Trader: Apple stock could be set for a 15% surge

“Traders with an eye on Apple may wonder when one of the biggest companies in the world may become over-bought,” Rebecca Ungarino reports for CNBC.

“Tech behemoth Apple just hit highs not seen since April. This comes as Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway upped its stake in Apple by 55 percent as of June 30,” Ungarino reports. “And one trader says some upside, perhaps over 14 percent, could be in store.”

“”‘Below 100 bucks, you buy this stock, and I think you can trade it up, and you can trade it in a range of $100 to $125,’ said David Seaburg, head of equity sales trading at Cowen & Co. ‘I really believe it’s a buy,'” Ungarino reports. “The high end of that range would be about 14.3 percent higher than Tuesday’s closing price of $109.38.”

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  1. One guy says AAPL has upside, and this is some kind of revelation? Why this guy? Of course the stock could go up or it could go down. In fact, the option market places the chance of AAPL closing above $125 On Dec 16 at 14%.

  2. There is so much about to happen and these clowns can’t see them. Also looking forward to hearing about them from the NEW offices at the big round spaceship in less than a year. What happened to Apple’s operating costs as Apple pulls in their employees and R&D to this new sight? The cost of building this hug facility ends. Apple can sell off and stop renting in many others. … Then there is that car … etc. Lots of excitement coming during this year to come. It can even make Tim look good!

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