Sleek battery case for iPhone 6 and 6s more than doubles battery life for just $24.99

“There are so many things about Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s that are awesome. The design, the build quality, the display, the software, the power… we could go on all day,” Maren Estrada reports for BGR. “But if there’s one thing about these hot phones that isn’t awesome, it’s the battery life.”

“There are plenty of portable batteries and battery cases out there that can give your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s a boost when your battery is about to die,” Estrada reports, “but precious few of those options are as sleek and inexpensive as the Sharkk Slim 3200mAh External Battery for iPhone 6/6s, which is currently on sale on Amazon for just $25 from now through August 15.”

Estrada reports, “Comes Apple MFi-certified and fully functional for use with any iPhone 6 and 6s] device.”

Sharkk Slim 3200mAh External Battery for iPhone 6/6s ($24.99)

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MacDailyNews Take: It actually turns the rounded edges of the iPhone 6/6s series and makes it more iPhone 5/5s/SE-like. It’s a bit easier on the eyes than Apple’s lumpy $99 battery case.

Sharkk Slim 3200mAh External Battery for iPhone 6/6s ($24.99)


  1. I just spent way too much time looking and and reading reviews on battery cases.

    I have a 6 plus, so this one won’t work for me. However Amazon has lots of others at comparable prices and some with better reviews.

    As far as one of the comments here. My interpretation so far is that the iPhone 7 or 6SE won’t have a shape change, but simply the removal of the phone jack. I don’t know. At the price though, does it really matter? Worst case scenario, you sell or hand down the battery with your phone.

    I still haven’t decided if I am upgrading yet anyway, without the AT&T subsidy my whole motivation goes out the window.

      1. Depends on the plan. I would tend to agree with you, however many unlimited plans from first gen iPhone and on, were real cost savings when taking advantage of the subsidy, as soon as eligible. Keep in mind you wouldn’t let your old phone sit in the drawer. At 2 years old, it’s worth $250 to $300. Given that the estimated cost of the iPhone over the time period was $50 per year. Now it’s a lot higher and the plan rates didn’t go down at all. Old plans didn’t have cost differences over the choice of subsidy. The cost was flat. Either you took the two year contract or you didn’t.

        Given the current unlimited plans, with DIRECTV, the data cost is $40, may seem like a lot, it is unlimited and about the same cost as the old plans. Just no subsidy.

  2. Please notice that almost EVERY single review of that case on Amazon has a disclaimer in it that reads something like this: “I received this product at a discount for my fair and honest review.”

    In other words, people are happy they got a battery case for free, and almost every review for that product is from someone who got it for free. That doesn’t inspire my confidence in the reliability of those reviews. They also mention, but downplay, the fact that it uses micro-USB to charge the case, not Lightning. Not impressed.

    1. Also, the Sharkk case is still a bit under $30, but a thorough _review_ of battery cases by TheWireCutter picked a case that is only about $6 more from a company with a history of great customer service. Oh, and they actually _reviewed_ the product, not just copy-and-pasted the company’s marketing blurb.
      It seems like the BGR article should be marked as an advertisement.

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