New leaked photos show real iPhone 7 powered on for the first time

“The endless stream of iPhone 7 leaks continues today with new images originating from Asia, where someone appears to have gotten their hands on a functional iPhone 7 prototype — the first we’ve ever seen,” Chris Smith reports for BGR.

“Posted online by NowhereElse, a trustworthy source of iPhone leaks, the following images show us the same 4.7-inch iPhone 7 we’ve seen many times before,” Smith reports. “The phone lacks a headphone jack on the bottom (which is replaced by a secondary speaker), has a bigger rear camera, single-line antennas, and what looks like a capacitive home button.”

“However, the device in the picture is turned on, running an internal software build rather than the iOS 10 beta you might have expected,” Smith reports. “Whoever has access to this device (which seems to be the real thing) might discover more details about Apple’s unreleased iPhone, and confirm rumored specs for the handset.”

iPhone 7

Read more and see all of the photos in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Bring on the “Plus” and/or “Pro” leaks!


  1. These companies that can’t keep a non-disclosure agree should have to pay 70% of their gross revenue to the company they disclosed information about for 3 years. There needs to be teeth and a very very big bite in these disclosure agreements.

    1. Realistically, if the source is in China, they’ll never be successful going after that sort of thing. As long as they have to build there, or people are ready to double what they pay for iPhones, they’re kind of in a tough spot for these things.

      1. You didn’t read the report that stated the price of the phone would only be $23/unit higher if made in the USA. I may have the actual amount wrong, but it was a ridiculously low number. Find it on MDN.

        That’s not the problem. The problem is finding 500,000 workers making minimum wage to run the plants and build the phone.

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