Pokémon GO: Spanish man becomes first to ‘catch ’em all’

“A Spanish man from the coastal town of Elche, south of Alicante, has become the first player in the world to catch all 145 Pokémon,” The Local reports.

“David Quintana spent the last 22 days (and nights) criss-crossing Elche on his bicycle chasing the virtual monsters in the smartphone game by Nintendo that has taken the world by storm,” The Local reports. “The 21-year-old has claimed the title as the first player to ‘catch ’em all’, beating American Nick Johnson, who caught all 142 Pokémon available in the US before heading across to Europe and Asia to track down the remaining three.”

“Quintana claims he was able to track down the elusive Kangoskhan, Tauros and Farfech’d by hatching them from eggs,” The Local reports. “He walked and cycled more than 100km in all in the pursuit of the pocket monsters, pausing only to sleep a few hours here and there.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The secret? Mind control.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. They look like a hoard of zombies. There’s a place near my home where they cluster, along one of my running routes. It’s a bit disturbing, as an outsider watching this seemingly mindless group behavior.

    1. ken1w: We went out yesterday evening to get the children some icecream at the local sweetie place.
      Walked into the square to see nothing but a sea of zombies staring at their phones.
      Felt like we were in a Dr. Who episode.
      It was very strange.

  2. Tuesday night I was helping out a user group yearly picnic, held at a local historical park. The place was crawling with Poke-Trackers. We had an interesting talk with the local Poke-Champion who stopped by to quell our consternation. He told us about the three worldwide Poke-Teams and pointed out the local virtual gymnasium where Poke-Tournaments were held. He explained that this particular park was crawling with virtual Poke-Vermon (my appellation) because of a predecessor game in which players could nominate active geo-sites for planting virtual critters. That game (forgot the name) was updated with the previous critter geo-location map included and turned into Pokemon GO.

    The best thing about the game, the local champion explained, is the resulting weight loss of players. The champion himself had lost 20 lbs. walking around tracking. It is a requirement of the game to continually move across the geo-framework in order to discover and catch Poke-Vermon. Members of the same team will call to each other, when Poke-Vermon are found in order to help one another catch them, a very strange phenomenon to witness.

    We saw at least 50 people in the course of the evening zombie walking around the park, their eyes stuck to cell phone displays. Surreal.

    Meanwhile, at the Rio Olympics:

    Japan’s Olympic hope Kohei Uchimura racks up £3,700 Pokemon Go bill

    The Japanese Olympic hopeful Kohei Uchimura, the record six-time world champion and possibly greatest living all-round male gymnast, has run up a 500,000 yen (£3,700) mobile phone bill in Rio playing Pokemon Go. (0_o)

  3. Actually thus is factually wrong. The first person to capture ALL the Pokemon was an English guy who did it over 2 weeks ago.

    It was on the news and broadcast on tv.

    Get your facts right MDN

  4. On the streets of Manhattan, I am having a hard time telling apart those Pokemon hunters from regular New Yorkers just reading the news (or checking Facebook) while walking.

    How do you recognise those Pokemon zombies from ordinary folks looking at their phone while walking?

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