Apple hiring team of lyrics curators for Apple Music

“The new lyrics feature in Apple Music might not be powered by a third-party company, according to a new job posting found on Apple’s website,” Buster Hein reports for Cult of Mac.

“It appears that Apple instead plans to do most of the work compiling lyrics all on its own by hiring ‘a team of lyrics curators with excellent writing skills, music knowledge, and attention to detail,'” Hein reports. “Apple’s new job posting for a Lyrics Curation Manager gives a bit of insight into the project that will be responsible for maintaining Apple Music’s lyrics database. The feature is set to debut as part of iOS 10, giving listeners the ability to find out what a singer is really saying in just seconds.”

Hein reports, “Apple Music’s new lyrics feature comes right after Spotify turned off its lyrics due to the expiration of its deal with Musixmatch.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Finally having lyrics easily available is going be a great feature addition in iTunes and Apple’s Music app.

iTunes 12.5 and iOS 10 Music app to add lyrics to song playback – August 12, 2016


  1. Yeah, right. Putting the “lyrics” to gangsta-rap “songs” is a great feature addition to Apple Music and iTunes—? I can hardly wait to find out if what these petulant rappers are “singing” is what my virgin ears are hearing. Apple had best consider extending their parental controls to these exploitive, misogynist, cynical messages.

    Hip-hop as a social phenomenon is vital human expression at its most basic level. But thugs invaded it. Thugs invade a lot of things and spoil the party for everyone else. That’s why bars have bouncers.

    1. You may not like rap, though enough people do to make such a venture worthwhile.

      You have your opinion, and while valid, it’s exactly the same thing a lot of people said about rock music at the time.

      If you don’t like the songs, don’t listen to them.

        1. Exactly. It always interests me that just because people don’t like something–be it rap, rock or country–they somehow think that they can extrapolate that dislike to everyone.

      1. The point of her post was that these parental controls should extend to the lyrics content for these songs. That seems pretty reasonable to me and hardly worthy of the response you provided. I didn’t see where she categorically stated that she didn’t like rap for that matter.

        1. That was not her point at all. If it were, you’d think she’d once have mentioned, I don’t know, parental controls.

          She was attacking rap for the purpose of attacking rap. That’s her right to do, but to treat it as if it weren’t anything more than a attack on the medium itself is wrong (and I am not even a huge fan of it).

          And by they way, how do can you claim that the the case when she said nothing of the sort?

          Either you’re psychic–because as I said, she didn’t say that at all–or you’re full it it.

          Take your pick.

          1. Excuse me, I believe I stated “Apple had best consider extending their parental controls to these exploitive, misogynist, cynical messages.” Psychic powers not required.

            1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but you didn’t once mention parental controls. If you had we wouldn’t be having this discussion. So, based upon what you actually wrote, if that what you were referring to then being psychic would have indeed saved a bit of trouble because what you wrote wouldn’t have been quite so open to interpretation.

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