iOS 10’s built in magnifying glass

“One of my favorite features of iOS 10 is the built-in magnifying glass, super useful if you need to read some small print or get a close-up look at something tiny,” Dave Mark writes for The Loop.

“Before iOS 10’s Magnifier, to get a close-up look at some small print, say, I would open the camera, do my best to focus close in, take a picture, then hop over to Photos, and pinch out to zoom in on the details,” Mark writes. “That is now no longer necessary.”

Mark writes, “If you’ve got access to the iOS 10 beta, give this a try…”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Like Zoom on the Mac (System Preferences>Accesibility>Zoom), iOS 10’s Magnifier is extremely useful!


  1. Why would you need to actually take a picture then open it in another app and zoom in? Why not just zoom in on the camera? Also, you hardly need to hop over to photos because you can view images you’ve just taken within the camera app. Assuming he’s using the default camera app of course.

    Ultimately though, yes this is a good feature.

  2. I have been zooming in for a long time now. It’s good to know this function is taking official form.

    From other comments, I didn’t know there where apps doing this. I was simply using the Camera app to live zoom and read small text.

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