Apple Pay now available in Switzerland

Apple’s secure contactless payment system on Thursday launched in in Switzerland.

After the UK, it’s the first country in Europe to get Apple’s simple and secure payment solution. Apple Pay is now currently available in Australia, Canada, China, Singapore, Switzerland, the UK, and the USA.

Apple Pay users simply double tap their Apple Watch Side button or iPhone’s Home button and hold either near the reader for a second and the transaction is automatically and securely conducted. Card details are encrypted on the iPhone and authentication is provided by the user’s fingerprint on iPhone or by sensing contact with the Apple Watch wearer’s skin.

MacDailyNews Take: Congrats, Swiss!

May Apple Pay now spread rapidly throughout Europe and the world!

Apple Pay rumored to launch in Switzerland on WWDC keynote day, June 13th – June 7, 2016
Apple Pay launches in the UK – July 14, 2015


  1. Yet still not available at millions of major joints in the US ie Target, Dick’s, Publix etc etc. I want to use Apple Pay as much a possible but it’s been very difficult. If Cook/Apple were smart, they’d throw out a bunch of incentive $$cash$$ to these companies to implement Apple Pay system and get it spread around. It would be well worth the investment imo..

  2. I am Canadian …. we can use it pretty much everywhere in my province of Ontario …. even the smaller shops …. and it is absolutely an ease to use … love Apple Pay ….

  3. I can’t help but wonder if such a public display of one’s expensive Apple Watch won’t lead to more thefts of said watches. Swiping my credit card is about as easy, though I suspect AP is a more secure transaction.

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