Apple Campus 2 August 2016 construction update in 4K drone flyover

Via YouTuber Matthew Roberts, check out the latest progress made at Apple Campus 2.

Featuring stunning shots of Apple’s soon-to-be occupied “spaceship,” auditorium, R&D center, and more.

Landscaping and other smaller structures are beginning to pop up throughout the campus.

MacDailyNews Take: The sooner they get in there and get settled, the better.

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        1. True, great product I use it too since AppleTV doesn’t do 4k……
          I have the ATV and Roku4 and I now find myself going to the Roku more for the growing 4k productions…..

      1. I’ll ignore your crude attempt at an insult. You obviously didn’t understand my point: Apple is one of the only major electronics manufacturers of video equipment that doesn’t offer 4K resolution in each category. It’s not that I don’t have the latest and greatest equipment (we have a 4K Panasonic 65″ TV at home). The problem is that Cook’s Apple doesn’t keep up.

        HOWEVER: as of this afternoon, Apple finally deployed a 4K version of the 21.5″ iMac starting at $1500. It’s about time.

  1. Looks like it’s coming along nicely. I’ve never had a construction project that didn’t run over and wind up costing more, I’m pretty sure this one will be no different. It’s scary to think about what the contingencies and overages on a project like this are.

    The 4k video is crisp and stunning as always on an iMac 5k. When I look at stuff like this I get I get kinda verklempt. I see jobs, I see progress, promise for the future, the results that are produced by industry and the best of the best working to create the best.

    It’s a long way from people marching in the streets demanding what is theirs simply because they breath, or equal pay whether or not they produce equal output.

    1. It’s all about energy conservation. The nearer you can naturally keep a building to optimal temperature, the less energy is needed to warm or cool it.
      Read up on Passive Haus construction methods. It’s been very popular here in EU for some years. I built my own house in this way and have pretty much zero energy consumption or waste energy.

    2. Not privy to things, but it appears to me that they will be incorporating some rolling hills in the landscape, above some of the existing structures. If so, using styrofoam is a lot lighter and energy efficient than using soil. The black stuff appears to be some type of waterproofing to keep water away from the buried spaces. Just my 2 cents.

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