineers worked with Blizzard Entertainment and optimized Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac to support smash PC title, Overwatch.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If you have to do it, Parallels is the smoothest way to run Windows on your Mac.


  1. I’ve used both Parallels and VMWare at various times. I got tired of the update cost. Unfortunately, I have to run IE on one particular web site I need for work in order for it to display correctly, and I have one scanner driver which doesn’t have a Mac equivalent. For these limited applications, VirtualBox has worked well and you can’t beat the price… free. There are a couple of features I wish I had, such as the ability to put an alias for IE on my Mac Desktop, but that is not worth the $$$ it costs to keep Parallels or VMWare current.

    1. Me too. I essentially would skip a version but then Parallels made it so that the next MacOS would not work.
      It was not such a big deal for me since I was only using it for VPNing into my company network and remote desktoping into a PC at work.
      IT managed to put a mac VPN program on and the M$ Mac version of remote desktop works well.
      So I was able to cut the Parallels cord but sadly not the M$ one. But at least I don’t have to pay for upgrades when I have no choice.

      1. Several have tested people have tested version 11 with macOS Sierra (beta) and Windows 10 (even the updated version just out) and version 11 seems to run fine. Check out the Ars Technica article and the comments on that article.

    2. Hi Sparkles — Have you tried VueScan for your scanner? (It’s kinda like Gutenprint for scanners). Perhaps they have a list/trial on their web site. Also, not sure it’s up-to-date.

  2. How can anyone complain about an optional $50 update? Developing good software isn’t easy, and Parallels is good. Most complainers probably drop $50 to fill their gas tanks or for a single dinner.

    1. I couldn’t agree more with you. Parallels is excellent software. But if you only need to run Windows only for one website and one scanner driver, that isn’t worth $50 to me. I just wanted to point out that there is a free alternative that’s pretty good. If your needs are minimal, I recommend giving VirtualBox a try.

  3. Is there a smooth, but also legal, way to use Mac on a PC? I have VMware on my box, and I could make my own Hackintosh with it, but it does not seem halal to me. Or should I just buy a separate Mac computer, and forget about emulation?

  4. The reason people need Windows on their Mac is Windows still dominates the Apps people need. I would never use Windows if all the necessary apps were on the Mac but they are not. Parallels is the best VM tool.

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