Video: Apple leak confirms massive new iPhone 7 Plus with Smart Connector

“Unbox Therapy, one of YouTube’s most popular channels with over 5M subscribers, has attained a final chassis of the upcoming iPhone 7 Plus (also rumoured to be called the ‘iPhone 7 Pro’),” Gordon Kelly writes for Forbes.

“In a detailed hands-on we see all the major hardware changes coming to the larger 5.5-inch model,” Kelly writes, “including the radical dual lens camera, the missing headphone jack (a prediction I made two years ago), twin external speakers, the inclusion of a Smart Connector and the widely rumoured new blue colour option for the first time.”

Kelly writes, “As it stands the iPhone Plus range is still massive and remains the largest 5.5-inch smartphone in the world.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Bulgetastic!

We’ll take several units, thanks. 256GB each, please. In Sapphire Blue (or whatever Phil Schiller decides to call it).


    1. Very disappointing … looks just as bad as the previous iPhone!

      Again, no innovation here … camera, memory and storage all several years behind competition!

      Apple, I’m done with your sub-par products!

      1. and I didn’t even mention the “new and improved” iPhone has no OLED screen, weak battery, slowest processor on the market today, etc. etc. etc.

        Come on Apple, you can do better (although you still have to prove it)!

        1. You call a curve screen innovative? No special function except gimmicky. What’s the point of coming out with OLED screen when no manufecturer can produce enough quantity for the production. Those with OLED screen manufecturer know that their current low production can keeps up to their own “DEMAND”

    2. I not trying to troll, but who cares? A”better” camera? Current camera is more than adequate. More storage? Long overdue. No headphone jack? I use headphones and won’t upgrade to a phone/music player that won’t work with my headphones. The phone isn’t thinner, why would they remove it? Beats sales falling off a bit huh?

      Apple wants you to upgrade your phone to force you to buy new headphones. Android might suck, but I bet they will gain some clusters after this phone launches.

      1. Well, diving into nebulous rumorography, Apple is hypothesized to provide:
        A) Lightening EarBuds
        B) A Lightening to 3.5mm audio jack adapter.
        C) A Lightening to USB adapter.

        The big fat hypothetical problem with this scenario is what to do when you want to CHARGE & LISTEN at the same time. The ‘HMM!’ Factor is that set of 3 contacts on the back of this ‘mockup’ iPhone. That looks to be for charging IYAM. So you’d have to be a specially adapted battery back. OR you’d have to get a hub that can deal with plugging in the usual external USB battery AND whatever headphones.

  1. It’s going to be tough missing out on not being able to pay for the improved camera if it becomes tied to the bigger screen. I just do not like such a big phone.

  2. No headphone jack?!?
    Outrageous! Epic fail!! Doomed!!!

    I don’t care that I never use headphones with my iPhone, no one will buy of these!!!!

    Oh wait… a double speakerphone speaker!?!
    Boom! Sign me up!! Done!!!

    You had me at “double speakerphone speaker”!!!!

    1. Back in Jobs day Apple was much much snaller and easier to manage …
      Also dont discount the possibility that most/some of the leaks may be intentional…

      Wonder why there are no leeks of Applewatch v2

    1. Same here. Changing from gold to blue. Any odds that overwhelming demand for the sapphire blue will be overwhelmingly underestimated by Apple causing massive back orders up to 2-4 months? The demand is being expressed all over this site and others and I’ll bet $100 to a dozen donuts that Apple will be caught clueless.

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