Here comes Apple’s iPhone 7

“Apple’s 2016 iPhone, which we still call iPhone 7 for lack of a better name, will have the same overall design introduced by the iPhone 6 in 2014 — and that’s enough for many people to label it a ‘boring’ upgrade,” Chris Smith reports for BGR. “But that’s hardly going to be the case, as the handset will receive various upgrades under the hood and certain new design choices that will foreshadow the massive radical iPhone redesign coming next year.”

“One of the things Apple is supposedly doing differently in iPhone 7, compared to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, concerns the cameras, which are likely to receive a number of intriguing upgrades,” Smith reports. “Now a new leak from right inside Foxconn, one of the main companies that builds iPhones for Apple, shows us the purported camera modules from at least one of the upcoming 2016 iPhones.”

Smith reports, “Posted on Twitter by @the_malignant, the first photo in the set below shows what looks to be a food tray featuring Foxconn logos to prove that the source originates from within the company.”

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MacDailyNews Take: iPhone 7 mass production has started!


    1. “Everyone’s entitled to their opinion”

      Well, no, not really. Especially when the opinion isn’t an “opinion”, but just a bunch of name-calling.

  1. I have a 6s+. Definitely a sweet spot compared to the 7. Better camera? Not interested.
    Wireless charging? I can live without it, easy.
    The quick connect deal? Easy pass
    Updated button design. Nice but easy pass again
    Removed headphone jack? Worst fanboy defenses ever. As an audiophile, there’s just no good reason for it.

    Can’t wait to see the iPhone 8

    1. If it is wireless charging from a distance then it is a big deal. You don’t want to be the guy who invites friends over for the big game and nobody shows up because you don’t have wireless charging. It’s kind of like the difference between a 12-inch black and white tv and a 50-inch flat screen. Nobody wants to watch the game 1950’s style, just like nobody wants to tote chargers around.

      But, if the wireless charging utilizes a charging pad, where the device has to be placed on a pad to charge, then it’s absolutely worthless tech.

      1. Agreed, true wireless charging would be a game changer. Hypothetically Apple could produce a new AirPort Extreme which is both a wireless router and emits a high frequency radio wave that charges the devices that are say within 25 feet of it. It could support 100 wireless devices simultaneously and provide enough juice to say charge 5 at once. If that actually comes to be, it would be truly amazing. What people refer to as ‘wireless’ charging now, is no better than plugging in since it uses induction. Kind of like calling a skate board with wheels, a hover board…..

        1. Agreed as well. True wireless charging would largely negate any battery life concerns, as you could always have charge on your battery. Imagine a world where wireless charging base stations are ubiquitous. At home, in your car, at the mall, in restaurants, Starbucks, etc…no matter where you were, your iPhone would be charging. No more worries about battery going down.

          Total game changer.

        1. The point is, wireless power will be everywhere like electric lights, air conditioners and color televisions are today. I also believe market saturation will occur in a much shorter time than other technologies. Look at the market penetration for each paradigm shift. In the U.S. it took a technology like air conditioners to reach saturation in eighty years, while a more recent breakthrough like smartphones took only twelve years. It might only take five years for true wireless power to reach homes and businesses. Roadways might take a few more years.

          The main issue with wireless charging at a distance has been poor efficiency, and the answer is not to build more power plants. I know Apple and many others have been working on this tech for a long time, so if they have solved the efficiency and distance issues then it will be a game changer.

  2. Wireless charging is a big deal. My new car has a built in charging platform so I got an adaptor for the iPhone. Works great and alongside Bluetooth audio I don’t need any wires. The only downside is the heat generated.

  3. Joe, Joe, Joe. What a pathetic little one-note piece of shite you are. Get a fucking life. Binge-watching reruns of “Friends” would be less pathetic that the life you lead now.

  4. For those that see no reason to upgrade from your 6s plus, this is not for you. Lots of 6, 5s and 5 out there. That is a huge percentage.

    Also, if you design the perfect phone shape, what’s the point in changing it? Fashion? Sorry this is technology, go buy a case if you want a different look.

  5. Another amusing aspect of our pet anonymous coward homophobic troll:
    –He is the first comment in a remarkable number of threads. That means this creature is sitting at his computer gear, day and night, WAITING for MDN to post new articles so he can swoop in for the top HATER’S spot.

    AKA: Has No Life. 🐀💀

  6. I hope you are being paid to post this drivel, because otherwise only a dope or a bored home-schooled 13-year-old would waste as much time under so many nonclever usernames trying to persuade the unpersuadeable. I suppose it is a sort of adventure, or a game played with yourself, to arouse the ire of as many as possible. — Admittedly, it works here because the MDN website is lax on moderating comments and because Apple fanboys are gullible and defensive, and you laugh when they dance like marionettes.

    We know it’s always the same guy posting this stuff because your lists are always elaborately double-spaced, as if to emphasise the enormity of each point of failure. You need a new disguise. Try numbering the points. That’s sure to throw us off.

    1. Might be fun 😜 But seriously try numbering the points next time. The results will be different. (Less than ten percent of MDN readers follow up, so most of them won’t be reading this exchange of hints.)

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