Kanye West calls for Apple to buy Tidal, demands executive meeting

“Rapper Kanye West in a minor tweet storm on Saturday called on Apple to purchase Apple Music competitor Tidal, saying he wants to put an end to the ‘beef’ between the two streaming music providers,” AppleInsider reports.

“West said Apple’s rivalry with Tidal is a detriment to the music industry, and he’s calling on executives from both companies to come together to discuss sale terms,” AppleInsider reports. “Specifically, he wants to meet with Apple CEO Tim Cook, Beats cofounder Jimmy Iovine, Apple Music Larry Jackson and Tidal owner Jay-Z — as well as Drake, for some reason — this week.”

“‘F— all this dick swinging contest. We all gon [sic] be dead in 100 Years. Let the kids have the music,’ West said. In an apparent reference to late Apple cofounder Steve Jobs, he added, “Apple give Jay his check for Tidal now and stop trying to act like you Steve,” AppleInsider reports. “While he failed to elaborate, West is likely referring to negotiations related to a potential Tidal acquisition.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The kids already have their music, thanks to Apple Music. Jay-Z will get his check as soon as he realizes it won’t be anywhere remotely close to the $3 billion that Iovine and Dre got for Beats, which came with a billion-dollar brand and headphones business.

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  1. What a bunch of entitled d***k sw***ers.

    They don’t give a crap about letting “the kids” have their music, they are losing their shirts and just want a big fat check from Apple.

    Tidal offers Apple nothing they don’t already have and should go the way of the Palm Pilot.

    1. It’s pretty obvious that Tidal would greatly benefit from being bought by Apple, but it’s hard to see what benefit Apple would gain from doing so.

      Unless there’s a significant upside for Apple, they won’t be making any type of deal with Tidal. Apple can simply sit tight and watch Tidal ebb away.

  2. What a total joke – if one could buy Kanye for what he’s worth & sell him for what he’s actually worth they’d be the richest person in the world – he just needs to go crawl in a rock somewhere & disappear! What an idiot….

    1. “… if one could buy Kanye for what he’s worth & sell him for what he’s actually worth they’d be the richest person in the world…”

      You might want to re-think that deal, as selling him for what he’s actually worth would leave you quite substantially, in the hole. Classic buy high, and sell low.

  3. So, Apple should follow-up one bad deal (Beats) with another (Tidal)? Apple could have developed their own, superior brand of headphones and expanded their music offerings for far less than the $3 Billion paid for Beats.

  4. They already gave their money to a bunch of thugs when buying Beats. . .Now Kanye is demanding money from Apple? Apple could do what they want as they have proven themselves to be the superior company with iTunes and Apple music by carrying great artists such as the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Johnny Cash, and many others who use REAL instruments.
    Kanye is a joke just like his garbage that he considers music.
    Tidai (or whatever it is called), Jay Z, and Kanye can shove their company up their *****.

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