AT&T increases subscription rates, data caps with new plans

“Not to be outdone by Verizon, AT&T is bumping its subscription rates — and data caps — across the board,” Kyle Wiggers reports for Digital Trends. “On Wednesday, AT&T announced Mobile Share Advantage, a new rollout of postpaid plans that’ll see prices slightly climb while data allotments rise accordingly.”

“AT&T’s least expensive, lowest-tier plan now starts at $30 a month — $10 more than before — but nets you 1GB, a jump from the previous offering’s 300MB,” Wiggers reports. “Unlimited calls and texts in the U.S. are in tow, too, and line access charges — the fees for adding additional devices — have been standardized. Adding a device to a plan, which was $15 for larger data plans and $25 for smaller ones, is now a flat $20.”

“T-Mobile and Sprint eliminated overages more than a year ago,” Wiggers reports. “A few of AT&T’s other new terms are generally advantageous, too. The carrier is rolling out tweaked data tiers that, in most cases, offer 20 percent more data than the old ones: a $40 tier with 3GB of data, a $60 tier with 6GB, a $90 tier with 16GB, a $110 tier with 25GB, and a $135 plan with 30GB. The pricing of the latter two plans, in fact, has actually been reduced.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Is anybody still in an original, grandfathered-in AT&T Unlimited plan from the first iPhone?

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


    1. I gave up 5 months ago to add my kids with unlimited data. The cost is the same as the original grandfathered plan.

      Since the elimination of subsidy it doesn’t matter anymore. I will not go next. I will rather go with Apple’s purchase plan.

    2. I have two unlimited iPad accounts.

      At one point I had seven unlimited iPhone accounts for me, girlfriend and five kids. But eventually switched to a family plan due to the high cost of maintaining so many separate accounts.

  1. MDN–

    My wife and I were on the unlimited bundle until last year. My kids use so much data, that we needed to sign up for a family share plan, which meant sacrificing our unlimited data. However, it still isn’t enough. One of my kids have used 8 GB already this month, and another had used 5! We turned data off for them both yesterday, as we typically have to do half way through EVERY month! My oldest, however, knows to stay off of YouTube while using data, so with only 1 GB used in the same timeframe, he will share with my wife and me for the rest of the period. These new data plans are great news. It looks like I will be upgrading from 20GB to 30GB.

    1. You should consider getting Circle – an amazing $99 box that allows parents to build specific limits on data, apps and has a great feature that shuts off internet across the home (mealtime, family time, etc…). It works both at home with wifi and outside the home with data plans. Could be a real lesson on boundaries for the kids – they need to learn healthy balance and not be so addicted all the time (us parents need a reminder of that too!). Anyhow, though I would mention it 🙂 Good luck!

  2. Appears to hurt me. I have an old 10 gig plan that got changed to 15 in some pricing scheme. Then they added another 5 when I was going to leave them. Giving me 20 gigs for $100. I get a VPN discount but have no idea which new plan I’d end up in. I only use abt 10 gigs a month but I have two devices connect and I think I pay less than $20 ea for both of them. Looks likes attire change is coming regardless. I’ve really grown to HATE AT&T. Big company with lots of promises. Lots of fine print exceptions, lots of lies and lots of dope smoking agents who don’t have a clue abt the total relationship a customer has with them. I started the year spending abt $6000 annually with them. I’m now down to $2220 a year and even that will decline by abt $600 when I move my iPhone from their next plan to Apple’s subscriptoion plan. Anything they can do to run away a customer, count on them to do it. I really love talking to Apple inSingapore. She’s a real charm. Not.

    1. bele*guer*d MDN doesn’t care about your experience, they copy and other peoples content and force feed you inane videos and shitty ads-lots of other better sites that actually create content.

  3. Yep, started with a bag phone through Houston Cellular in 1988. They became Cingular, then eventually AT&T. First gen iPhone with unlimited data plan. Won’t let it go. My daughter has it as well. My wife came to the smartphone party later, so she doesn’t, but she also doesn’t use near the data I do. They keep offering to switch me to a family plan, but I just can’t do it. Every time I compare prices, I’m gonna be paying more for the data we use. Maybe one day prices will make it worthwhile, but for now, they’ll have to pry my unlimited plan from my cold, dead fingers.

  4. I had the unlimited plan for 3 family phones until a couple months ago when I switched to one of the current family plans. AT&T kept jacking up the price of the unlimited plan so it was significantly cheaper for our family to go with the 5 GB shared plan.

    I was able to do this because my 3 phones are owned by adults who can manage their non-wifi data use. If I had kids, I’d stick with the unlimited plan.

  5. I’m still on the grandfathered unlimited plan. It has gone up this year. I pay $85 a month. Still not bad.
    I am throttled at 23GB.
    I’ve hit it a few times and never noticed any speed reduction.

  6. Last week I closed down my family share plan: 3 phones, 15gb.
    I split them up and put them all on prepaid 3gb gophone plans.
    That one action will save me $470/year and we’ll never notice the difference. I was astounded that this one action could save so much money.

  7. I am still unlimited with 4 lines. They say they’ll throttle me with over 22gb on each line, but that’s never happened. So yeah, still on the unlimited. And I’m also still unlimited on my iPad.

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