Apple’s next-gen iPhone said to come with 4K video improvements

“According to a recently leaked video of the upcoming and expectantly awaited iPhone 7 phone, we can expect three different models of what will be the Apple flagship phone and two of those models will be different variations of the same 5.5 inch display size,” Stephan Jukic reports for “Aside from this, we can expect some other distinct camera features per larger phone if the leak is to be believed.”

“The video, which was first found on YouTube by the Dutch technology website, seems to originate from a Japanese YouTube account by the name of “Bshop Kuwa”, which seems to correspond to an iPhone store in the country, giving a bit more credibility to the leak,” Jukic reports. “In any case, while watching the video, we can see three different phones of three different colors and while one is a smaller 4.7 inch model the other two are 5.5 inch versions. What’s interesting is that while both 5.5 inch devices are the same size, each has its own distinct looking camera, with one 5.5 inch model sporting a dual lens setup and the other a more typical looking single lens design just like the 4.7 inch phone model.”

“The rumors stated that the two phone models would be dubbed ‘Plus’ and ‘Pro,'” Jukic reports. “Now, with the rather real looking video on hand on the web, these old rumors are gaining some credibility.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’ll take multiple units of the 256GB “iPhone Pro” in Space Black, please!

Our only question is, if these rumors are true, who’s going to buy the iPhone Plus? The pricing of the next-gen iPhone, especially if there are three variants, is going to be crucial for Apple to get right.


    1. I agree. While preferring small screens for myself, I acknowledge that many others prefer a larger screen. So long as Apple offers essentially the same technology in a range of sizes, I’ll be happy.

  1. Price variation based upon features would be a much better basis than price variation upon GB size of storage which bears no relation to chip cost differentials.

  2. My iPhone 6 looks brand new, is paid for (out of contract) and works fine. The next one needs to be good in performance AND value or I can wait another year.

    I am more interested in a new Mac Pro that is not a black cylinder.

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