Don’t judge it by its cover: Apple’s next-gen iPhone will be better than ever

“Apple is expected to announce the newest generation of its iPhone next month,” Krishna Thakker reports for TheStreet. “The new dual camera system will be exclusive to the iPhone Plus models. The new camera system allows for better lowlight photography, deeper zoom and enhancements with coloring and photo editing, Bloomberg TV‘s Mark Gurman reported.”

“Apple tends to redesign its iPhone with every new generation. This is the first time the company will use the same design for three consecutive years, Gurman said. Some expect this next version of the iPhone to be called the iPhone 7, he noted,” Thakker reports. “There has been talk and indicators that Apple is going to change its nomenclature and drop the number system completely.”

iPhone 7 rear case rendering by Steve Hemmerstoffer (Image:
iPhone 7 rear case rendering by Steve Hemmerstoffer (Image:
“The company has dropped the number system on the iPads and never used it on the Macbooks or iPods, he explained,” Thakker reports. “‘They like to do the numbers because it helps case makers sell cases, helps marketing wise. But I agree with you it’s time for a change with the numbers. It’s getting a little bit dated in my opinion as well,’ he said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote back in May:

Hopefully… this also means Apple will drop the needlessly denigrating “S” nomenclature and instead simply go with iPhone, iPhone Plus, and any other iPhone models they devise (“iPhone Pro” or “iPhone Air,” for example) denoted with the year of release. We’re dreaming of the iPhone (2016) family running iOS 10 (iOS X?) already!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Rainy Day” for the heads up.]


  1. Never judge an iPhone by its rumors, WallNut Street machinations and manipulation 🐂💩, nebulous analcyst proclamations, fake leaks or ‘mock-ups’. Wake me up when the “iPhone 7” is for realz. 💤

  2. Interesting Heading;)
    Can u imagine a year in which apple say.. Hummm. Lets make a worse iphone from last years…

    On second thought… It not so funny…. They have k9nd of gone in that direction in the PRO universe!

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